A family member died today - 7/19/2015

by Angel
(Fairmont, Mn)

Elizabeth, a laced Wyandotte hen, 4 years old, a loving member in our multi-species family.

All of us are of equal value, be it 2-legged income provider, feathered egg-layer or fur-covered individuals.

Each has a special talent and personality that makes us a one time event in the theme of life. History is made up of past individuals, and the future will have more individuals. But just like all living beings, Elizabeth was on this planet, a one time life event never to be repeated or replaced.

Her loyalty of following everywhere I went, her peeps and calls when I got out of her sight, her friendship of running when her name was called to be petted. She will be greatly missed!

10:30 am, cause was sudden death heart attack. She leaves behind family members that are saddened and stressed at her death. 4 chicken mates - Henny Penny, Quail, Kate and Goldie. 3 cats - Stewie, Baby Jane, and Panda. 2 dogs Morgan and Lily. 1 small bunny Harvey and a being trying to be human. Also, a close young friend Emily and her grandmother.

Elizabeth was famous 3 years ago, she made front page of newspaper during the legal fight to keep people's rights on types of pets/family members in a small town. A small neighborhood service will be held later this evening to honor her memory.

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