Mocha, the hen who loved to cluck.

by Jenny LeFane
(Prosper, Texas)

There once was a chick, a brown chick, we fed her and played with her etc. And one day, she grew up to be the most beautiful brown and golden hen there ever was and will be.

One tragic afternoon I went outside to check on my fowls, I go behind the coop and there I find her soul gone from the flesh. I was so very upset and depressed. After all, Mocha was my most prized possession. I went on to grow the fowl group but never to replace her.

I get very, very emotional when I talk about our fallen comrades (not really comrades but still, you know what I mean...).

May Mocha forever rest on a soft heavenly cloud with other deceased hens.

🐓🐔R.I.P. Mocha🐔🐓

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Jul 07, 2014
by: Denise Dlouhy

So sorry about your loss but I know how you feel. I had to put my favorite chicken Becky down and it too me a long time to deal with it. I too went on an have two roosters, three hens and as of this Wednesday I am getting three more hens...same breed as Becky. I'm so excited!!! I know they won't replace her but I know she would approve. Take care...

Jul 07, 2014
Thank you for sharing your memorial to Mocha the chicken with us.
by: Cath.

Hi Jenny,

Thank you so much for sharing your story about Mocha, the chicken who loved to cluck. What a lovely tribute to her. I love her name – it describes what I’m sure was her colour really well.

It sounds as though she certainly had a special place in your heart, and for good reason.

People often think it’s rather strange that chicken lovers become so attached to their hens, but as you say there is often one who has a special personality and character, and is really irreplaceable.

So of course, when they pass on it is as hard to lose a chicken as it is to lose, for example, a dog or cat, although often our friends and family can’t understand that. Other chicken lovers do, though.

Mocha obviously had that place in your heart and life, and while she was with you I know because of that she will have had the best and happiest life possible. It’s hard for you to lose her but I hope it gives you some comfort to remember that.

Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about Mocha and share your thoughts.

Warmest wishes to you. xoxoxo

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