My Favorite Rooster

by Promise Joy Stephens
(Cherryville, NC, USA)

Clark is on the right and his sister is on the left.

Clark is on the right and his sister is on the left.

A few years ago, my mom bought five black giant chicks. I was given one. William Clark, or Clark as I called him, became my baby.

I would come out to feed them and he would come up to me and he'd let me carry him all over the place. He would ride in my bike basket. He'd bring his ladies up to the house for a treat. When I called "chick-chick-chickens!" He'd come hopping up to me.

Last year, while we were vacationing, my friend called to tell me that Clark was lying on his side by the barn panting. I was 100-miles away so there was nothing I could do but wait. An hour later he died.

He was only three years old.

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May 31, 2014
A lovely tribute to a handsome rooster.
by: Cath.

Hello Promise,

Thank you so much for your lovely story of Clark and also the picture of him. What a wonderful tribute to a very beautiful rooster.

It's so sad that he died when he was only three years old. Chickens live such short lives, normally. But it's a comforting thought that while he was with you, you gave him a caring, loving home and he was obviously a very contented rooster.

I especially love the picture you pain of him riding in your bike basket! He must have really trusted you a lot to stay there. What a tribute to you and the way you cared for him.

Thank you for sharing your story. I loved reading it and I know others will, too.

Kindest wishes


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