Raising Healthy Chickens -
5 natural remedies your flock will love you for.
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  • Trying to keep your chickens in good health but not sure how?

  • Don't want your girls to be pumped full of medication?

  • Worried that chemical products might taint your delicious fresh eggs?

5 natural remedies for your chickens - free e-book
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Here's what you'll learn :

  • Which kind of earth can protect your flock from one of the most deadly poultry diseases

  • Where to find a natural plant antibiotic your chickens will love you for

  • What stresses chickens out - and how mint can help

  • When lemon is a flock's best friend

  • Why bugs don't like vinegar - but chickens love it.

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Your chicks and their health and well being are an important part of your life.  You like to make sure you feed them the best foods with as few additives or chemicals as possible.  You love the quality of the eggs they give you in return and want to make sure those eggs are a healthy, natural food option for your family. 


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Please note : this report is not a veterinary document.  If you're at all worried about your chickens' health you should seek advice from a qualified veterinary practitioner.