Tilly, sweet Till

by Lisa Lajoie
(Huntington, NY )

The sweetest little red bantam cochin. She was always so sweet to me.

During this harsh winter, I noticed her hanging out under the heat lamp in the coop (yes, that helped ME sleep at night).

Then a few days later, my bedtime count was off by 1. I knew it was her and found her huddled outside under the coop in the freezing cold. She had been exiled.

I brought her in to my living room where she spent her last 2 weeks of life. I never figured out what was wrong with her, but having the others immediately attack her when I tried to put her back outside with her flock 2 days later, convinced me that she was indeed not well.

Nothing I tried worked. She died in a peaceful, warm, safe place.

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Apr 23, 2015
A lovely story of a lovely chicken.
by: Cath

Thank you so much for sharing Tilly's story, Lisa.

Sometimes there's no real reason when something like this happens. Chickens can definitely tell when there is a sick one or a weak one in the flock and they will be merciless.

You did your best and, as you say, you gave her a safe place to be for the last days. She was warm and loved and she will have known that.

It's always hard when one of our flock dies, but what we need to do is exactly what you did - to care for her in the best possible way.

Thank you again for sharing.

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