To my beloved rooster

Our beloved rooster

Our beloved rooster

My husband found our beloved pet rooster dead this morning, we think it was a heart attack. He was a handsome huge Dark Brahma, 5 years old, and I cry as I write this. Just last night he was sleeping in my lap before going to bed. We have two more roosters so Grandao ( means big guy) has his own private room in the coop, complete with a fan.

He loved to spend the day with my dog, and when my husband or I came home, Grandao would run to us, all talkative, po po po po po, finding worms and seeds for us. He loved to be picked up, so funny, such a big rooster, and loved to be on our laps, and have his face scratched. I sat with him just last night, scratching his face, him purring to me...

Nobody understands why we're so desolated by his death - he's just a chicken they say... he was a wonderful sentient being, full of joy, loved life, loved exploring, loved protecting his girls. He would protect them from hawks - he once faced one and was about to attack but the hawk flew away. He loved finding goodies for his girls. He would catch raisins and bread in the air, he was so special... he was loved and will be missed so bad...

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