Tribute to GoldenFlower, the best silkie chicken

by Kellie Ayers

We got GoldenFlower last spring at the flea market. Normally we do not buy chickens at a flea market but my daughter fell in love with GoldenFlower right away.

I have never met a chicken like her. She was so friendly that she would come right up to you, stand right at your feet looking up at you making the little bawk bawk noise - at this point she wanted to be picked up and carried around. My daughter would then bring her to our deck and put her down, my daughter would go in the house and warm cornbread that we made every week to give the little hen as a treat.

The little hen would just be waiting there at the double glass doors, looking in waiting impatiently for her cornbread. She even knew her name and would come running when we got home for the day, my daughter would call her name and the little hen would run to the fence and wait impatiently to be picked up.

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Mar 04, 2014
Lovely GoldenFlower.
by: Cath.

GoldenFlower sounds like such a lovely chicken, Kellie - and I just love her name.

Silkies are such friendly chickens and they look so beautiful too. They're really excellent chickens for children, I've found, and it's wonderful to hear how she 'played' with your daughter so well. What a lovely memory for her.

I'd be pleased to know the rest of GoldenFlower's story. Is she still with you? Do you have pictures of her?

Thank you so much for telling us about her. It brightened my day. :)

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