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A glittering Christmas book for chicken lovers:
'Cinders - A Chicken Cinderella' :

So you love chickens (especially Silkies) and you love Christmas?  You will absolutely adore this beautiful book.

Click to buy. This is the gorgeous, glittery front cover of my copy.

Click to buy this Christmas book from Amazon USA.

This book should be on the Christmas list for every little girl - of any age.

I put it on my own Christmas wish-list but then I couldn't resist, so I bought it for myself as a special treat - in November.  I'm very glad I did.

Because actually seeing it made me know that it would be an ideal gift.  So lots of my chicken-loving friends are getting a copy in their Christmas stocking this year.

If at any point when you're reading this page you want to purchase and you live in the United States or Australia, just click on any of the pictures.

They'll take you direct to the Amazon page where you can buy it.

If you live in the UK or anywhere in Europe click here, and for the rest of the world click here to find out where to buy.

Please note that I did not receive a free copy of this book and I was not asked to review it.  It's here just because I love it and because I think you will, too.

What's it about?

It's the traditional Cinderella story often told at Christmas - but with a very different twist.  Because not only is it set in a snow-filled Russian winter, but almost everyone in it is  - a chicken!

Of course there's also Tasha, a young girl who looks after the chickens (and feeds them oatmeal - sound familiar?!).  And there's her dad who plays a small but important part later on (but I'm not going to spoil it for you by giving away what his role is!).

There are ducks, too.  And three pigeons and some mice - there have to be mice in any Cinderella story.

But mostly, the characters are chickens - and if you keep your own chickens you'll recognise all their personalities.

The ugly sisters, Pecky and Bossy and their mother Largessa are 'biddies'; there's the majestic Prince Cockerel and - best of all for me - the Fairy Godmother is ...

Click to buy 'Cinders - A Chicken Cinderella' from Amazon USA.

a Silkie!

(Image taken from the back cover).

Just another Christmas book? What's so special about it?

The very first sentence sets the scene  : "Snow on the outside, feathered friends on the inside ..." and the whole story continues in a similar charming (Prince Charming - ha!) way. 

The chickens are funny, their characters are spot on - you will recognise them all - the bully, the top of the pecking order, the pullets - and of course Cinders, the very bottom of the pecking order.

And the Silkie makes the most delightful Fairy Godmother in any Christmas story book - ever.

But the illustrations are what make this book so very special. 

Detail of one of the 'ugly sisters'.

Click to buy 'Cinders - A Chicken Cinderella' from Amazon USA.

The attention to detail is amazing.

Each chicken is different and you'll notice many different breeds, different sizes, different featherings - even their different coloured eggs.

The backgrounds are taken from the author's experiences travelling through Russia.  So the detail on all the buildings is stunning.

And in the centre of the book is the most amazing fold-out picture of the ball at the palace. 

Click to buy this Christmas book from Amazon USA.

Who would like it?

I'll be honest - I'd be hard-pressed to think of anyone who wouldn't like this book.  It probably won't appeal much to men - it's a bit of a girly story, really - but girls will love it - girls of  any age.

If you have little ones who keep chickens - particularly if they have Silkies - they will absolutely adore the part the fairy godmother plays.

It's beautifully crafted, the paper quality is lovely and the hard back means it looks even more special - and will last forever.  It's the kind of book you'd give to be kept as an heirloom.

All of which make it an ideal gift for any chicken lover, at any time - particularly at Christmas.

How many Golden Eggs does it deserve?

If you've looked at any of my other reviews you'll know that I award "Golden Eggs" for products, from one for a "hmmm wouldn't really recommend this" to five - "Yes - don't miss out on this wonderful product".

How many does the 'Cinders' Christmas book get? 

'Cinders - A Christmas Cinderella' won a Five Golden Eggs' award!

A Fabulous Full Five Golden Eggs!

Where's it sold? - USA and Australia.

Click this link to buy the book from Amazon USA.

Amazon sells this book at a good price and as well as shipping to anywhere in America they will also send this book to Australia. 

Click here or on the egg to go to the U.S. Amazon store - it will open in a new page in case you want to return here.

Where's it sold?  - Europe, including UK.

Click here to buy this book from Amazon UK.

Amazon UK also sell it and their price is the best I've found.

They will ship to European destinations as well as the UK - I actually ordered the book from this store and had it delivered to my home in Italy.  It arrived within three days.

Click here or on the Union Jack egg to buy this book from Amazon U.K.

Where's it sold? - rest of the world.

Where to buy - rest of world.

The Book Depository stocks this book and posts worldwide at no additional cost.  Their prices are generally at least as good as Amazon's - sometimes better.

Click on the world egg to your left or use this link to go to the Book Depository store.

But is it a happily-ever-after Christmas story? 

You may be able to guess, but I'm not telling - you'll need to buy it to find out.

The middle fold-out section of 'Cinders - a Chicken Cinderella' - the ball at the palace.

'Cinders, a Christmas Cinderalla' - the best Christmas book for chicken lovers - centrefold.

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Do you have a Silkie?  Or would you like one?

I love Silkies, and I'd love to have one.

Link to my page about Silkie chickens

But they don't do well in cold, muddy places and unfortunately that's exactly what my part of Italy is like in the winter.

If you're looking for a cuddly, friendly, fluffy fairy-godmother of a chicken who's great for children, the Silkie may be ideal for you.

Click on this pic to go to the page which will help you decide.

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