Francine was only part of my family for a month

by Madison

Franny always let me do silly things for pictures

Franny always let me do silly things for pictures

Franny always let me do silly things for pictures

Francine (or Franny, or Fran) was a gift from my grandfather, because of how sweet she was (and also the fact the other chickens picked on her for being born deformed). She was already a year old when we got her, the day before Easter Sunday, but she was carried around everywhere by my grandfather while she healed from her deformities, so she was extremely docile and tame.

She was born with her legs over her head and a blind, always squinting eye. She overcame her legs, and I found her blind eye charming.

She loved to peck at my mother's painted toenails and hop into the feed storage bin whenever I opened it. Her favorite treats were dried mealworms and cherry tomatoes picked from our garden (and sliced of course, she was that spoiled). She laid her head on your shoulder whenever you held her and talked back to you when you spoke to her.

She liked to also follow me around when I was working in the yard, even just after two days of coming home. She was a family pet, everyone loved her, and she thought she was one of the dogs because she always tried to come into our house when the dogs did.

She passed away last Saturday from unknown causes. It was possibly a deformed heart, but it was so sudden we have no idea. It devastated everyone, but she was respected even in death by being buried among my tiger-eye sunflowers, with a metal cross. Rest in Peace Francine, you were a amazing, brave chicken, and I'll never forget you.

Francine 2014-2015

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