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So very sorry
by: Kim

So sorry to read about the passing of your Gracie. It really is devastating and many people don’t understand that. We lost our favorite hen a few weeks ago. Our Rose wasn’t a year old yet. We found her in a nesting box not looking well and she died later that day.

Sending thoughts and hugs your way for the loss of your Gracie. Know there are others out there who understand.

Cath provides us with this wonderful platform to share our joys and losses in this experience of raising our chickens, who are much more than just that to us. They do become like a member of the family.

so sorry
by: Anonymous

She looks pretty was it a bantam one? She sounded lovely.

I am with you having lost two bantam chickens end of last year so hard losing any of them they so are amazing little things.

We will all grieve together

RIP Gracie
by: Cath

Thank you so much for your lovely tribute to Gracie (or Goose), Lisa. She was such a pretty hen.

You're right, it always seems to be our favourite who goes first. And then we have another favourite, and so it goes on.

She was a lovely chicken, and she had a safe and happy three years with you. You did everything you could, and she died peacefully.

You will be missed, Gracie.

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