Maude - Sweet and Loving

by Jennifer R.

I lost my 2 year old black and gold Easter Egger hen, Maude, today to Sudden Chicken Death Syndrome.

She was happily foraging around our 1 acre yard with her flock when we had a sudden rain shower. It was short-lived, and barely got the ground wet, but all 13 of my girls ran to get under our pickup truck, as they always did when they got caught out in the rain.

All was well, or so I thought. At dusk, my girls headed in to their coop. I had been working in my garden all day, so I went to close their pen and do my usual head count. I counted 12. Should have been 13. It's always 13.

After 10 rounds of head counting, I went looking. I happened to walk by our truck and saw something dark laying there. I thought Maude may have just been enjoying the warm dust bath she loves, but no. She was breast down, with her wings tucked under her - dead.

There had been absolutely no sign of anything bothering her. She loves to be petted and scratched, and would basically trip you if you didn't stop and give her a good scratch whenever you went outside. Today was no different.

I miss her already. Yes, it happens, pets die. But usually, there are signs that tell you they need help. This is something I have never gone through with any of my animals - ever!

I hope she knew she was loved and appreciated, I think she did. Forage free, Maudey, you were a good ol' hen.

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