My six lovely chicks

This is about my six chickens who were very close to me. They died from a raccoon attack when the raccoons reached in and mutilated them.

These chickens were 3 Silkies, - rowdy, peckers, and perfect - and my Americauna Stella-Luna, my Plymouth Barred Rock, Baby-Bird, and my Astrolorp, Penguin.

I got my Silkies on Christmas Day, and they were one week of age. Rowdy was my rooster, who was named by his craziness when I first held him. Peckers was named for pecking my ring when I first held him. Perfect was my "model Silkie", because she looked picture perfect. These Silkies were corn loving, which I would hand feed them. Peckers had a giant feathery head.

My other chicks were even more special. Baby-Bird was named for being so docile, because he would follow me around and treat me like mommy-bird. Stella-Luna was a beautiful bird, so I named her a beautiful name. And Penguin looked like a penguin.

I loved these chickens with all my heart, and was absolutely devastated. Even though it was only two months it was special.

Do not use normal chicken wire - get the thick wire with small holes to protect your chickens - make sure you save your chickens' lives!

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Feb 16, 2014
Lisa's New Chickens!
by: Cath

Hi Lisa,

Thank you so much for updating us about your new flock. I was sooooo delighted to hear you sounding so upbeat and positive after your experience of losing your original chicks.

How amazing that you've given a home to some rescue hens! That's just wonderful. You should be very proud of yourself. Imagine the life they must have had before, to end up so unhealthy (and probably very unhappy too) and now - they have an amazing home with you. They must feel they have gone to heaven! :)

And 15 eggs in the incubator as well as your other new chicks - wow! Funnily enough I've also got new Wyandottes and a couple of bantams which I hatched myself recently. It's the first time I've had bantams and I love them. Hopefully I'll be able to build a little flock of them.

Good for you, to build your flock up again. I'm glad my website helped and thank you for the lovely compliment. I'd love to see some pics of your new girls (and your rooster, of course!).

Thanks for the update, Lisa. It was so great to hear from you. This story has a very happy ending - and it's a great tribute to your original chicks that you were able to learn from that experience and move on.

Well done you! :)

Feb 15, 2014
Thank You Soooo Much
by: Lisa

Thank you for your kind and reassuring words. the day after, the one chick that survived was lonely, so later that day we went to a feed store nearby. Turns out these chickens were neglected and being pecked to the point were you couldn't find a single feather on there back. But I saved them, and I guess it made me feel a lot better. Now those chicks are just about the friendliest birds and run up to me asking for food. They are the same breed as the other young chicks were.

Then I also got new 1 year mixes, and a rooster too. they are all bantams and absolutely adorable. I have one I named Fat Amy because when she sees food, she goes crazy. She also will scare other birds off away from her food. They are laying and lets just say I'm having the best time ever getting fresh eggs in the morning.

I also got a golden laced Wyandotte that I named Debby, she is about to start laying. She is like mommy bird to my chicks and it's adorable to watch them crawl all over her. Also it's funny that whenever my dog goes to sniff her, she pecks his nose.

To continue I've also got 15 eggs in an incubator (which thank you for the page on this website it really helped!) and three chicks with Roadie, my Rhode Island Red because she does better with little chicks than the older ones. I don't think I've seen something cuter than when she was sitting on one of the chicks like a momma hen.

So thank you so much for everything you do and the kindest words about my chicks because I love this site and without it, I'd be lost trying to find real information from experience.

Jan 31, 2014
Six lovely chicks
by: Denise

I am so sorry for your loss. It is so easy to get attached to chickens. I did too with Beautiful Becky. I have done a lot of research on what type of fencing to use and 1/4 inch Hardware cloth is the best . I subscribe to Backyard Chickens and the information on there is priceless. You wrote a beautiful memorial to your babies. They would be proud. Take care

Jan 31, 2014
Such a sad story, and such a good lesson.
by: Cath.

Thank you so much for telling us your story. I'm so very sorry for your loss. People don't realise how devastating it is to lose chickens. I can completely relate, as I lost mine to a fox attack last summer.

All you can do is remember they had a good life while they were with you, even if it was only for quite a short time. Some chicks never have the opportunity of a loving home, which you obviously gave them.

You're so right about protecting our coops and runs with strong wire. Raccoons can climb, rip chicken wire apart and they are very good at opening latches, too. If all else fails they will definitely reach in and grab what they can. That's such a good lesson for us all to learn.

When I lost mine (to a fox family) I learned lessons about protecting my coop and run, and I started again. But it took time to get to the point where I didn't feel disheartened. You need to give yourself time to grieve.

I hope at some point you also feel able to have more chicks. They can bring heartache when things like this happen, but if you learn from the experience it's a good - though very hard - lesson.

I wish you all the very best for the future.

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