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by: Paloozaparty

Only today did I get a confirmation of my post about our LisaLisa, and right below, your comment about your sweet Cosmo!

I'm now 50, and tears in my eyes--just wanted to tell you that I most certainly can appreciate the immense love that goes into chickens--I think especially for us "first timers/owners"--I look at ours entirely as pets vs. just egg layers--and, I'd NEVER eat a pet.

Anyway, I'm gutwrenched for you and your daughter/family--the loss of the chickens I've found out unexpectedly is as bad if not worse than any other pet!

Thanks for sharing on here--I find some relief in being able to share with others!!!

Sending you huge sympathies! xoxo

So sorry for your loss.
by: Cath

I'm so very sorry for your loss, Bonnie. Thank you for allowing us to see a picture of Cosmo. She was a beautiful hen.

You did everything that could be done for her, and she was obviously very loved. Sometimes there's just no more we can do but allow them to have a dignified end, which you did.

RIP Cosmo. You were loved.

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