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Raising Chickens in Your Back Yard: Your Questions - Answered.

Please be aware that I don't answer questions about incubating duck, goose or quail eggs, as I have never hatched them and therefore don't have the necessary experience to offer the same solid advice I do about chickens.

Nor do I answer questions about broiler chickens, which are raised mainly commercially and have a huge welfare cost to the birds.

Raising chickens - questions and answers. Pin for later.

Have a question about raising happy, healthy chickens? Ask it here!

I'm contacted every day by enthusiastic, helpful - and sometimes worried - chicken keepers, who have many and varied questions about keeping chickens in their back yard.

From problems with incubation, hatching and caring for baby chicks, to the care of adult chickens - what they should eat, what treats they should be given, the illnesses they have - to how to get rid of rodents and predators whilst providing the best possible coop design...

I've been there, researched the best possible sources to learn about the best possible chicken care...

And now I want to share that knowledge with you.

But there's only me managing this website. I don't have an army of helpers, and I know sometimes my visitors find it frustrating when I don't reply to emails for ages.

So I've created this page to allow you to ask your questions here - and to help out others with your own knowledge, where you can.

Please be aware...

If you have a pressing question needing answering immediately, this is not the right place to ask!

I don't have a "team" of people - I am the only person writing content for this website and the only person answering questions! So it can take me a while to get round to answering them.

Use this link to take a look through questions other people have asked first, because you may well find the answer to your questions there.

Or follow the article links here. I have dozens of articles about everything chicken-related, and you're likely to find your answer there.

If your question is about incubating or hatching, think about joining my hatching club (available each Spring) where you will have much quicker access to me. Find more information at this link.

Finally, there's a search box at the top of this page - if you can't find what you're looking for, type a couple of words into that and it will give you the best related articles to read.

Thank you!

How will I provide the answers?

When you ask your question, you'll see a checkbox which you can use to receive an email when your question, and my answer, are live on the page.

All you have to do then is use the link in the email to find your question again.

It's also possible for other people to leave an answer to your question, so make sure you bookmark this page to come back and check.

Video Q&A sessions.

Questions which are particularly interesting, or which a lot of people ask, or which are better illustrated by seeing the answer (rather than reading it) I will use in Video Q&A sessions, planned for early 2020.

And questions about incubating, hatching and chick care will also be answered in my hatching group, which takes place every Spring.

More details about that, here.

Or maybe you have something nice to say?

It's always nice to receive messages from people who have found the site useful, and I very much appreciate those who take the time to write.

So, if you have a comment about the articles on this site I'd also be more than happy to receive them here!

So - do you have a burning question about raising happy, healthy chickens?

Ask it here!

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Please note:

Leaving a message allows me the right to use it on this website and, if appropriate, elsewhere, for publicity purposes. If you would rather not allow your name to be used that's fine - you have the option to leave or not to leave it when you submit your comment.

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