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So very sorry
by: Kim

Please accept my condolences. So very sorry to hear about your Smooster. It’s obvious from all the detail that you provided that you cared about him very much. It’s devastating and many people don’t understand that.

We lost our favorite hen a few weeks ago. I think that was one of the most heartbreaking parts of it; watching her "sister" buff Orpington look for her while sitting on their shared perch alone. They really do mourn when they lose a flock mate.

Sending thoughts and hugs.

Fly high sweet Smooster
by: Anonymous

You are right....he was a beautiful rooster indeed!
And its heartbreaking when they suddenly die and you don't know why.

For something so small they have such huge personalities. And when they're gone they certainly leave their presence...

Yes you'll get yourself another rooster but you know when something special has entered your life and you will not be able to replace them....

Be happy in that he was your rooster and that he was so loved...

Rip Smooster x

RIP Smooster
by: Cath

It's so sad when one of our most loved chickens dies for no apparent reason. I feel for you, Jacqueline.

He certainly was a very handsome rooster, and yes you're so right, animals do mourn for each other. My hens often stop laying for a short time when one of them dies.

Thinking of you, and the rest of your flock. Smooster was a lucky chicken to have spent his life with you.

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