The Sad Death of Noah Webster and Henry W. Longfellow

by Promise Joy Stephens
(Cherryville, NC, USA)

Noah Webster is on the right

Noah Webster is on the right

Noah Webster is on the right Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Very recently something very sad happened. My two roosters, Noah Webster, a silver-laced Brahma, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, a buff-laced Brahma, died.

We had a very bad storm with the all the electricity going out, huge puddles in the front yard, tree branches breaking.

During the storm my smaller chicken coop was pushed half a foot back, in the process running over an extension cord that was connected to a heat lamp which then busted–in the coop with my 9-week old chicks and an elderly white Cochin. Not one of them was injured.

Don't say "wow, that's amazing!" yet, because the cord popped where the two large Brahmas were taking shelter from the rain under a rabbit hutch.

When the rain stopped, I came out to feed my chickens and Noah and Henry were on their sides, soaking wet and dead.

It was so sad for me, but I'm SO thankful the storm didn't kill my chicks as well.

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Jan 16, 2015
by: Cindy

Bad storms are such a wild card when it comes to our outdoor animals. We recently had a severe wind storm in the Pacific NW that had high enough winds to blow the roof and side yards off my chicken pens.

Thankfully, the coops themselves were not harmed and because everything was covered with wire as well as roofing (that blew away) losses...just several very freaked out hens...and a lot of work rebuilding. So sorry for the loss of your roosters, and so glad the chicks were spared.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Jun 09, 2014
Your chicken names!
by: Cath.

Thank you so much for getting back to me and letting me know, Promise. What a great way to choose your chickens' names. Love it!

Jun 04, 2014
About My Chickens' Names
by: Promise

Thanks you, Cath/Claudia, for the sweet comment.

I name all my chickens after famous authors or famous people. Their brother is Charles Dickens, and their ladies are Lousia May Alcott, Charlotte and Emily Borntë.


Jun 04, 2014
A great tribute and a sad event.
by: Cath.

Hi there, Promise,

Thank you so much for this amazing tale of two extremely handsome roosters. Their pictures are wonderful - beautiful chickens and obviously so very well cared for.

And what an incredible story, too. It is truly amazing, you're right, that all the chicks (and the elderly Cochin) survived while your two beautiful roosters died such an unfortunate and unexpected death.

The weather this year in so many parts of the world has been so terrible, so many animals have been affected, chickens among them. We can only hope that it improves for the rest of the year so all our animals are kept safe.

Thank you so much for submitting this tribute and especially the photos, Promise. You looked after those roosters so well and they were obviously so loved. What unusual names they had, too. I'd love to hear how they got them.

Wishing you and all your chicks everything good for the future.

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