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The White Roo

by Jessica S
(Lady Lake, FL USA)

Mr. VanillaRoo

Mr. VanillaRoo

Mr. VanillaRoo Mr & some of his Misses

Hello and thank you for all the information you provide.

Our White sex-linked roo is absolutely wonderful. He will only allow me into the chicken yard we have for them. If anyone else enters the yard, he will chase them out. lol.

When he was a baby roo, I would hold him, sing to him and he would perch up on my shoulders as I walked around cleaning out the chicken house.

He does this funny dance thing when the hens move to far away from him, where he puts one wing down and stomps in a circle. He has even done it toward me at times when I try to walk away from him in the morning.

I never thought I could love a rooster such as I do him. His name is Vanilla roo and he is amazing!

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Sep 21, 2018
Here's to Vanilla roo!
by: Cath

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for your story of Vanilla Roo! He sounds like a wonderful rooster!

I think one answer as to how to make an adult roo more friendly, which a lot of people ask me, is to make sure that when they're young, we interact with them exactly as you have done.

Great example here - thanks for sharing!


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