The Egg Skelter: efficient storage solution or fun gimmick?

So you've got your own chickens, and now you have more eggs than you know what to do with. How do you store those eggs?

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It's such a gift, isn't it? Beautiful, healthy, fresh produce every day.

The real question is, what's the best way to store eggs efficiently, so that you always use the oldest first? 

Of course, you can write the date on each one, or maybe keep them in a box with the oldest at the front.  

Which is fine, as long as you remember to do it. And providing none of your family turns the box around...

If you're anything like me your storage solution will be a little haphazard – which means you don't really know whether the eggs you're eating were laid yesterday or a week ago.

Introducing the answer to your prayers: the Egg Skelter!

I've had an Egg Skelter (the one in all the pics in this article!) for over thirteen years, so I know it pretty well. (Update: I've actually now got three – two large creams and a small black one).

Here's my full, no-holds-barred review of it including what works well, what doesn't work so well and whether I would recommend buying it.

Please note: I'm reviewing this product because I own one and love it. I am not paid for this review and I don't get any freebies out of it, although if you buy one from a link on this page I do earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

I just think you'll love it as much as I do. And you deserve to have one!

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Storing chicken eggs the haphazard way.

It's what happens when you have chickens – you get lots of eggs.

Here's how I stored mine when I first had my girls. I only had six hens but I hadn't thought through what I would do with all those eggs. 

Even giving a lot away to friends, this what what ended up in my fridge after just a week. (At that point I didn't realise that I didn't need to store eggs in the fridge).

Dozens of fresh brown eggs in the fridge.

I ended up with a heap of eggs but no way of knowing which were the oldest. I just had to take pot luck. 

Not very efficient.

Enter the Egg Skelter!

The Egg Skelter is an ingenious invention, originally made by a husband in Devon, England, who couldn't think what else to buy his wife as a Christmas present.

She loved it so much that he made a few to sell privately to friends and family. It sold out in a matter of days.

Since then, tens of thousands of Egg Skelters have been made by the same family business in the same rural part of England.

It's now sold all over the world.

It's made of powder-coated steel, so it's both light and very strong. I don't know much about welding but I do know a good quality product when I see one. I've had mine now for more than seven years, and the paint is still intact, even at the joints. 

In fact, there's not one single scratch on it. Not one. Remember that, when you're asking about the price...

It  holds up to 24 medium to large sized chicken eggs (there is also a bantam version). The idea is you put each egg on starting at the bottom, in the order they're laid. 

Older eggs are therefore always at the bottom so you have no doubt which to use first.


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What do other people think?

As well as having used this daily for over twelve years, I've read more or less all the reviews of the Egg Skelter.

Strangely, a lot of them don't focus on the quality of the Egg Skelter but on how well the eggs do or don't roll.  

There's one important thing to remember here: this is not a toy! It's a way of storing eggs!

  • Some reviews say the eggs smash if you let them roll. Well, clearly, if you let eggs bang into each other that does tend to happen!
  • Others say theirs don't roll at all. I've found with my own that because they tend to be different sizes (and sometimes weird shapes) they don't always roll. 
  • Is this a big deal? No! Just help them along with a gentle tap, or even pick them up and put them in position. It takes seconds.
  • Store bought eggs, because they're often from caged birds whose size and shape is much more uniform, do (I have found) roll well. But I prefer my girls' multi-coloured, multi-shaped eggs.
  • So, as long as you buy this with a view to storing your eggs efficiently rather than using it as a toy, I think you'll be as delighted as I am.
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  • The larger size holds up to 24 medium to large chicken eggs.
  • There's now also a smaller version for bantam eggs.
  • You know exactly which eggs need to be used first.
  • Light and easy to handle (even when it's full!).
  • Cleans very easily - just wipe down with a damp cloth from time to time.
  • Extremely well made: paint doesn't scratch off and joints are almost invisible.
  • Range of colours means it will fit in most kitchen schemes.
  • It just looks good!

Things about the Egg Skelter that don't quite work.

  • Be sensible. Don't try to play "helter skelter" with it. Your eggs may smash!
  • Eggs won't necessarily roll by themselves – they'll need a bit of help.
  • It's not cheap. I think it's worth it, particularly as a gift. It's far more well made than other, less expensive versions.
  • If you want to keep your eggs in a fridge this is not the right storage solution for you because it's too big. (But why would you? See this article for information about the best way to store eggs).
  • The biggest issue for me? It's not big enough! My girls lay very regularly and, even though we give a lot away to friends and neighbours, we don't have enough room on the Skelter.

How to solve that problem? 

Simple. I bought another one!

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My Golden Egg award.

I will only ever recommend goods I either already have myself, or wish I had. I always award any product I review between one and five 'Golden Eggs'.

So how many does the Skelter deserve?

I'm giving it a great big well deserved...

5 Golden Eggs - an award for best product.

Five Golden Eggs!

How to buy the Egg Skelter.

  • The Egg Skelter has only recently been made available in the United States. The main importer used to be Amazon but there were so many poor copies there that it is no longer sold on that platform.
  • It is, however, available from Omlet, who are in any event more knowledgeable about chickens and make a whole range of excellent chicken products. 
  • I've highlighted the cream coloured Skelter as it's the one I've had longest. I also have the black one now, and that is just as effective and long lasting. And I've bought different colours for friends, to match their kitchens.
  • Each one is reported as being equally useful and long lasting.
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A review, 13 years on!

I originally wrote this review in 2011. My Skelter is still going strong in 2024; its only downside is that one is not enough.

So I bought another!

It survived three massive earthquakes in central Italy, where we live, in 2016, when rubble fell on top of it. And several thousand aftershocks.

And a house move. And hundreds and hundreds of eggs!

It still has no marks, no chipped paint, and the joints are as strong as ever. And trust me, mine is used every single day. I've bought several as gifts for friends and family and they have had exactly the same excellent experience.

Since the Skelter became popular, a lot of imitations have sprung up on various different seller sites, in particular Amazon. They're cheaper, but less attractive and the quality is just nothing like as good. They're often made in China.

You can see from my review exactly how well made the original Skelter is, and the fact that I've now had it for twelve years is a testament to its quality.

So be careful that you are buying the real Egg Skelter and not a poor imitation.

I won't sell products which I know not to be excellent quality, so I don't advertise any other kind of skelter but the original on this website.

By all means, buy a cheaper version if you want to – as long as you realise it's nothing like the excellent quality of the original.

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