Our copyright policy.

This page relates to copyright law and what it means for your use of this site.

What may absolutely not be copied or otherwise used.

A. Claudia Chicken.

Under no circumstances is permission granted to anyone to copy or otherwise use the Claudia Chicken images which appear on this site and elsewhere.

Claudia Chicken is an original creation of Lori Krout, artist, graphic designer and owner of the website Lori Krout Design.

All images of Claudia Chicken are protected by a United States Copyright Licence number 1-773920141 under the "Original Designs" section of the Copyright Law of the United States of America 1976, and Related Laws as contained in Title 17 of the United States Code. The licence also applies internationally under the related Berne Convention Implementation Act of 1988.

The licence is held jointly by Lori Krout and Catherine Andrews, owner of Raising-Happy-Chickens.com. Any breaches will be pursued and remedies sought under sections 1321 - 1323 of the Copyright Law and Berne Convention.

B. Text.

All text on this site is original and is therefore protected under general copyright law. It must not under any circumstances be copied or otherwise used without my written  permission.

If you wish to use the information contained within the site, please contact me beforehand to discuss its use.

C. Images.

Wherever possible, the images used on this website are my own. However, some are used with the knowledge and permission of the copyright owner and others have been purchased under licence.

Using other people's images without their permission contravenes copyright law and is theft.

If I discover that images I have purchased, or which I have permission to use, have been copied from this site I will have no hesitation in contacting both the original owner and the site from which they were originally obtained to report infringement.

If I discover that our own images have been stolen I will contact the Web host of the person concerned, reporting copyright violation and requesting that the offending site be taken down.

What may be used with permission.

You will see some images on this site which have next to them a "Pin It" button. Those are the images which I am happy to be used elsewhere, either 'Pinned' on your own Pinterest board, or used on your website or blog.

However, those images are all watermarked and the watermark must not be removed.

I also require a link back to this site to be attached to the image.

If you are not prepared to accept those conditions then permission to use the images is not granted and their use will be considered theft.

What may be used without permission.

You are welcome to link to this site from your own website or blog without permission.

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