All about roosters!

All about roosters - pin for later.

So you think you might like to keep a rooster or two in your backyard flock but you're not sure whether it's a good idea?

On this page, you'll find links to everything you need to know about roos to enable you to make a properly informed decision.

  • From good reasons to have them
  • to good reasons not to have them
  • to dealing with issues of what they eat
  • to why they sometimes seem aggressive - and what to do about it
  • even to looking at the meaning of being born in the year of the rooster!

It's all here.

Just click on any of the images or headlines to go straight to a page crammed with all the information you'll ever need.

And if you already have a roo, and you'd like to tell us about him right here on this website, click this link to go to a page where you'll be able to do exactly that!


5 reasons why you should have a rooster.

Is a rooster good for your hens? Find out here - link.


Love them or hate them, there are some ways in which having a male with your flock has definite advantages.

Find out what they are, and whether a roo would be a good fit for your family, by taking a look at this article which suggests 5 good reasons why having a rooster in your flock is an excellent idea.

5 reasons not to have a rooster in your flock!

5 reasons not to have a rooster in your flock - link.

No matter how good the reasons are for keeping a roo with your hens, there's no doubt that they can also cause some problems.

From damaging your hens to damaging you and everything in between - are you prepared?

What are the other issues, and how can they be dealt with?

Discover the 5 top reasons not to keep a rooster, here.

What do roosters eat?

Thumbnail link: what do roosters eat?

We may be reasonably confident in knowing what to feed our hens for a long, happy life. But what about our male chickens?

This article reviews the researched evidence about the changing needs of the rooster between hatch and adulthood.

It covers both what to feed, and how to make sure both males and females get the nutrients they need in a mixed flock.

How to deal with an aggressive rooster

Dealing with aggressive roosters - link.

Once a rooster's hormones kick in, their natural instinct is to guard their flock. But that can sometimes mean their behaviour towards you and your family can be aggressive.

When is this likely to happen, and what can you do to manage it?

This article gives details about why and when, and the way I've found to manage it which is both humane and effective.

Have a rooster? Tell us his story!

Want to tell your rooster's story? Click here!

Do you have a roo who's an asset to your flock?

Or maybe you have a warning about keeping male chickens that you want to share with others?

Whichever is the case, you'll find an easy way to tell the story of your roo, and have it published here on this website.

Take a look at this page to find out how you can crow about your roo!

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