Egg nutrition - all you ever needed to know.

One of the greatest benefits of keeping chickens is the wonderful, fresh, nutritious eggs our girls give us, day in and day out.

In these articles you'll find all you ever needed to know about egg nutrition - so if you ever had any doubts about whether it's all really worth it, you'll know beyond doubt that it's all worthwhile.

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Raising chickens for eggs.

Raising chickens for eggs - link.

If we want to produce the healthiest, most nutritious eggs for our family, our first priority should be making sure our hens are properly cared for. 

This article describes how to choose the best laying breeds, when hens can be expected to start laying - and how you'll know - and how they should be raised to make sure they have a long and productive life.

The fact and the fiction of eggs.

Facts and myths about chicken eggs - link.

Let's start at the very beginning ... There are many misconceptions about eggs and this page aims to clear up five of the most common myths surrounding eggs and nutrition.  Are brown healthier than white?  Is a fertile egg more or less nutritious?  And what do chicken earlobes have to do with laying?

All is revealed here!

Cholesterol and eggs.

Cholesterol in eggs - link.

There's a lot of conflicting and often very confusing information available about whether the cholesterol contained in yolks is a good or a bad thing - it's one of the most controversial issues about egg nutrition.  Here I present evidenced information from a number of up to date medical and dietary sources to tell it like it is.

You might be surprised at the results!

Egg nutrition : is the white good for you?

Egg whites - are they good for you? Link.

Lots of people rely on egg whites as part of a weight-reducing diet - and it's true to say that the whites are very low in calories.  But are you missing out by not eating the yolk?

This page looks at nutrition in whites so you can judge for yourself whether you're getting all the nutrients you need.

How do you know when an egg is fresh?

The 'sink or swim' test for egg freshness.

Ever found a stash of eggs hidden by your chickens in your compost heap and wondered when they were laid?  It's a fact that the nutrition contained in an egg deteriorates the older it gets, so it's important to be able to tell how old they are.

This article tells you how to test for freshness, and looks briefly at the risk of Salmonella in backyard chickens.

Storing eggs for ultimate freshness.

Find out why your refrigerator door is not the best place to store eggs!

Do you know why you shouldn't keep your eggs in your refrigerator door?  Or how your hens help protect you from bacteria every single time they lay?

Storing eggs the right way is critically important to maintain their optimum nutritional value.   Here we look at what you need to do to make sure your family are eating the healthiest possible product.

Storing eggs the Skelter way!

Storing eggs the fiarground way! - See the egg skelter in action!

Need a way to keep tabs on which of your girls' eggs were laid first?   There are a number of haphazard ways of doing this - or you can treat yourself to an Egg Skelter!

Here I look at how this simple device makes sure you eat the right ones first, without ever having to test for freshness again!

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Looking for information about how to hatch?

Come hatch with me! Link.

Hatching is at the same time the most rewarding and the scariest of projects. 

In this series, I take you through the process step by step so you know what to look for, what to do and what's going on with your chicks at every stage.

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