Talk to a person or cluck to a chicken -
here's how you can contact me.

Unfortunately, I now receive so many messages here, through my newsletter and on my Facebook page, that - sadly - I just don't have enough hours in the day to reply to them.

So, although I do provide a contact form for you to fill in, I can't promise to get back to you.

Instead, I can offer for you to join me in my personal question-and-answer session which happens on the live broadcasting part of my Facebook page.

Clicking on the pic will take you to that page.  If you've not "liked" the page yet, please do.

When I'm planning to broadcast I will always post there the day before, to let you know.  I try to make sure the times are good for as many people as I can but of course, I'm in Italy, so it won't be perfect for everyone.

It's easy, and it's fun - do join me!

What if you can't join me live?

The sessions will stay in the "video" section of the Facebook page, or you can watch them in a special page on this site, so you can always watch them in either of those places.  Of course, they won't be live.

Otherwise, you can try filling in my contact form.  If I am able, I will reply - but please remember I'm only able to answer about 10% of the questions I receive.

Just fill in the easy-to-use contact form below.

Fill out my online form.

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