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Backyard chicken news, information and tips about care, coops and hatching. Join my newsletter and get a free giveaway e-book. #backyardchickens #chickencare #backyardchickenlove

Want to keep up with me and my chickens' life in Italy? Join us in our Italian olive grove!

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All the information about chicken-keeping I've gathered from seven years' experience, plus reading properly researched articles, attending a course in chicken behaviour and welfare certificated by the University of Edinburgh, Scotland

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I love to share with my backyard chicken-keeping friends across the world.

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Backyard chicken news, information and tips about care, coops and hatching. Join my newsletter and get a free giveaway e-book. #backyardchickens #chickencare #backyardchickenlove

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Free ebook : 5 natural remedies for your chickens
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PS : If you're thinking about incubating and hatching your own chicks, this series may be of interest to you (unless you've already done it!).

My 28 day course on incubating and hatching chicken eggs.

It's a 28-day guide to incubation which takes you right up to hatch day and beyond, sent to your email inbox every day.

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