Raising healthy chickens - naturally.

5 natural remedies your flock will love you for: a free, downloadable ebook!

Free ebook: 5 natural remedies. Pin for later.

Learn how to keep your chickens healthy and happy using only natural products, most of which are available in your own back yard!

If you've ever thought that, when you have chickens, you'll make sure they only have the best and, as far as possible, you'll make that as natural as possible rather than turning to chemicals and antibiotics, this free ebook is for you.

In it, you'll learn...

  • why a pure, raw form of cider is good for your hens
  • how to stop your chicks from itching - the natural way
  • which herbs can have a calming effect on your hens
  • how a readily available plant can help to soothe a wound
  • when a weed should be encouraged in your chicken coop - and why.

How will it help you and your flock?

All the information it contains comes from properly researched material: high quality, proven facts from acknowledged sources, not just random information from someone's blog.

So you can be absolutely sure that following its advice will have nothing but a beneficial effect on your chickens, on you and on your family. No more eggs contaminated with bacteria in your coop!

Download it now and you'll also receive my weekly "chicken digest"!

What is a "chicken digest"?

It's simply a way of letting you know each week about anything and everything chicken-related, with a special emphasis on raising your chickens using all-natural methods.

If you have your own backyard chickens - or you're planning to get some - and want to provide them with nothing but the best, you need to hear from me!

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Stay informed about...

  • keeping chickens naturally
  • step-by-step healthy flock 'how tos'
  • researched info tailored to your needs
  • no hype, just content that matters to you
  • free content, downloads and tips not found on my website.

As well as my free ebook, you'll get...

  • Five emails in the days after you sign up, to introduce me and my chickens and help you find your way round the masses of information on my website. 
  • Contained within those emails, bonus content not available anywhere else such as a list of plants which are poisonous to chickens, and a checklist about getting rid of rats.

A full digest at the start of every month, with...

  • information about and reviews of new chicken-related articles, products, gifts and services.
  • First rights to my incubating and hatching course every spring (I limit numbers so I can give members more personalised attention).
  • A free monthly printable of tasks to be completed in the coop during the month - only available to my newsletter group.
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  • Chicken news from around the world and from my own coop, here in my olive grove in the heart of Italy.
  • Occasional egg recipes that I've tried and love.

And in your inbox every Monday you'll find a shorter version, with...

  • ...information about one or two articles I've written, and important up-to date news to keep you fully informed of best practices in caring for your chickens
  • regular bonus content - free printables and downloads not available anywhere else.

Respectful of your data.

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It goes without saying that I will never, never give your information to anyone else. 

I look forward to meeting you in my olive grove!

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