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Raising backyard chickens, month by month.

Raising chickens in your backyard is not difficult, and can be very rewarding.

How to raise backyard chickens, month by month - Pin for later.

But it's important to know that your flock requires different levels of care at different times of year. Sometimes, especially if you're new to chicken-keeping, it can feel a little overwhelming to know what to do, when.

In these pages, we take each month in turn and look at how to care for your chickens, step-by-step. 

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Use these links to get to whichever season you want.

Raising Chickens in the Spring.

Spring - the time when every chicken-holic's thoughts turn to incubating and hatching - or to heading down to the feed store or hatchery, to order some cute balls of fluff.

I have that covered with articles about what happens at different points of incubation, and a hatching course for those who want additional detail and personal support.

But what about the adults in the flock? As winter turns to Spring, do their needs change? What foods should they be given?

And when exactly will hens come back into lay after the scarcity of eggs during the winter months?

This season stretches through the gradually brightening days of March and April, right up until the end of May. 

Spring care by month.

Chicken care in March - click to view article.
Chicken care in April - link.
Chicken care in May - link.

Supplementary articles about caring for chickens in Spring.

Incubating chicken eggs - an overview. Link.
Incubating equipment explained - link.
Raising chickens in the Spring - link.

Summertime: everything you need to know about raising your chickens when the weather heats up.

The temperature's rising, hens are back in lay, and those roosters hatched last year are starting to make clear who they think the leader of the flock should be...

What needs do your flock have at this time of year? What foods should they be given, and what treats are available this season?

And what about extreme temperatures? Do chickens get heat stroke? What can be done to prevent it? How can chickens be kept hydrated when the temperatures rise? And what's the best bedding for the chicken coop?

All these questions will be answered for you, month by month, between the beginning of June and the end of August.

Summer articles by month.

Chicken care in June - link.
Chicken care in July - link.
Raising chickens in August: 20 tips for a healthy flock. Link.

Supplementary articles for raising chickens in the summer.

Chicken care in summer - link.
How to spot heat stroke in chickens - link.
Frozen treats to keep your flock cool in summer - link.

Raising Chickens in the Autumn (Fall).

As summer heads down towards winter, autumn steps in. The weather gets cooler, predators start hunting for food and chickens become vulnerable to attack.

From dealing with moulting hens to giving your coop a winter-ready inspection, to growing protein rich foods to last through the winter months and covering how to keep your flock safe from celebrations - it's all covered.

These articles will make sure your chickens are safe and your coop is putting its best foot forward to deal with the winter onslaught about to happen.

Autumn articles by month.

September in the chicken coop - link.
Chicken care in October - link.
Taking care of your flock in November - link.

Supplementary articles for raising chickens in the autumn (fall).

Caring for chickens in autumn - link.
All about moulting - link.
Electrolytes for chickens - what they are and how to make them. Link.

Keeping your flock safe when temperatures plummet: winter in the chicken coop.

Winter. Christmas allows us to spoil our flock, decorating the coop and offering healthy seasonal treats.

But freezing temperatures, cold winds and damp all provide particular problems for the backyard chicken owner.

From frostbite to windchill, the benefits of garlic to beating winter boredom in the coop, you'll find all the information you need here to keep your chickens safe, healthy and happy from early December to the end of February.

These articles look at the issues each month brings, and begins to plan for the time the days start getting lighter and thoughts turn to hatching, chicks and the warmer days of Spring.

Winter articles by month.

Tasks around the coop for the month of December - link.
Raising chickens in January: all you need to know - link.
Taking care of your flock in February - 20 to-dos to keep your chickens healthy.

Supplementary articles for the winter.

Light in the chicken coop - yes or no? - Link.
Treating frostbite - link.
Sprouting seeds for chicken feed - link.

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