Chicken memorials : pay your tribute to a much-loved hen or roo.

Losing a pet chicken can be a heart-wrenching experience. This is a place to leave your tribute to a much-loved hen or rooster. #raisinghappychickens #backardchickens #homesteading #chickendeath

It happens to us all: we lose a chicken and no-one understands how sad it makes us feel.

You tell family and friends and see their eyes glaze over. You try to find somewhere to leave your tribute and can't find it.

Well, now you've found it.

This is a place where people do understand. Chickens may be bottom of the pecking order, but their lives are worth talking about.

All the people who have added their stories to this page are in the same position as you. They have all - including me - lost at least one, sometimes many, chickens.

So you're in the company of people who've been there. Who know how you feel.

Here, you'll be supported and comforted, not judged. It's a safe place where you are welcome to share your words and pictures.

Add your story to my page of chicken memorials and let the world know what was special about your lost hen or rooster.

Read on to find out how. And feel free to Pin the image to let other people know they can, too.

If you'd like to skip Harriet's story and go directly to the part where you can share your own, you just need to click on this link.

How often have you heard these words : "Oh, for goodness' sake - it was only a chicken"?

Meet Harriet.  She was "only a chicken" who was killed last summer by an English visitor's uncontrolled dog.  

Harriet, one of my early Red Star chickens, who was sadly killed by a neighbour's dog.

Harriet was a good chicken.  She liked lettuce and sprouted beans, and she would do anything for a slice of watermelon. She laid fresh eggs for us every single day and when I went to pick them up each morning, she would come by for a stroke and a chat.

She was so gentle that I didn't even mind when she destroyed my lovely artistic geranium pots so she could use them as a dust-bath spa.

Harriet chicken loved to dust bathe in my geranium pots. And I didn't mind. When she was killed by a neighbour's dog I needed to tell her story. You can leave your story here too.

When was killed, I felt bereft.  I didn't expect to, but I did. I've owned dogs and cats for years and always did feel distressed when they passed on. But a chicken?

Well - why not a chicken?

If you keep chickens as pets you'll know that they become part of your family. They have personalities, characters, likes and dislikes, and they provide hours of entertainment - as well as gorgeous fresh eggs.

So yes, the loss of a chicken is just like the loss of any family pet. There's nothing wrong or unnatural about feeling sad.

Harriet chicken loved to play Harriet made me smile playing "Kill the swinging lettuce" - that's her on the right.

Physical memorials: a comforting place to remember.

You may want to think about how you remember your pet in real life. We have a woodland area where our hens and one of our dogs are buried. It's a great comfort to go there from time to time and remember the joy our pets have brought into our lives.

Of course, we want to make sure their final resting place is marked in such a way that it remains a place we can go to remember. And where wild animals won't be encouraged to forage.

So we hit on the idea of a pet memorial stone. Most are for dogs and cats, but there are some tasteful markers that work just as well for chickens.

This one is my favourite. The company is very responsive - they recognise that people want more than dog or cat memorials.

Click on the pic or here to buy now from Amazon.

This is an affiliate link, which means I make a small commission at no cost to you if you click on it and buy something.

Any money I make in sales from this product goes directly to the British Hen Welfare Trust, who rescue ex-battery hens every year. I felt that would be a fitting tribute to all our lost chickens.

A tasteful memorial stone which can be adjusted to meet the needs of any animal which has passed on, including chickens.

But I couldn't find a place to write chicken memorials.

Writing has always helped me overcome problems. It's an escape for the feelings which otherwise can stay locked inside. And locking feelings away is never a good thing.

There are lots of places to leave messages and eulogies to lost dogs, cats, horses - even ferrets. But chickens? I couldn't find anything. Nowhere to write, nowhere to post a picture.

That's when I decided to start this page.

Here is a place for you to share memories of your chickens. There's no right or wrong way of doing this - just write from the heart.  Funny, happy, sad, "glad to have known you" - whatever you feel is a fitting tribute.

So now, how about writing your own tribute...

And when you have, remember to bookmark this place so you can come back from time to time and add your comments to the chicken memorials written by other people. 

Your experience of loss means that you know something about how they feel - and how dismissive others, who don't own chickens and so really don't understand, can be.

Let other people know you understand.

Start here to share your memories and chicken pictures.

Important: Unfortunately, it is against the law for me to accept submissions from anyone under the age of 16 unless I have a parent's or guardian's consent. If you'd like to leave a memorial and you're under 16, please ask your mum or dad to add their name at the end. Thank you.

Everyone has memories they'd like to share - you too?

We've all been distressed by loving and losing pets - and the time comes when we also want to celebrate their life.

So please feel free to use this opportunity to tell me, and the other caring people who read this website, the story of your hen or rooster who has passed.

Stories which have fewer than 500 words will be published on a shared page with other people's memorials. If you write over 500 words, your tribute will have its very own page where you can come to read and remember - and to share with family and friends, if they also feel the loss.

If you're not sure where to start, here are a few suggestions to get you going:

* When did you first get your chicken?

* Do you know what breed he/she was?

* How about telling us about her/his personality and other striking features?

* What was particularly special about this chicken for you?

* What happened? Do you know how he/ she died?

* What effect did that have on you, and on your family?

* If you could say a few words to your chicken now, what would they be?

As you fill out each section, click on the ? for more help.

Can you offer some comfort to others?

Please know you're not alone in your loss.

Click on any of the links below to read touching stories from others who have also lost beloved members of their flock, and perhaps take a minute to add your own few words of comfort.

It helps so much to know there are others who understand the effects of losing one of our chickens.

Thank you.

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Zorro and Heidi: Together Forever 
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In memory of Beep ( and my mom too) 
This has been over a year, but since I'm new to this site, I'll post because i still feel badly about what happened. I bought 3 Rhode Island Red peeps …

Baby chicks taken too soon. 
On Christmas day 2015 my daughter Haylee and her boyfriend Trevor surprised me with 3 baby chickens. They were so cute and I was so nervous that I was …

Swartzes, our sweet hen 
I raised Swartzes on the kitchen counter with 6 other chicks of all different breeds. She was the only black chick, thus "Swartzes"- she was named from …

Chicken - the baby pigeon 
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2014, 2015: Short Memorials to Loved Chickens (Part 1). 
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Hennifer Eggiston 
For the longest time I had wanted chickens, and this past Valentines day my boyfriend made that possible. He built me a huge, beautiful coop and I had …

There Was No Hopa for Oprah! 
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RIP to my lovely chickens. 
About a month ago 5 of my chickens were safely locked in their coop. Then the next morning I come out and there was a big hole in the wooden door. …

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The Short Voyage of Popeye. 
Popeye came from one of three fertilized English Lavendar Orpington eggs I bought for my broody Blue Laced Red Wyandotte (Dotty). Dotty had been through …

Clyde - the little chicken with the big attitude. 
I hatched Clyde myself in the Spring of 2014, one of only two Lemon Millefleur Sablepoot bantams to hatch from a clutch of eggs which, sent by post, had …

Henrietta, my Big Bird Buddy 
Henrietta was a rescue. I got her at about 2 months old, she had the biggest yellow feet, so big that her back toe looked like a human thumb. She was 15lbs …

I was adopted by a hen 
This story is about a hen, who we later named Kitty. Why? It all began when she would jump up on the edge on the freezer that we are using for storing …

So upset after tragic death of our beloved chickens 
Hi everyone, It's great to find this page to share our thoughts about our beloved chickens. We had 2 beautiful chickens called Edwina and Henrietta. …

Beautiful Skyline - a hen in a million 
This is something I posted when she died, almost two years ago. I wanted a more permanent memorial for her and your page is perfect. Sad day today. …

A Chicken Memorial to
Beautiful Becky
I rescued Becky from a neighbor who didn't want her anymore. She had a bad leg but we took her anyway. Loved being held and gave us eggs every other …

A Memorial to Lucy Loo 
It's not my chicken actually, but we all were very close to her, and my friend is devastated on her loss! She was a very "bossy" hen (Rhode Island …

Click here to write your own.

Why do chickens die?

Link to a detailed guide to what sudden chicken death is and how to avoid it.

Sometimes, chickens die because they're killed by predators, or because they have an illness. Or just because they're old.

But sometimes a chicken who seems perfectly fit and healthy one minute can be lying in the coop, lifeless, a few minutes later.

It's very hard to come to terms with, and difficult to understand.

It's happened to one of my chickens, and I did some research to find out what could possibly have gone wrong. It's called "Sudden Chicken Death Syndrome".

My information about it, and how you can help prevent it, is based on that research. You can find it by clicking here.

Where would you like to go now?

Thank you for leaving your story, or for reading the stories of others.

It's never possible to replace a lost pet, but when the time is right for you to consider more chickens or even hatching some eggs, you may find these pages useful.  I hope so.

Link to a detailed guide to what sudden chicken death is and how to avoid it.
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Good husbandry for chickens - what is it? Link.
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Thank you for sharing the chicken love! 

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