by Justin
(Southern Iowa)

She was one of 17 delivered to our family in Iowa. She was just fine for 2 days and then we noticed she was kind of smaller compared to the other chicks.

Her leg was weak and she favored one leg. The bad leg had curled toes.

My wife and I immediately grew attached to her and did our best to help her grow and recover. we tried everything to heal her. We thought we were doing great, she was chirping and walking (with a limp) towards us to be held.

We went to bed and when I woke up early the next morning she was sleeping (or so I thought). I was ignorantly optimistic.

My wife and I had an argument in the morning and she didn't know why I was so upset, I hadn't told her. I left to get drinks from the station and when I came back she said "did you know?"

I said yes but I wasn't sure. She had put Pip in the freezer for a proper burial while I was gone. We both cried together and talked to each other about what had happened. We haven't given her a proper burial yet but I'm working on a grave marker for her.

Our family says this stuff happens, it's just a chicken...... maybe we aren't cut out to raise chickens? I just want to give our animals, be it a dog, cat, fish or chicken, a happy life with the best possible chance of a healthy life.

Anyway I don't have a picture of our sweet girl right now it's not on my computer yet.

Thank you for reading and if you have pets of any kind please love them with all you have.

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by: Cath

Justin, thank you so much for writing such a beautiful tribute to Pip. You and your wife are obviously very caring people, and I hope you do keep more chickens because you gave Pip such a good life, filled with love and care.

Sometimes chickens just pass away for no obvious reason. The important thing is that, while they're with us, they have a good life - and Pip did.

Lots of people don't understand and, like your family, make remarks about "it's only a chicken". But ask anyone who has kept and cared about their chickens and you'll find a different reaction.

Just look at all the comments on this part of my website. So many people feel exactly as you do.

It's never "just a chicken".

Thank you for sharing Pip's story with us.

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