My policy position on ads, external articles and links.

This page is to be clear about my policies and prevent you or I wasting time.

I have dozens of requests every day to place ads and links on my site, to write articles for it and to buy the site itself.

This page is specifically dedicated to setting out a clear policy on those issues.

Requests to write articles for this site.

I personally write all the content for this site.

The articles are written after carefully researched assessment of all available peer-reviewed studies as well as my own qualifications and experience over a period of more than thirteen years of backyard chicken keeping.

For that reason, I do not accept any requests to write articles for the site, no matter how well intentioned.

Any such requests, whether made by email or by filling in my contact form, will not be successful.

Requests to place ads on this site.

I have a successful partnership with Mediavine who place all the ads on this site, apart from those affiliate products I choose to place myself. 

I will not accept any requests from any other ad agencies to place ads on this site.

Requests for placement of product ads on this site.

I do not accept requests for "one off" product ads, for example as a link in one of my articles, even if the link were to be "no-follow".

I am prepared to consider requests for affiliate product links. I have a list of my chosen affiliate links on this page.

If you have a business which you would consider to be a useful joint enterprise, please feel free to send me details on my contact form.

I will need to know:

  • your website or blog URL
  • the name of the product
  • the number of monthly visitors to your website or blog, evidenced by a screenshot of six months' Google Analytics
  • the number of positive reviews, either on your website or elsewhere (with links)
  • your reasons for thinking this product would be a good fit for my site visitors.

Please note that all product links, including affiliate links, are "no-follow", as per Google's requirements.

Requests for links.

I link to articles and websites which I have assessed as being of exceptionally high quality and of specific advantage to my site visitors.

I agree to virtually no links to other sites, and they will always be "no follow" links.

Please do not ask for links unless you are sure the website is of the required quality, and would be happy with no followed links.

In that case, please note that I will check your global ranking and will not accept links to websites with a considerably lower ranking than this one.

Requests to buy Raising Happy Chickens.

  • I love my website.
  • I love serving my site visitors by writing high quality information which they know they can rely on.
  • I have regular requests to sell the site.
  • I have no intention of selling it!
  • If ever my circumstances change and I decide to sell, it will be with a reputable company whom I choose and trust to keep the site offering a high quality service.

Thank you...

For respecting my policies.

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