Omlet chicken coops and runs: the right choice for you?

Reviews of Omlet chicken coops, runs and accessories – pin for later.

The chicken coop and run are likely to be the most expensive items you'll buy for your chickens.

So making sure you have the ideal coop is critical.

You'll want something which at the same time keeps your flock healthy and safe, suits your family's needs, meets the requirement of your situation (for example, rural or urban settings) and is likely to last for a long time.

Omlet's chicken coops will certainly be an answer for many people, particularly if you have a fairly small area in which to keep your coop.

The articles on this page review these purpose-made coops based on my experience of owning two Eglu Cubes, and several of Omlet's accessories.

Take a look at the different designs and sizes, see whether any will fit your individual needs, and rest assured that whichever you choose, you'll have many years of enjoying a safe, healthy coop.

Omlet's chicken coop design: an overview

Thumbnail T3 Omlet's general design reviewed not individual coops.

Omlet's chicken coops are all made with the same materials and have a similar design. So before looking at individual coops, take a look at the benefits of all the coops.

Reviewing materials, how they cope with extreme temperatures, perches and nest box design, how safe they are against predators and mites, and how easy they are to clean are all covered within this easy to read information.

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Omlet's Eglu Cube chicken coop: value for money?

Eglu Cube coop review – click to see article.

The largest and most expensive of Omlet's range of chicken coops, I review the Eglu Cube from my experience of owning one for several years.

From basic questions such as how many it holds, to how it stands up to extremes of temperature, rodents, and general wear and tear from housing a small flock, my review is detailed and honest.

Whether you're thinking of investing in a coop for a small urban garden or a larger rural plot, the Eglu Cube could be the answer you're looking for.

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Omlet's chicken runs reviewed

Omlet chicken runs reviewed: link to article.

Omlet's runs are one of the most secure, predator-proof designs available. Some are created specifically to link to the Eglu coops, others are larger, walk-in runs which can be used with any coop and are completely customisable.

This article describes and compares the different types of Omlet runs available, reviews how predator-proof they really are, and allows you to assess which run would be best for your particular situation.

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Omlet's portable chicken fencing: review

Thumbnail button link: Omlet's chicken garden fencing review.

If you're looking for some chicken fencing to keep your flock contained in a certain area, you've just found it.

Designed to keep chickens in, but not to keep predators out, Omlet's portable chicken fencing is robust and versatile. It comes in four lengths and can be placed in any shape to suit your individual needs.

This review is based on my experience with the fencing, and summarises over 400 other people's views too.

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Omlet's accessories.

As well as selling coops and runs, Omlet sell various fun accessories for your chickens which shouldn't be missed.

The egg skelter

The egg-straordinary egg skelter - a review. Link.

The egg skelter is a must-have for anyone, chicken keeper or not! It's a fun way of storing your chickens' eggs whilst at the same time knowing which are to be used first.

They make a great, not-too-expensive gift, they last years – and they look good, too.

I have two of these and highly recommend them. Find out why in my detailed review.

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