Chicken keeping competitions!

Here's where you'll find links to all my competitions about keeping backyard chickens, past, present – and future!

December 2023: Cherished Chickens – Photo to Portrait

Thumbnail cherished chicken comp results.

This was a very special competition with an even more special prize.

The winner, and one runner-up, received a hand drawn portrait of their most cherished chicken, drawn by acclaimed artist Carol Leather.

Take a look at the winners and runners-up, and read why the artist chose those particular photos.

Find all the details here.

October 2023: "Autumn Clucks and Colours" 

Thumbnail link to the results of the Autumn competition, 2023.

Don't you love autumn (fall) colours? And doesn't it make your heart sing to see a flock of  chickens enjoying everything about the season?

This seasonal competition saw chickens foraging through fallen leaves, chomping down on pumpkins, and meandering through marigolds!

Take a look at the five fabulous winners here!

July 2023: summer with my chickens competition!

Thumbnail competition results, summer 2023.

"Summer with my Chickens" – what could be a happier way to celebrate the joy our chickens bring us than to share photos of our flock enjoying the sunny time of year!

This competition saw photos celebrating cute, joyful moments with feathered friends and family, immortalised through the camera lens.

See the competition winners here!

April, 2023: a season of new beginnings competition!

Competition thumbnail winners, Spring 2023. Button link to page.

Spring has sprung, and it's the perfect time to watch your chickens thrive and enjoy the great outdoors. 

A time of renewal and growth, this competition was all about celebrating the season of new beginnings.

See the details and the five Spring competition winners, here.

Winter 2022: a festive photo competition!

Thumbnail festive Christmas photo competition results.

In all our festive seasons, it's always good to remember that our chickens are part of the family. They like to feel included!

This competition was to celebrate exactly that. During the winter of 2022 / '23, my Chicken Digest group submitted their photos of chickens having fun – and a young man called Joshua was delighted his hens were chosen as the overall winners!

See the winners of winter 2022's special competition, here!

July 2022: a competition about keeping chickens in your garden!

Thumbnail link to my competition results from summer 2022.

See the results of my very first chicken keeping competition, held during the summer of 2022. 

It involved submissions related to chickens and gardening, with a prize that reflected the topic. And the winners were all reflective of the joys of chickens and the great outdoors. the overall winner even explained how her flock is part of her permaculture system.

See the winners of the summer competition here.

Chicken keeping competitions: helping you take photos!

How to photograph chickens - link.

My chicken keeping competitions are always based on photos of your flock. And sometimes, chickens are very hard to get a good photo of. No sooner than you think you have them framed than someone moves!

This article is there to offer my experience over many years of taking pics of chickens of all shapes, sizes and ages. Helped by official photographers at poultry shows in the UK, there are sections on equipment, background and lighting as well as training your chickens!

Read about how to photograph chickens.

Chicken keeping competitions: the prizes.

Books about chickens - reviews. Click to go to article.

Most of my prizes for the competitions are some of the very best books about chickens and chicken keeping. 

From coffee table books featuring different breeds, to chickens and gardening, to chicken health – all are books I have and consider an important part of any chicken-keeper's library.

Take a look at my reviews of related books and then – join in with my competitions to win one!

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