Spring Competition, April 2023: Announcing the Winners!

This was my most recent competition.

It ended on Friday, April 14th, 2023.

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Entrants submitted photos or videos of their chickens enjoying Spring to win!

Spring has sprung, and it's the perfect time to watch our chickens thrive and enjoy the great outdoors. A time of renewal and growth, this chicken keeping competition was all about celebrating the season of new life.

The pic could be whatever "Spring" means to the person submitting the entry, and their flock.

Photos for my competitions don't need to be "professional" – they just need to be of reasonable quality (smartphone photos are perfectly good for this) and tell a story of a family and their chickens at a special time. 

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The prizes were...

Have you seen my review of Storey's beautiful book "Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds"? 

It covers nearly 130 different breeds, and not only chickens – it also includes some ducks and turkeys!

This isn't a technical book, more like a coffee table edition with large, stunning photos of chickens to dip into for a few moments of relaxation!

I thought this was a specially fitting prize – after all, who doesn't love taking some time out to browse through pictures of chickens, dreaming of putting together your ideal flock?

If you've not yet seen my review yet, take a few minutes to read it now.

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The Spring photo competition – results!

A huge thank you to everyone who entered this competition – there were over 60 entries, and over 300 votes cast!

It was really very difficult choosing between them.

My top 5 winners were chosen by popular vote, and from those I chose one overall winner based on originality and the best reflection of "Spring chickens". 

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The winners...

Quinn Emler was my overall winner!

Quinn called this image "An Easter chick with attitude!"

I chose it as the overall winner because it's what Spring is all about: eggs, happy colours and spring chicks – and because it just made me smile!

Competition winner: Spring chicken by Quinn Emler. A Frizzle chick stands against a background of colourful eggs.
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Here are my other winners – I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

The photos are listed in alphabetical order by the surname of the person entering. And in my book, they are all winners!

From Mary Bowen: René enjoys Spring.

Mary says:

"René is enjoying his little farm animals which include a baby goat, a duckling, and a turken chick."

I couldn't resist this one, Mary – even though the chick has her back to the camera, the look on René's face is what Spring is all about!

Competition winner: René enjoys his spring animals! A little boy with a baby goat, duck and Turken chick.

From Deborrah Olsen: Kuritsa and her Spring babies!

Deborrah says:

"This is Kuritsa, my Partridge Chantecler/Silkie cross Mama hen, with her six little fluff nuggets.

She hatched three pure Partridge Chantecler eggs herself and adopted three Easter Egger chicks. She is a dedicated, protective mother and her little ones adore her."

What a great bonus to a flock, to have such a good mother hen!

Competition winner: a Chantecler hen sits in a nesting box with her six chicks.

From Carmen Spiegel: Zen the Silkie Easter chicken!

Carmen says: "Happy Easter wishes from a happy Silkie hen, Zen".

She's such a cutey, Carmen!

Competition winner: Zen the Silkie hen sits against a colourful Spring background.

From Shanda Warren: Spring chicks!

Shanda says:

"My baby chicks are a week old and are in a swimming pool in my basement waiting for spring to arrive! Happy Easter!" 🐰🐣🐇

I love that these baby chicks have colourful toys to play with in their swimming-pool brooder, Shanda!

Competition winner: Spring chicks in their paddling pool brooder along with some colourful Spring toys!
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Thank you all!

Always remember: in the world of chicken keeping, everyone's a winner!

Thank you to all the winners, and to everyone who took the time to enter a photo. I had such a lot of fun looking through all your photos and seeing your lovely chickens – and so did everybody else who took a look and voted.

All my winners are now on the way to receiving a copy of the Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds.

As I said earlier, watch out for more competitions in my weekly Chicken Digest newsletter.

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Want some tips about taking photos of chickens?

Chickens are not the easiest creatures to take photos of! Just when you think you have the perfect shot, someone gets in the way, or spots a tasty bug and moves, or decides it's the perfect time to poop...

I happen to have an article about how to photograph chickens without losing your mind! Feel free to take a look at it before the next competition comes round!

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