Simple egg recipes.

There are times when our chickens stop laying eggs. And then there are times when we have an overflowing bowl!

Simple egg recipes - pin for later.

At those abundant times, it's good to have a stock of recipes we can use which are simple, quick and nutritious.

I am by no means a cook, and this is not a recipe site.

These are just a collection of very easy egg dishes I've used over the years, which I thought I'd share with you for those times when your eggs are plentiful - and friends and neighbours have asked not to be given any more!

They're a reflection of my own culture, from places I've lived in: Spain, Scotland, England and - of course - Italy. All of them are original recipes I've learned from friends, sometimes with my own twist.

This page is split into just two sections: sweet and savoury. You'll find most of  the recipes can be used in different ways - as a full meal or as buffet food, for example.

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Freezing chicken eggs

How to freeze fresh eggs - link.

You know what happens: you get a glut of eggs in the summer and very few in the winter. How to redress the balance?

One answer lies in being able to freeze eggs. This article shares how to freeze whole eggs, just whites and just yolks; how to safely defrost them; using them in sweet and savoury dishes; what problems can arise and how to avoid them, and which containers work best.

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Savoury egg recipes.

Deviled eggs

Ten unique deviled egg recipes - link.

They're everybody's favourite - but they can be a bit same-y.

This page combines ten of my favourite deviled egg recipes, some from recipe books, usually with a twist of my own, and some I've made up myself without any help!

From breakfast to lunches, buffets to picnics - if you're looking for easy egg recipes for snacks, you're bound to find at least one you'll love!

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Spanish potato omelette.

Spanish omelette recipe - link.

This is a real, authentic recipe I learned during my time living in Spain. Taught to me by a Spanish cook, it uses very simple ingredients and can be put together in minutes.

It makes a great snack at lunchtime, a substantial main meal with a salad, and is an equally good choice as a addition to a finger buffet.

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A bacon and egg casserole for a laid-back brunch!

Egg and bacon casserole recipe - link.

One of my favourite cool egg recipes for breakfast, this casserole can (should!) be put together several hours before you want to eat it, to allow the different flavours to combine.

Let it stand in the fridge overnight, put it in the oven the following morning and enjoy a relaxed Sunday (or any day!) brunch!

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Sweet egg recipes.

English pancakes

English style pancakes recipe - link.

Known in other countries as "crêpes", English pancakes are thin and fluffy, often served with a simple dusting of sugar and a squirt of fresh lemon juice.

Tossing the pancakes to turn them over in the pan is a great favourite with kids - try it!

Make them in minutes with organic flour and a couple of your hens' freshly laid eggs and you'll have a delicious snack for the whole family.

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Easy Scotch pancake recipe

Scotch pancake recipe - link.

The Scotch pancake is simple, quick and inexpensive to make, particularly when you have your own hens!

Traditionally taken in Scotland as an afternoon snack, served with butter and jam (US: "jelly"), these are often used as a fill-in when guests arrive unexpectedly.

Using items you're bound to have in your store cupboard, start making them now and you'll be enjoying delicious Scotch pancakes within the next 30 minutes max!

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