by Renee
(Broward, fl)

My rough old man Cocka

My rough old man Cocka

Cocka was one of my 1st chicken purchases almost 2 years ago. He grew fast and weighed in at 20lbs.

After a few months, I learned he was a meat bird. I kept him as a pet and he turned out to be my spunky, handicap old man. His temperament with humans was epic. Most people avoided him because he cornered them up and he was loud when his big feet were thumping behind you.

He had a wife, Mrs Brandi, another meat bird I got when I bought him. He was awesome with Brandi. They were 2 lovebirds. I could throw a blanket over him to carry him to the coop at night or I had to walk with a stick to guide him;)

He free ranged during the day. Unfortunately, Mrs Brandi was attacked by what we believe was a fox. We lost 2 that night. Cocka stayed to himself after this incident the past 3 weeks. He had just started warming up to the remaining 2 girls. I had 2 incidents with neighbors' dogs in 3 days trying to attack my chicken babies.

Few nights ago,I secured the coop. At 5.15 AM everything was fine, he was crowing and still secured. When I came out an hour later, the door was forced open and feathers were everywhere and I knew this was going to be horrible.

Unfortunately, I found my Cocka and his injuries weren't survivable. I sat with him for a couple hours, loved on him and encouraged him to go be with his Brandi. As moody and grumpy as he was!!

Losing him has hurt my heart. He was a harmless, obese, helpless rooster, no good for anything lol but you couldn't top his personality. He stayed in the yard and just ate all the time. We could always find him at the feeder. If I could now, I would throw a blanket over him and rub his ears. 2 weeks ago, he pecked my ankles when I came down the steps! That's one of the more memorable moments with my favorite rooster.

I bonded with my Cocka from day 1. I will definitely miss him and I wish I would have heard the commotion bc I would've fought for him like I did the day before when he was cornered. Him & his wife Brandi are now buried side by side. I miss you so much Mr. Cocka.

Rest in Chicken Heaven Cocka doodle doo.

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RIP to a brave rooster.
by: Cath

Thank you so much for sharing Cocka's story, Renee. It's good to hear of a meat bird who was loved and had a good life. It doesn't happen very often.

It's so distressing when we look after our chickens and a neighbour can't keep their dogs secure. We had a similar attack on our flock by a neighbour's dog, so I know how upsetting it is.

I hope you have allowed yourself time to get over his loss, and Brandi's.

Sending hugs to you and your family.

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