Rest Easy Hewey

by Sheri
(Windsor, NY, USA)



Hewey was one of 3 Roosters we rescued from a local flea market from a farmer. We had another Rooster years prior because someone had dropped him in our yard. He wouldn't use a coop ever and eventually was killed by a bobcat in early spring while sleeping. We had learned so much about roosters, how wonderful they were, how they helped our yard and how they enriched our lives that we couldn't pass up these three boys, different breeds but raised as brothers.

We named them Hewey, Dewey and yes .. Lewey. Hewey was a New England Red, the largest of the 3 boys, the leader of the pack and a gentle giant. His smallest brother Lewey has a deformed beak and Hewey helped him by licking up food from the grass so he would have an easier time trying to pick it up. It seemed as if he understood Lewey had a disability and he never cared that Lewey stole 50% of the food Hewey found during the day, he would just move on to find something else. These two spent all day together and were definitely a team.

Hewey would crow when called so that I would know where he was in the yard at any point of the day. He would run to me when I called him to come. He was very big and I always said he looked like a sumo wrestler running at me. He loved free ranging all day and was not happy if he had to stay in. He loved mealworms in the winter and enjoyed a variety of seed snacks. He loved all types of berries and quite a few flowers.

At night when I would close the boys up, Hewey always rousted closest to the outside fence as if he was the protector. I would always stop and talk to them afterwards and Hewey would listen very intently. I would always lift my glasses to the top of my head so I could look into their eyes and when I looked into Heweys it was like I was looking into his beautiful heart and soul.

Hewey was killed on Friday June 6, 2020 about 2pm in the afternoon by a fox in my backyard. We had never had a predator so close to our house in broad daylight. I suddenly heard the boys screaming and ran out armed and with our older dog to help me protect the boys from whatever they were alerting me too. It was however, too late for Hewey.

I was calling to him to no avail. I had the other two by my side, took a cue from where Lewey was looking too and as I started walking a few steps I could see Hewey laying lifeless. I screamed out for him and instantly started crying. It was at that moment a grey fox came around the side of the brush pile and was headed back for Hewey. He was not going to haul him away and he didn't.

I stayed with the other two until I was able to get them back into the coop, lured by a few treats from Dad when he returned home from work. Lewey would not leave that area for me and kept calling out to his brother who always answered him .. he wasn't answering anymore and Lewey's crows became more and more hysterical. He crowed all evening and well into the night. He fell asleep standing up but eventually he did cuddle up next to Dewey and buried his head into his side repetitively.

You could see the sadness, and it was truly heartbreaking.

We buried Hewey within hours in one of his special places by our blueberry bushes. Hewey was a gentle giant, a great brother and had such a beautiful personality. Rest easy my boy.

I am sorry I couldn't save you that day. I know however, you loved your life here and enjoyed being free vs being "safe" and caged up everyday. It was a risk I knew you would prefer. I am at odds with that same thinking now with your brothers and I am asking you to give me guidance sweet boy.


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Hewey - so sad
by: Blessed Misfit

Hewey probably went down fighting as the flock protector. Such a sad ending to a noble creature. I am so sorry. My eyes are leaking.

A touching memorial to Hewey.
by: Cath

What a touching and descriptive story of Hewey, Sheri. As I was reading it, I felt I got to know him.

He was, and his brothers are, very special roosters. I'm always amazed at seeing how much chickens can feel, and when one of them dies the others do, in my experience, mourn their loss.

He did have a good life with you. He knew freedom and he knew love. That is a life well lived. I feel he would want the same for his brothers, even knowing the risks.

RIP, Hewey. You are missed.

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