by Kripa
(Gurgaon, India.)

The first time i saw Noodles she was screaming for her life while being weighed at a butcher's shop. But she wasn't heavy enough so the butcher weighed another one.

Well, I bought Noodles and brought her to my rented studio apartment in my handbag. The next day she had coryza so I called my dear vet and he helped Noodles get well again.

Noodles didn't like it outside, she'd run to me and sit between my feet. Noodles loved me and would hug me with her neck around my neck and rub her face on my neck and in my hair. She did not like it when I used the phone while she wanted my attention – she would peck at my phone!

She didn't like my domestic help and would peck at them and pull their Saree. She was fascinated by shiny things and would peck at jewellery or the buttons on the vet's coat etc. She was the most affectionate hen I ever had.

She'd have a bath twice a day and would sleep right next to my bed. She would sometimes lay her egg on the bed. She would eat her own eggs a lot of the times and loved chicken nuggets, Maggi and black sunflower seeds and water melon were some of her favourite things.

She had her bath last night and we went to bed a few hours later. She was okay at night when we slept but I woke up this morning, switched on the light and saw she didn't move. I called her name and she did not move. I thought she was ill, so I wanted to pet her – and that is when I realized that Noodles had passed away in her sleep and had now changed her address to ℅ Jesus Christ, Heaven.

She's closed her eyes and breathed her last here, but she's probably pecking on all the shiny things in Heaven just to see what they are, or just for entertainment.

I am grieving right now because it hurts to lose a pet, especially one that clearly expressed that they loved you. Noodles was a blessing, all her eggs were given as gifts and as offerings to the Pastors of our church and the vet and a few other beloved friends.

I got Noodle's when she was 3 or maybe 4 months old in August last year and she passed away today 21st June 2022.

I don't understand if this was my fault in any way cause I was expecting her to live a full life. But she knew she was loved, and she made sure to make it known that she loved me.

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by: Anonymous

Thank you for posting this about your Noodles. These hens used for food sadly do not live long, but they love so very hard.

Thank you so much for saving her life from a horrible end and allowing her to live in happiness and experience love for a little longer on earth. She died in peace. x

Thank you for sharing
by: Anonymous

Noodles was so lucky to have found you. She escaped an awful death and instead spent her life being loved and spoiled by you. What a lovely story and a lovely little hen!

A lovely tribute.
by: Cath

What a lovely memorial tribute to a very special hen. Thank you for sharing her story, Kripa, and for the photographs which make sure her memory will live on.

Please don't blame yourself. You gave her the best life, she wanted for nothing and she knew she was cared for.

Sometimes, sadly, our chickens just die for no apparent reason. It's heart-breaking, and you need to allow yourself time to grieve.

Remember all the happiness she brought to you and others.

RIP, Noodles. You were loved. Fly high now.

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