Goodbye Nuggie girl, momma misses you so much already

by Josselin Huskey
(Magnolia, Texas )

Today I lost my girl, Nuggie. I feel overwhelmed with sadness and feel like I can’t share this without people making me feel silly or making chicken jokes.

Here is Nuggie's story:

When the pandemic hit last year my family and I decided just like the rest of the world that we would plant a garden and get chickens for eggs.

I didn’t actually wanted chickens. One day my husband showed up with 10 baby chicks, a day old.

Immediately I fell in love with them but knew I had to get myself together and figure out how to be a chicken mom.

Days went by and my little babies were thriving. One of them, however, was a bit larger than the others. I named her “Nuggie”. They were all exactly the same so Nuggie was the only one I could recognize because of her size.

Days went by and summer hit in Texas. My big chicken seemed to be struggling. She was sooo big compared to her sisters. I kept her cool and did some research.

Turns out Nuggie was a Cornish Cross which is a meat chicken. She must’ve gotten mixed up when they were separated at the feed store. They’re designed to grow at a fast rate so they can be eaten at 6 weeks. Due to their rápido growth they tend to have heart issues and die along with leg issues.

Everyone said we should eat her but how could I?! I raised that little baby. She was beautiful and would always walk right up to me and look up to me.

I would tell everyone about my fat chicken. Everyone knew about her. Everyone made jokes but they also always asked how she was doing. Before we had a chicken coop they would roost on a tree but Nuggie couldn’t get up there, so she would get the highest she could which was usually on top of a log.

So I would carry her to a small kennel I had. Everyday Nuggie would be the last one to get in the coop. She would take her sweet time going up that ramp.

She started having a hard time getting down in the mornings so I started opening the big door and carrying her down. She knew the way it was. The second I opened that door she would run to me. Yes, I said run. She could really run fast for how big she was.

She would always make her little sounds and never failed to be right at my feet when I was around. Her sisters would go do their own thing but Nuggie always came to hang out with me and then going with them.

I kept food away from her and let her free range. She was always so content and always hung out with the gang. She loved her sisters.

On June 14, they turned one year old. I had lost two of them at that point. The first one was Lola and I cried so much about her. The other one was Floppy.

I knew when the day came and I had to say goodbye to Nuggie, I knew it would hurt. That was my girl. I loved watching her be herself and have millions of videos and pictures of her.

On their birthday they ate frozen berries which is their favorite. The day after their birthday I went to open the coop. All of them came out so I called out her name like I usually do so she would start walking towards me.

I opened the big door and there she was...laying dead. My heart shattered.

My sweet Nuggie girl. I miss you so much it hurts. I love you and will always keep our memories fresh in my mind.

Rest In Peace sweet girl.

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I can relate
by: Lisa

What a sweet story of your angel. She certainly loved you because she felt your love for her.

In the last month, I've lost 2 of my girls (from different ailments), so I relate to your heartbreak.

It just so happened Dorit and Jessica, the ones who passed away, were the most loving of their sisters. Like your girl, they loved getting extra attention which consisted of gentle massages, scratching, and lots of kisses. Jessica even kissed me back!

I'm so glad Nuggie got to live with and be loved by you! God blessed her.

My bantam partridge Cochin, RIP
by: Larry

I lost my bantam girl today, March 17, 2023, in the middle of the night, of old age. She was 13.

I had gotten her with a group of 4 other full size chickens, all of whom had died some years earlier. She had outlived all the others, and quite a a number of those I already have, except for a few bantam boys who just turned 15 this year – also Cochins.

Seeing that bantams normally live about 6 to 8 years, she had already lived nearly two lifetimes of most others like her. In her last year, I had kept her caged due to her advanced age and increasing fragility, but she had stayed active up until about a month ago, when she began to slow down. I knew the end was near.

I had her so long, she was a fixture and I will sorely miss her.

I understand
by: Rosie's mom

Im so sorry for your loss. It's a profound grief which I can say is worse than any other pet. I'm not sure why...but the bond is real and loss is crippling. I wish you and your other girls peace as you adapt.

Wonderful story, Larry.
by: Cath

That's an amazing story, Larry. You did a wonderful job, keeping them alive and happy for that long. And yes, a good life and a dignified, respectful end.

Very few of this breed can say that.

RIP your two Cornish Crosses.

My two beloved Cornish pair
by: Larry

I once had a pair of Cornish Cross,a male and female it turned out, that I raised from chickhood.

I knew that these birds would grow to immense size and weight if I let them go on, but I wanted to see how far I could take them.

Like all the others I have,I raised them as pets, and had no intention of eating them.

Time passed, and in two years they had both grown to about 18 pounds! It got to the point that neither one could walk, so I carried them from place to place, and set them on padding to make it comfortable, with food nearby.

Well, entering their third year,I lost the rooster first, followed about 2 months later by the hen, both of heart failure.

But the way I see it, they got to live a good life, and two years beyond what the vast majority of their breed gets.And they got the dignity of a decent burial.

May they rest in peace.

She was only a chicken
by: Marcia

I don't think anyone who knew Peepers would have said, "She's only a chicken". But I tell you, they would have regretted it if they had, if only to get a 'body wilting glare' from me!

I'm so happy for you that you had the time you did with Nuggie. She brought you joy and laughter which we can appreciate so much.

God bless you for your love of your Nuggie Girl.

RIP Nuggie.
by: Cath

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, Josselin. Thank you for sharing your memories.

Nuggie was a lovely chicken. It's so hard for the Cornish Cross chickens - you're right of course, they're bred for meat, and they grow so quickly to such a large size that their bodies just can't cope.

She did have a good life while she was with you. You did everything you could to help her, and you realised that one day you would have no choice but to say goodbye to her.

I hope you're able to remember all the happiness she brought - and the happiness you gave her, too.

RIP, Nuggie. You were loved, and you are much missed.

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