Little Baby Pikachula 🐥 R.I.P. 💕

by Lydia
(San Antonio, TX, USA )

My teenage daughter is a big animal lover. She's been asking for a pet like every single day, but since she lost her best buddy Peluso 🐕, I was afraid to give in after I saw all the pain that loss caused her, since they grew up together.

While thinking of what to give her for Christmas I came up with the great idea of giving her a baby chick. Since I had helped one of my oldest daughters raise one, and we still talk about all the memories we have of her, I thought I could do it again and help raise another one.

So on Wednesday the 23rd, before Christmas, I went and got a red baby girl, got containers for her food and water and also got the food.

On Thursday the 24th, Christmas Eve, (I had just gone to get water from the store), when my daughter called me crying historically, saying "Mom! She's dead I killed her, I killed my baby chick!"

I came home quickly without the water I had gone for and ran to her room where she was sitting holding her baby, just saying, "I killed her, but I didn't mean to, it was an accident but it's still my fault."

I took the little baby and tried for a long time to revive her without luck. My daughter threw herself on the floor repeating the same thing over and over so I broke down too. She was angry at herself and wouldn't stop crying and repeating the same words.

I tried to pick her up from the floor while still holding Little Pikachula but my daughter didn't want to get up. I finally convinced her by telling her to please get up and give me a hug because I was also hurting for the loss we just had.

It has now been 9 hours and I can still hear her crying on and off, in her room while I'm also crying in the living room, still holding Little Pikachula, hoping for a miracle.

Sure, some people will say it's only a chicken and you all didn't have but two days. But for those of you that know these little creatures, also know how cute and mischievous they can be making us watch them constantly while building a story and bonding with them.

I can't help but feeling a lot of guilt for leaving for that short while and not checking on them before I left the house.

In between these 9 hours I was able to ask my daughter while I saw her a little calm, about how this happened. She said that, she put Little Pikachula down on her bed all bundled up but checking on her constantly, while she was going to get prettied up to celebrate Christmas Eve with me.

As she kept checking on the little one, she thought that Little Pikachula was feeling cold and though, how can I make her warm and keep her warm. She saw her heating pad thinking this would work and used it to make the little baby warm. She said that since she didn't hear her chirping as she had been, well then the heating pad helped and was keeping her warm and comfortable so she didn't want to move Little Pikachula or mess with her blanket she had.

To her terrible surprise, after about 20 minutes she decided to check on her only to find her profoundly asleep 😭.

My daughter is very sensitive, this is why I was hesitant on getting her another pet.

It's going to be difficult for us to celebrate the holidays for now as we are in mourning.

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I'm so sorry for your loss.
by: Cath

I'm so sad to hear about Baby Pikachula, Lydia. What a horrible shock for your daughter and for you, and on Christmas Eve, too.

It maybe that your little chick became over-heated, and dehydrated, but it may also have been something totally unconnected. Chicks are quite vulnerable, and you don't mention where you got her from but it may be that she had some kind of pre-existing condition.

Whatever happened, it was not anyone's fault. It was either outside your control or it was an accident. Please, don't blame yourself and don't let your daughter blame herself, either.

You're both obviously very kind, caring people. Give yourselves time to get over your loss, and then think about getting another chick or two.

Sending you and your daughter hugs and warmest wishes during this holiday season and for the New Year.

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