Little Timmy – the star behind my pet therapy farm

by Blaise McDaniel
(Arcadia, FL. USA)

Little Timmy was a Micro Serama, the smallest chicken breed in the world. He was hatched in my backyard in Idaho. I was technically in city limits when I hatched him, I was just getting away with it! This is his story....

Timmy (the name he "grew" into) was not even on my radar when selecting chicks I wanted to keep and grow out for my Serama breeding program. Timmy actually chose me. I had lots of young Seramas at the time that had just transitioned to my outside cages.

Everyday when it was dinner time for the chicks, they would all rush to the opening of the run and try to get to the food. Occasionally 1 or 2 would slip out and get loose in the yard, where I had to chase them endlessly like a mad man.

A fairly plain but small cockerel started to make it a habit to slip out whenever I opened the door. But he was different from the rest that would get out. He wasn't actually doing it for food. He would quickly run out then sit still so I would catch him and hold him.

He also started watching me and following me through the chicken run. Since the chicks in this run were all for sale, I wasn't bonding or handling them so they were all very flighty. This tiny roo on the other hand was more concerned about tricking me into holding him than eating or any typical chicken behaviors.

His favorite activity became following me, watching me, and trying to coax me into being held. Well obviously, I never sold him! As he grew into a beautiful rooster his size did not grow with him! Not only did he melt my heart, but also the hearts of anyone he met.

He even moved with me across the United States to Florida where he grew into his name: Timothy or Little Timmy. In Florida I bought my first farm and established my business and began raising animals for my pet therapy farm for victims of trauma.

Little Timmy continued his tricks on a 24/7 basis. He would watch me constantly, shadow my moves, and literally wait by the coop door for hours, hoping I would open it.

I took him for walks all the time, he even helped me do some gardening and planting. He would follow me from one end of my 3 acres to the other. It also wasn't unusual for him to ignore the pretty hens or food I gave him, to try and be held instead.

He became the star and selling point of my business. Everyone would hold him when they came to the farm. He even started my first YouTube hit, getting 2-3,000 views.

Today after 2 or 3 trips outside with me, he made his last. I had just walked inside when I heard a terrible flapping. I raced down the stairs to find Timmy flailing uncontrollably. I picked him up and held him as he calmed down and closed his eyes for the last time.

I'm completely devastated as he can never be replaced, and he was not only the most beautiful stunning show quality rooster I had, but also the sweetest chicken I've ever had...that chose me.

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A wonderful story of a wonderful chicken.
by: Cath

What an amazing memorial to Little Timmy, Blaise. How well you have told his story, and what an amazing life he lived. Such a tiny bird, who has had such an enormous impact on so many people.

It's devastating when we lose a chicken we have become so close to. He will leave a huge hole in your life, and the lives of everyone who knew him.

Fly high, Little Timmy. You were loved, and you are very much missed.

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