by Sue
(Shepherd MI)

Dottie was a Speckled Sussex that we got at 3 days old. She was a failure to thrive baby and the place we bought her from gave her to us for free after I pointed out to them that she would die if left in with the other chicks.

So we brought her home in hopes of helping her live a long happy life. She definitely had a happy life but it wasn’t a long one like we had hoped for.

The first day my hubby and I took turns holding her close to our chests to keep her warm and feeling secure. We hand fed her and made sure she had water every time she ate and in between feedings. She was sweet and loved being held for several days until we felt she was strong enough to join the others in our brooder for short times while we watched her to make sure the others would allow her to get to food and water.

She did very well, and if the others crowded her at the feeder she would just wait her turn. She would run everywhere she went and we’d often giggle at her when she would be so fast all the time.

I had a very special bond with her and she had a very good year, but never grew quite as well or as big as her Speckled Sussex sister did.

She didn’t always want to come to us for being held or petted, but once in our arms she would settle in and enjoy her petting and maybe a small treat for as long as we’d hold her.

She would purr like a cat when I held her and would quietly talk to me while in my arms. She’d always join in for treats, but if it got crowded she’d leave the treats – so I’d give her another place to enjoy the treats on her own.

The whole flock is 10 months old now and my hubby noticed she was standing in one spot a lot, would still walk around but then just stand there. She was still eating and drinking but wasn’t interested in joining the other girls at treat time. We didn’t think much of it so we just let her be and checked on her the following day. That was 2 days ago.

That day we noticed her comb and face were very pale and she felt very cold so we brought her inside to see if warming her up would help her feel better. Later in the day her comb and face were both whitish color and I knew she wasn’t doing well.

I gave her a blanket in a dog crate and covered the crate to keep it dark and put her in a quiet room for her to hopefully recover.

But she didn’t recover, and we lost her at 10:30pm yesterday.

I love all my girls and each one is a pet and are treated like such. This loss hit me hard because she was my special girl from day one and we loved all her quirky ways.

My hubby wrapped her up and laid her to rest.

I will always remember our special girl, and she will always be in my heart.

RIP sweet Dottie…

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Sweet Dottie"s life and her passing
by: Toni K

Thank you for sharing Dottie's story. She was such a sweet precious young girl, a gift.

I am so sorry!!
by: Sara

I am so sorry you lost your dear friend. I myself know how hard it is. I know we all wish they could like much, much longer. THANK YOU for giving her the love and family she needed. She is watching over you every single day.

Sorry for your loss.
by: Cath

I'm so terribly sorry to hear about Dottie. What a wonderful life you gave her, even though it was not as long as you had hoped. Had you not rescued her, it would have been a lot shorter though, so you gave her the best possible chance.

It's always so hard when we lose one of our flock. The best advice I can offer is to give yourself time to grieve, and to remember her (as I know you will) with joy at the pleasure she brought to the world.

Dottie, you were much loved and you are very sadly missed. Fly high, little hen!

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