Memorial to Rex my pet rooster

by Tonia
(United States)

Rex Memorial Photo

Rex Memorial Photo

I got my pet rooster Rex in June of 2011. At first I wasn't sure whether he was a boy or a girl until he became a teen chicken when his curly tail feathers started growing out.

Rex was a pure Rhode Island Red rooster. I had had pet roosters before but I had never had such a deep bond and friendship with a rooster until Rex came along. His personality was very friendly and extremely tame and he thought of me as his Momma chicken.

When he was a chick, I'd play a game with him by saying "Peeeep!" with a certain tone of voice and he'd respond with his little chicky voice every time. When he was an adult, every time I came home, I'd say "Reeex!" and he'd respond by crowing, because I was part of his family. He was very friendly and gentle with his hens who I called "his ladies".

He was a few days old chick in June of 2011. He passed away today, in the afternoon on February 12th of 2018. So I had him for about 6 years and 6 months.

I will miss him greatly. He was not simply an animal, or "poultry", or "livestock" to me. He was my friend. He went for walks with me down the driveway and he loved hanging out with his hens in the yard, eating bugs, getting his daily snacks, and living a happy chicken life.

He was sometimes feisty but he could also be very friendly and he always let me pick him up and hold him in my arms, and let me give him hugs and kisses. He was such a friendly and tame guy that I could pick him up like a baby and carry him around and he'd relax in my arms. He rarely bit or pecked at people.

When I held him, other people could say hi to him and go right up to him. With people who did not know how tame he was, I had to explain to them that he was a very friendly guy. He loved being held by his Mommy and I think it reminded him of being a little chick safely under his Mother's wings.

He was also a smart rooster, and once I taught him how to peck at the color blue. Once I even painted his toenails with silver-colored nail polish and that made me smile. I laughed when he crowed and I could go right up to him and hug and cuddle him in my arms and talk to him.

Rex died from Bumblefoot. There were no veterinarians in my area that would treat a chicken. When he passed away, I cried for my sake and for his but I ask God to please take care of him in the afterlife.

I will put some flowers on his grave. If I could talk to him now, I would give him a hug and say "I love you my baby chick boy, I miss you and I hope God makes your little chicken spirit joyous in the afterlife.

I will always greatly cherish the time that I spent with you Rex. I will love you always big buddy. You were my friend.

Love always, your chicky Momma.

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What a lovely memorial to Rex.
by: Cath

Tonia, thank you so much for such a well written and heartfelt memorial to Rex. I enjoyed reading it and I know other people will, too. I felt I really got to know Rex through your words. What a handsome rooster he was!

Rex was such an important part of your life, and I know you will miss him greatly. He was lucky to have such a fun and caring home with you.

It's so sad that many veterinarians will not treat chickens. They don't realise what an important part of the family they become.

But you did your absolute best for him, and that's all any of our flock can ask.

Sending you hugs.

RIP, Rex.

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