Roo Paul 19 weeks old

by Marjorie Snyder
(Jacksonville, FL, USA)

Roo was supposed to be Hannah. When it turned out that he aas a rooster we were pleased that we unexpectedly would have one to preside over our 11 hens.

He and 2 pullets were 2 days away from being moved into the big coop with our 9 original hens. It was so disappointing and heartbreaking to find him dead in his run when he was just fine the night before.

Always very healthy and well cared for, hand raised and docile enough to handle without fear. Now to start over.

We will always remember our first roo.

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RIP Roo Paul
by: Cath

I am so sorry for your loss, Marjorie. He was a very handsome rooster, and 19 weeks is young to lose him.

Sadly, chickens do sometimes just die for no obvious reason. you're right, it's heartbreaking.

I'm glad you feel you can start over. Thinking of you in your loss.

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