Swartzes, our sweet hen

by Chris
(Scotts valley, CA, USA)



I raised Swartzes on the kitchen counter with 6 other chicks of all different breeds. She was the only black chick, thus "Swartzes"- she was named from a line from the movie Blazing Saddles.

My 4,6,and 8 year olds loved all the chickens as they grew, but especially Swartzes who did not run away and seemed to greet us at the gate of the chicken pen each day.

She joined my 4 year old digging worms in the yard, and was tucked under the arms and carried about the yard daily - a chicken accessory for my other 2 daughters.

She died suddenly yesterday. My now 9 year old was sitting beside her on the hay and then ran in to tell me that something was wrong with "Swartzy". I came out and observed, then gently picked up the limp and sleepy Swartzes. A minute later the hen had convulsions and died as I held her.

My daughters cried hysterically as we took her up the hill to bury her. We each gave her shiny, irridescent black feathers one last pet and thanked the universe for letting us have "Swartzy". Goodbye, Swartzes, you are missed.

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A loved hen
by: Jessica

Your hen was well loved, and you have her a wonderful life. I know your family will miss her, and you'll feel sad, but you have such sweet, fond memories to hold dear. I'm sorry for your loss.

So sorry
by: Belinda

I am so so sorry for the loss of your sweet girl. Our pets become part of the fsmoly and losing them is heartbreaking. It's especially hard on us mommas when we see our kiddos hurting. Hoping your kids are okay and that you continue to cherish the great memories you have of Swartzes.

good byes are hard
by: angel3210

Sorry to hear of your loss. Having to say good bye after a long illness or a shocking unexpected death, - its never easy when a loved one dies. Remember the memories of the time you shared smiles and how it meant something to have been able to say hello.

A family chicken.
by: Cath

Dear Chris,

Thank you so much for your lovely tribute to Swartzes, and for the photo of her with your daughter.

I was so sorry for your loss. Sometimes people don't really understand how great a loss it can be for a family, but chickens do become an important part of our lives.

She obviously had a lovely life with you. She was well cared for and loved, and it sounds as though she lived a good long time, too. Sudden death is very hard to deal with because it comes so unexpectedly, but you have taught your daughters a great lesson in the circle of life.

I hope you and your daughters continue to enjoy chickens for many years to come. You will never replace Swartzes, of course. She will always be a special memory for you all.

Sending love, and hugs to your family.


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