Lady Frizz

by Carol
(Lancashire, uk)

After being hatched by two mama hens, Lady Frizz was one of four baby chicks, two were bantam frizzles and two were chocolate bantam chicks.

When they were only about four months old there was a dog attack in my garden while I was away from home for a few hours. I came home to complete carnage. That day I lost four of my eight chicken bantams, My fizzle boy was the first, followed by one of the momma hens Attila.

I found two half covered in the garden, one wasn't quite dead so my husband had to brave the horrid task! One was missing never to return and the rest were scattered around the garden with their heads under anything they could find pretending to be dead.

When I found them they were petrified and had bites on them to their bottoms and had hardly any feathers left from halfway down their body. THEY SURVIVED, and we carried on, but only allowed to free range in the garden when I was home.

Nearly two years later and all my hens went broody apart from one. They came out of it on their own, but unfortunately my black frizzle girl was struggling. She was on the coop floor just sitting. I brought her in but within an hour she flapped and died. No reason, she was nearly two.

I cried.

Six weeks later.... I went to the coop this morning to feed the girls, say good morning and check on them. A few girls were still in the bed area so I went to check on them in the sleeping quarters.

I found my girl this morning, flat and in her sleeping corner, no movement and cold as! I picked her up and gave her a cuddle. She hadn't digested her crop so I suppose it happened early and the rest probably slept on her.

Did she eat something in the garden? She didn't go anywhere the others didn't go! She was nearly two, just like my frizzle girl I lost a few months ago. Is it still one of those things?!

I will never know. I am now down to six hens. I hate this pain, they are my focus, my pain relief, my enjoyment. I need them and they need me.

I will miss you girl, I gave you my love and you returned it, thank you Lady Frizz. ❤️

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RIP Lady Frizz
by: Cath

Such a sad story of losing so many beautiful hens. I feel for your losses, Carol.

Sometimes it's just that chickens are prey for almost everyone and it's so hard to stop that happening. You're wise to allow them to free range only when you're there.

And sometimes it's just because chickens suddenly die for no apparent reason. They are very good at hiding any illness, because if they show it they're vulnerable to attack. But by the time it's obvious something is wrong, it's too late.

Your chickens are lucky to have such a caring person ini their lives. The pain of losing them is terrible, but the joy they bring is massive.

Thinking of you as you deal with your loss, and sending love.

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