A Memorial to Lucy Loo

by Vonny
(Port Orchard)

It's not my chicken actually, but we all were very close to her, and my friend is devastated on her loss!

She was a very "bossy" hen (Rhode Island Red), and although small, she was mighty. She had her own little quirks, and was so loved! Her mother (Gretchen), couldn't have loved her more. She did everything she could for both of her hens, and all of her animals.

She wasn't just a chicken, she was a beloved pet!!

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by: vonny

What a very kind thing to say Cath. I'm sure Gretchen appreciates your kind words, specially at this time when she feels so low about her beloved "Lucy"...we both love this site,and will tell everyone about it as well.

Thank you,


Thinking of you, Gretchen.
by: Cath

Gretchen, thank you so much for posting this. What a terrible shock for you. There was really nothing you could have done other than what you did. I have heard of swans and ducks being killed by lead shot but what a tragedy that there was some in your garden of which you knew nothing.

You should take comfort from knowing that Lucy Loo had a wonderful, happy life with you. You're obviously such a caring person, with caring friends. How lucky she was to have you.

My heart goes out to you. I'd love to see a pic of her, if you can bring yourself to share.

With kindest thoughts to you. xoxoxo

Lucy Loo
by: Gretchen

I wanted to make others aware of what happened to my Lucy Loo. From what the vet and I can determine, in her chucking around the garden and yard, she unearthed some old lead buckshot and ingested it.

She became ill with lead poisoning and it took its toll on her little body. The vet prescribed a medicine to help clean her blood and I gave her two shots a day and hand fed her every morning and every afternoon with a slurry of anything I could feed through an eyedropper.

Unfortunately, I couldn't save her. It broke my heart. She and her coop mate Henney Penny would follow me all over the yard and in the garden and even sit on the front porch with my two dogs. They were like their own little pack. When I sat down in my garden chair they would hop up into my lap for treats. She was quite a character and would just chat away at me as if we were having a real conversation. I'll miss her terribly.

A Memorial to Lucy Loo
by: Cath

Hi Vonny,

I just wanted to thank you so much for your tribute to Lucy Loo here on the 'Chickens Memorials' section. I love your description of her as "Mighty" - that seems to sum her up in one word! You did her proud.

I think people who talk about "Only a chicken" have probably never kept chickens. They all have their own characters and, as you say, their own little quirks. When they leave us, we miss them.

I'm so sad for her loss, and thinking of you and your friend who owned her. It's always hard, and you shouldn't be afraid of grieving in the same way you would for any loved family member.

Kindest wishes to you. xoxoxo

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