Tataku Pepay Kurukukski

by Libramonte Family
(Taytay, Rizal Philippines)

We love you always! See you soon

We love you always! See you soon

Here's our happy pill, my another half, my everything Rooster. We got him last February 2016. They are colorful chicks being sold in a cart around here, it happens every fiesta. So my cousin even cried to have him. I go with them, so in order to win and have a cute little chick you must guess what number is stated there and it was 5.

So she opened her cart and a pink little chubby chick came out by himself, and it was our first ever pet we raised ourselves.

We thought that he was a she but he was not! My uncles are really into chickens and told us that he's a rooster. A white Leghorn rooster who really loves flying. He even fell off in a canal and hurt his feet.

He loves eating eggs, meats, breads etc, loves fighting with children because of their slippers, he even chase them and peck their feet like crazy, he's the type of a pet that can make your day happy and special, specially when you hear him talking, and looking above when there's a bird or a plane and does his happy dance - it's really wonderful for us. I can simply describe him as the best thing that ever happened to us.

The most dreaded day has come - he finally said goodbye to his family. August 3, 2020, at 5 o clock is the most memorable experience for us.

A month ago, his voice cracked but he is still crowing. Then the next few days his comb and face become pale, but he is still eating his favorite foods. It's hard to see him having difficulty in breathing, my hearts aches and I do cry, I feel sorry for him. As days go by, he takes his medicine and we do not know what is his sickness.

Then the day comes, he fell lame and almost can't stand up. He wants to eat, but it's like he's being choked when ever he swallows. And yeah, it definitely breaks my heart.

He waited for my dad and siblings before he finally went, but before that I held him because he was like being suffocated and his eyes are trying to close. I don't wanna see him suffering like that.

I called my dad and gave him my chicken. I can still clearly hear those words he said to my chicken, "It's okay, at least you did everything for him to get well."

I saw him fighting until he really cannot take the pain anymore and peacefully, he died. I hide my tears and force it not to come out because he does not like seeing me crying, he will look directly in my eyes and he was like saying 'Don't.' Until now, I can't keep crying for his loss, I feel like it was all my fault. And I am sorry for that.

Of course my family feels sad also, specially my dad and younger sis and bro who loves him as I do. My Mom is in the heaven already with my Baby Taku.

I have a lot to say for him, I already said some to him before like "I love you so much"

Thanks a lot for sharing your life with us, showing what happiness is and make us feel loved. You are my sunshine, you know that.

No more suffering and pain down here, you can finally run free and fly high like what birds do. Pain will be forever in our hearts.

Take care of yourself and Mommy as well, God is always with us. Thank you for the precious years being with you baby. Thanks for the love and care. You really are the best. Guide and protect us always. You know that you have a special place in our hearts.

It is painful at first but I promise to be strong and achieve my dreams for us. You are loved and will never be forgotten Papaya my love!

Tiktilaok! Bokbok! Ayayay! Lambur! and Bartuts!

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A lovely tribute to a much-loved chicken!
by: Cath

Thank you so much, Libramonte family, for sharing the story of your precious chicken, and for the lovely photographs.

Leghorns are lovely chickens, I have some myself, and I know you were devoted to him. You could not have done any more, your father is right.

You gave him a loving home, good food and a good life. Not all chickens have that, so you should be proud of yourself.

It is devastating when we lose any member of our family. You have lost your beloved mom and now your rooster. That is so hard, and my heart goes out to you.

Take good care of each other.

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