Beautiful Skyline - a hen in a million

by Sarah, The Hennery
(East Sussex, UK)

Skyline - our favourite chicken.

Skyline - our favourite chicken.

This is something I posted when she died, almost two years ago. I wanted a more permanent memorial for her and your page is perfect.

Sad day today. We had to finally say goodbye to our Skyline. She would probably have gone on for a lot longer, with our help, but she couldn’t move about much, couldn’t lift up her head. Couldn’t really be a chicken any more.

So we made the decision. Goodbye to our favourite chicken, she’d been a great head hen and given us lots of lovely, large yolked, blue eggs as well as lots of laughs – she was very chatty and very comical! She survived two dog attacks on our flock, and had been very healthy up until recently.

I can’t recommend chickens enough. When we first got ours, our next door neighbour said “you’re going to spend hours just watching them!” I thought “no, not us, they’re just birds”. So we didn’t name them and talked about the possibility of eating them when they ceased to lay eggs.

It wasn’t to be. I fell in love and I’m still in love. There’s nothing more relaxing than pottering in the garden with the girls chattering away in the background. They come in all shapes and sizes, some beautiful or impressive and others just comical! Their eggs are lovely ... you’ll always eat well if you have a few laying hens and some veggies.

They run up to see you when you go out to feed (or just pass time with) them. If you sit down, they come and sit next to you. If you talk to them, they talk back ... they all have different voices. When they die, and you miss them as much as you would any of your other pets, it reminds you why you keep them in the first place.

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Just the same for us!!
by: Dave White

Yesterday we had to put to sleep our beautiful chick "Poppy".

Another Skyline in a million, we could have wrote your narrative ourselves as the two chicks were uncannily similar even to the point were she survived a dog and a fox attack.

She lived with us in our garden in Pontefract for almost nine years!

Today is our first day without her, but we look back at our time with her and feel privileged that she lived with us and gave lots of people so much pleasure.

A feisty girl who kept her affections to herself yet wanted to be near you always to the point that she roosted every night in our utility room, we had to carry her down to the pen each night!

We will truly miss her, but her pain and suffering are over.

All we can do now is look at the many photos we took and remember her as our "Duchess" we she was fondly known.

Sleep well my little cherub!❤️❤️❤️

Beautiful Skyline
by: Anonymous

We have 2 Skylines. Doris is the elder of the two. She is extremely friendly and comical.

We no longer let them just roam the garden unless one of us and the dogs are with them. Sadly Mr Fox took one of my dark Sussex girls. I had just popped indoors for less than 5 minutes.

Hey hey is the younger Skyline. Very vocal and bossy. Not frightened of telling the dogs off when she feels like it.

We are all hopeless cases!
by: Cath

Thank you so much for that post, Dorothy. I'm so glad to hear you have decided to keep chickens, despite all the setbacks!

Exactly the same has happened to me – after losing almost a complete flock, decided I couldn't take the pain any more.

Then decided I would learn as much about predators as I could, in order to make sure I used their own behaviour to keep my chickens safe.

I agree – we are all hopeless cases! Except I don't think we are hopeless, I think we all learn from our chickens to be always positive about the future, no matter what.

Thank you again for your positive thoughts.

Life without chickens?
by: Dorothy

We lost our chickens to Mr Fox, 6 there were, 4 of which were newly collected from the hatchery. We were stunned as we had had hens, this time, for 10 years and thought we had a safe place for them.

But, we picked ourselves up, decided to try again because we missed them so. Made repairs, bought an electric deterrent and checked out the surrounds, decided as it had been so dry for so long they had been working on the soil for a while before they struck.

Collected 4 Columbian Blacktails, who were lovely, and had them for 4 days before Oh No all gone again. So much for the pricey deterrent and our repairs. Can't do this anymore...

4 weeks later, fully paved, double wired with wire under the paving stones we are off to buy some more.

My garden, though I love it dearly, isn't home without that gentle noise and the morning thrill of collecting eggs, stroking the chickens and being amused by their unchallenging and happy personalities.

I think we are hopeless cases.

My Skylines
by: Rose

I have 2 beautiful girls. Doris who is 4 and Heyhey who is 3 . Both are very vocal if anything they don’t like the look of is near by.

I had to get hubby to put a picket gate at the front door, Doris thinks indoors is exciting.
They have a large safe enclosure but when I’m in the garden so are they helping with the weeding.

Both lay blueish eggs. I love my girls, such characters

Skyline Chickens
by: Thomas Lamprogiorgos

I am told that Skylines (also called Columbines I think) are created by crossing a Cream Legbar Rooster with a Rhode Island Red hen.
They have a wonderful personality and they lay many eggs.

Thank you Cath
by: Sarah

Thank you for your kind comments. She was a hybrid hen, a cross between a red hen (not sure which type) and a Cream Legbar. It was the cream legbar that gave her her looks and the blue eggs! The eggs have quite a high yolk to white ratio if that's what you like.

I know it was terrible for you when you lost your girls. Hopefully, there'll be no repeat of the situation with all the precautions you're taken.

I love my chickens and it would be difficult to be without them! xx

A beautiful memorial to a beautiful chicken.
by: Cath.

Dear Sarah,

Thank you so much for writing such a fitting tribute to Skyline. Truly, she was a very pretty chicken. I would love some blue egg-layers - what breed was she?

She obviously had a wonderful life with you and I think that's the best we can do for our chickens - give them the best possible life until the time comes to say goodbye.

I couldn't agree more with you about the joys of having chickens, and their amazingly tasty, nutritious eggs. When most of mine were killed last year I thought I could never face having them again because of the pain of losing them, I missed having them around so much that I just couldn't resist having more.

It's not just the eggs but, as you say, the pleasure they bring - they're such a great antidote to the pace of life these days.

Thank you again for sharing Skyline's story. It was a real pleasure to read it.

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