I was adopted by a hen

by Mariette Johansson
(United Kingdon)

This story is about a hen, who we later named Kitty. Why?

It all began when she would jump up on the edge on the freezer that we are using for storing their food. She was a smaller bird than the others so couldn't handle our cockerel very well and came to me for rescue.

While picking her up, she would just lay in my lap forever feeling safe and secure, thereby we gave her the name Kitty. I had her with me everywhere in the garden when working and she would just be still, which made me realise that she may not be doing well but she was happy being around me.

Every morning when letting the girls out, she came up to me and looked at me saying pick me up please, so I did nurture her with food and water inside during the days and put her back with the others at night.

The last week of her journey, she got a bit weaker so I kept her in the shade most of the time and she was always making a special sound telling me she was happy.

One night there was no such sound anymore so I know that she was about to leave us. In the morning, I had her next to me while eating my breakfast, suddenly she stood up on her legs, looked me in the eyes before she peacefully went to sleep.

I was heartbroken but so grateful for being adopted by a hen, I still think of her and miss her so much and she comes to mind now and then.

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About Wynnona chicken.
by: Cath

I was so sad to hear about the loss of Wynonna. What a beautiful name! she was lucky to have someone who cared about her so much - and what a lovely last resting place she has.

I'm glad too that people find it helpful to have a place to go to express their sorrow. I find it helps to write about it, and to share.

Thank you for your contribution.

by: Anonymous

Wonderful story about sweet Kitty!

I just lost Wynonna, and she too, looked at me before closing her eyes to final rest. I sang to her between tears and like you, will miss her as she comes to mind now and then.

My husband took the backhoe tractor out to prepare Wynonna's resting place at the edge of our beautiful Massachusetts woods.

Chickens are birds, and all birds have unique personalities and respond to love, and give it back. Of course, we feel their loss. I am glad this website exists for sharing and grieving. Thank you!

Lovely Kitty
by: Jacqueline

Wow she sounds like she really captured your hearts, what a beautiful thing to know Kitty came to you and felt safe.

I lost my babygirl tonight, I had to have her put to sleep after falling I'll from a calcium deficiency which I blame myself for. I'm so glad to know you also kept your little one with you as I did mine.

I'm so sorry for your loss xx

A wonderful memory of a special chicken.
by: Cath.

Hi Mariette,

Thank you so much for sharing your story of Kitty with us. I love the way you chose her name, it's so right for her!

From the way you describe her, she seems to have been such a kind, gentle chicken and it's very obvious from your words that you gave her the special care she deserved and asked for.

She was obviously very contented being with you as you went about your day, and the fact that she was with you when she died says a lot - that's where she wanted to be because it's where she felt safest.

It's funny isn't it, that chickens and other pets often do seem to pick us, and obviously Kitty knew you would be the one to give her special care. What a great job you did in caring for her and how lucky she was to have found you as her owner.

Thank you for writing such a touching story, and for your pics also. She was a very pretty chicken.

Kindest wishes


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