So upset after tragic death of our beloved chickens

by Anita

Hi everyone,

It's great to find this page to share our thoughts about our beloved chickens.

We had 2 beautiful chickens called Edwina and Henrietta. I had always loved chickens and when we had them delivered I knew I would get a lot of enjoyment and laughs out of these funny liitle creatures.

We absolutely did! We had them for 2 years exactly to the day when nasty Mr Fox finally had his lucky day. It was so distressing and I will never forget 1/6/14, especially as we had to kill Henrietta ourselves as she was badly injured. We had to put her out of her misery, but the way it happened was so upsetting.

I take solace in the fact I managed to catch him in the act so they were both alive and know that we did what we had to to give them some peace. Edwina died in my arms and we buried them both together in a shady part of the garden.

Even though Eddy always bullied Henry they loved each other and were always together. It makes things worse that Eddy was unwell and we were getting her back to full health and she was nearly back to her old self!

It will take a very long time to get over the loss of our beautiful girls, but time helps the heal grief. God bless to our beautiful chickens who are gone but never forgotten xx

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To calli
by: Anonymous

I lost my favorite chicken calli today to a bear and saw him eating her. There was nothing I could do except watch. I thought he was eating the pizza main seeds I had put out for all the chickens. But sadly when I went outside I found only feathers. I waited for 2 hours to see if she was just hiding. But she never showed up. I wish I could have put them in the coop earlier. Now I don’t want any more chickens. I feel like it’s all my fault.

My whole reason for telling you this is to help you understand we all lose our chickens and reading other people's stories really help.

Don’t feel like it’s your fault. They lived a lovely happy life with you. They are in a better place now.

by: Catherine

I'm in total grief shock right now and clinging to any hope and support to get through this day.

My entire flock (13), save one was wiped out yesterday by an unknown predator..I came home to 7 of my best friends scattered about the yard, most seemingly killed for sport. My main girl, Maeve is the hardest to little buddy would come up when I was weeding the flower beds, assuming I was doing it for her just to dig up worms.

4 of our hens were the last of 11 that we started with just last Memorial Day when my brother in law flew them up in his small Ercoupe plane..the other 9 were new additions, including our first rooster Napoleon, a scrawny little bantam who introduced us to the first sweet sound of crowing. Cosette, gone. Bo-Peep, gone. Little black Minnie Minorca, gone. Dirty Dolly (Didi) is the only remaining survivor, but luckily we had the 15 new babies secured in a coop.

I'm done with free ranging, mad at myself for not putting them away before I left home, especially after an attack of seven just a mere month ago. It's eerily quiet around roosters crowing and no sweet celebratory hen party each time they'd laid an egg.

I visited the barn last night before bed, and it about killed me to see the empty ledge by the front barn door where Maeve kept her post each night. Today I will get out the wheelbarrow, gather the dead, and dig a mass grave and just get through the day.

My joy in farming has been really tested by this harsh blow this time, but in the wise words of my grandmother Nana, who owned a farm too, "This, too, shall pass.."

Lost a chick today
by: Anonymous

I’m a bit distressed and glad I found your forum This morning my chicks who are recently feathered and living in our laundry room at night while we get our barn built decided they wanted to fly out into the yard. We leave the laundry room cracked so they can get air.

I was in the back yard with my pit bull and preparing to take them into the garden when I saw one walking on the grass. To my surprise I looked up and saw 5 more on the window sill ready to jump down.

I rushed to get them and my pit took the Little Grey one in its mouth and chomped down as I grabbed his collar. All of her insides came out.

I’m devastated and deflated as they are both our pets. Now the dog stays inside and the chicks are happily playing in what used to be my sprouted vegetable garden.

Tomorrow we are buying a coop from Tractor Supply while the main coop is getting built.

RIP Grey Bird.

Nancy is Gone
by: Giulia

I'm crazy with grief after a pitbull killed my most beloved pet chicken, Nancy.

She slept and lived in my van with me and my dog Bee. We were together 24/7 and I watched over her always. Against coyotes or owls, raccoons or foxes.

But in the end a pitbull rescue at my sister's got into the enclosure in front of my very eyes, in 3 seconds flat killed Nancy. She hardly had time to whimper. The sight and sound of it haunts me every minute.

I really feel as if I no longer want to live. But I have Bee whom I adore and who needs me too.

Nancy was a RIR and adventurous and brave, affectionate and smart, but most of all funny. She had me laughing multiple times a day and being financially challenged and disabled, every laugh was a treasure.

What can I do? Will I ever stop crying? It feels as if not.

Mother hen Guinea attacked by fox
by: Jessie

My ginea hen was attacked by a fox while sitting on her nest. He chased her and attacked her time and time again. It was at 10:30 at night. I heard her screeming and I knew something was wrong. That night she wouldn't go inside of the barn for safety instead she wanted to hatch her eggs. She had sat down exhausted and tired and almost featherless, the fox was about to finish her off for his meal. I ran outside and saw this and hollered at the top of my voice and it scared the fox away from her. Thought she was dead but saw her breathing and bought her inside and put her in a box covered and placed her in a dark quiet room. She survived but is almost featherless. Thank god for her survival but hope she can grow feathers back before winter even though they stay inside a closed barn protecting them from the cold and predators. I did lose her clutch of eggs, she refused to sit on them since I brought them up from the woods. I know how you feel, so sorry for your loss. Watch out for the fox, he will return!!

The tragic death of your beautiful chickens.
by: Bonnie

I have raised chicken for the past 5 years. To my surprise I have fallen in love with all my girls and boys. During this time I have lost chickens to sickness, old age, and an owl. Anytime we loose one of our little, sweet creatures causes a pain in our hearts and a terrible sense of loss.

They have given me many hours of fun, laughs and even have made me angry at times, especially when they ate my entire pansy garden and turned it into their dust bath.

It is so painful to loose those wonderful little creatures but it is comforting to know their our other people out there that have those same feelings only chicken lovers can understand.

Tribute to Sweetpea.
by: Cath.

I am so terribly sorry to hear about Sweetpea. It is always hard to lose a chicken, even if they are ill, but of course you did the right thing. She would have struggled to survive and that would be causing her undue stress.

I hope you're able to take some comfort from the fact that Sweetpea is no longer in pain and that, while she was with you, she had a good life.

Sending you many hugs,


by: Dikokulus

Our chicken was terribly ill so we had to shoot her last night. It was very sad and I cried myself to sleep. The chickens' name was Sweetpea. She wouldn't stand she was so ill. She even TRIED to move but was paralyzed from stress. It was very sad.

A lovely tribute to your chickens.
by: Cath.

Dear Anita,

What a lovely tribute to your beloved chickens. They sound like such a captivating pair who lived together in harmony and were very well cared for all their lives.

I do know a little about how you feel, having lost most of my flock to a fox last year. It is so terribly upsetting. It must have been doubly hard for you to have found the fox actually in the middle of it - but no, triply hard because then you were left to stop their suffering.

Of course, that was the very kindest thing you could do for them, but it does not make it any easier.

I hope it won't put you off keeping chickens for ever. I know it took me a long time to get to the stage where I wanted to again, but they do as you say bring such enjoyment to life - as well as such amazing eggs, of course.

You're so right - time heals grief. Give yourself that time and be certain in the knowledge that you gave Henrietta and Edwina chickens the greatest quality of life.

Sending you {{hugs}}.


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