So upset after tragic death of our beloved chickens

by Anita

Hi everyone,

It's great to find this page to share our thoughts about our beloved chickens.

We had 2 beautiful chickens called Edwina and Henrietta. I had always loved chickens and when we had them delivered I knew I would get a lot of enjoyment and laughs out of these funny liitle creatures.

We absolutely did! We had them for 2 years exactly to the day when nasty Mr Fox finally had his lucky day. It was so distressing and I will never forget 1/6/14, especially as we had to kill Henrietta ourselves as she was badly injured. We had to put her out of her misery, but the way it happened was so upsetting.

I take solace in the fact I managed to catch him in the act so they were both alive and know that we did what we had to to give them some peace. Edwina died in my arms and we buried them both together in a shady part of the garden.

Even though Eddy always bullied Henry they loved each other and were always together. It makes things worse that Eddy was unwell and we were getting her back to full health and she was nearly back to her old self!

It will take a very long time to get over the loss of our beautiful girls, but time helps the heal grief. God bless to our beautiful chickens who are gone but never forgotten xx

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Baby Chick Ryan gone too soon
by: Elizabeth

I found my baby chick's body close to the water holder. He was drinking a lot of water and always seemed cold. His mother was still young and didn't do much mothering of her flock.

Autopsy says heart attack, I am so very sad. He was round and beautiful. Goodbye Ryan.

My baby chick
by: Olivia Fox

Rest In Peace to the sweetest chick who protected everyone.

My rescue mutt killed you. You beautiful soul. I can’t forgive her. Yet.

My heart is broken. And your flock misses you. Doesn’t feel like I will ever heal from the loss.

Irresponsibility and memories. Hard to replace perfection.

Thank you all for your stories. Helping me process tremendously.

I understand
by: Anonymous

I recently lost 6 of my flock. I had spent everyday holding and playing with them for 2 years . And I had one I picked out as a baby that ended up being a roo and would follow me and snuggle into my neck and crow outside of my door. He was never violent to the other hens. I loved my birds.

It's been really hard since I lost them, especially my rooster. I've cried on and off all day and only learned about it yesterday. They where such innocent and loving little creatures and it's so sad to see them go.

I hope you where able to move on and feel better about it yourself. It's really hard.

My little hen Camille
by: Anonymous

Camille got sour crop and a packed crop. I was able to get instructions of how to get her to throw up the liquid sour crop but was unable to get the compacted scratch corn out of her crop so took her to a vet.

The vet kept her several days, cleaned out what was impacted in her crop and put a feeding tube in. When I picked her up from the vet I was told she was doing good, but I could tell she wasn’t.

She lived over a week after that. I kept her at night in a cat carrier with hay in an empty bedroom in my house. During the day I would let her out to scratch in the leaves and she slept a lot.

Her crop never emptied as it should have. She drank a lot but ate very little. I was told by the vet not to feed her scratch corn anymore but she didn’t want mealworms, mini pellets and not even the boiled mashed eggs I offered. She pecked a lot at whatever she scratched at under the leaves.

She was 8 years old and I think she was dying from old age but I was not ready for her to die.

We try to do the best we can but it was not enough. I believe she had peaceful last days but I miss her very much, and her rooster friend misses her too. He is also about 8 years old.

So sorry for your loss.
by: Cath

I'm so sorry about Chickoo. He was obviously very close to you and you allowed him to live his best life.

It takes time to get over the death of a loved chicken, as much as for any pet. So be kind to yourself and when you want to cry, do it. You will be fine, but at the moment it's just hard and I feel for you.

Sending hugs.

So Upset
by: Anonymous

I lost my chicken today afternoon. 22 Jan 2022.

He was part of small flock of 4 and they all died soon after we adopted them, but this last one whom we named Chickoo was very special to me.

He always used to run after me and even used to shout when I used to go to restroom. He was very active and very normal.

I don't know what happened today morning , there was no noise of his from his coop and when I opened it he came out normally, but not like other days.

He was behind me all the time even before dying. When I had my online class he was next to me, just stuck to my legs.

I gave couple of calls to a few vets and finally, when one of them asked me to give him electrolytes before coming to their clinic, he died by the time I went to get that powder. He was lying cold on my place.

I am crying a lot since them and while typing this. I never knew I would cry for him so much. He never left me alone when at home and used to be my side or on my lap. Even while working he used to sit on my laptop but I never got frustrated while working.

I am so upset, like I want him back so badly I can't stop crying.

There was no limit to his love and I loved him in return the same way. I don't know how will I come out of this pain.

I'm so sorry...
by: Cath

I was so sorry to hear about Manoki. It is so hard to think about one of our loved chickens who dies because other people do not take responsibility for their animals.

I hope you will soon be able to remember just the happy times, and the joy Manoki brought into your life.

RIP, Manoki. You are missed.

by: Onoma

Manoki died recently due to stray dogs lurking around to find food. Never have I ever thought that these dogs would kill my innocent Manoki.

I'm still grieving and people here are making fun of me for crying over my chicken. It's unfair, super unfair! He was peacefully eating in our backyard, doing his stuffs, but someone's dog, which I considered strays because they freed them like literally to mess around in the neighborhood, killed my innocent Manoki :<

And now the dogs are gone like they didn't killed my Manoki, as if the owner had known how wild their dogs are.

It's unfair that Manoki had gone through painful death. It's painful to see how he struggled from a
broken thigh and leg.

I could get over him if only he was replaceable, but he isn't. I missed his cute crowing, I miss moving him around.

I miss Manoki.

Thank you all.
by: Cath

Thank you to everyone who has written here recently. I read every one of your wonderful tributes and it touches my heart.

Chickens come to mean so much to all of us, and I’m glad we have a safe place here to express our sorrow.

Thinking of you all, and sending hugs across the miles.

Sweet Reegal
by: Rachel Stewart

Lost our sweet Reegal today from a raccoon. I felt so selfish for not checking the coop. I feel sick as though it’s my fault this happened.

I pray she died quickly, without suffering. She was the smallest one of our flock, and was always bullied. I just hate that this happened to her.

I know I can’t blame myself, because these things happen. It’s still so hard.

by: Jasmine

Yesterday I woke up, I walked into the kitchen to be told a fox had gotten all 8 of our chickens. 4 Barbu, 4 Speckled Sussex.

We had the older 2 Barbus for 9 years, the younger 2 for 7 years and the Speckled 15 months.

I feel so much guilt as I hadn’t shut them up. I just feel awful, they would have been so scared.

One has tried to get near the house, I expect thinking we could save her. The grief is awful.

My Coco died today, 26 September, 2021
by: BSSK

I never thought I would do this actually writing about my thoughts online. I saw the posts and ended up crying.

I believe all people writing here are mourning in a way about their beloved. It hurts a lot as Coco meant the world to us, it was funny seeing her chasing the pigeons in our yard - she does not like them on her territory.

She always cooed at us, in her own language and used to respond whenever we use to call her...
she was a sweetheart.

On the 8th October 2021 she was going to be 3 years old. Yesterday she was perfectly fine, this morning we found her lying in her cage, body laid out. She was breathing heavily and died in my mom's arms.

We buried her in our yard. We still cannot figure out what caused her sudden death as she was always in good shape, very energetic eating well and composting our plants. So her death remains a mystery.

Rest in Peace Coco, and thank you for those delightful months with us

Rip Rod
by: Paul

The fox finally got my Rhode Island rooster, Rod today. He died while protecting his flock. All of the hens survived. Rod was a dog in a chicken's body. He could come on command, play,and "talk" - to a degree.

Reading all the other comments here has been a great help. I have a flock of over 100 and face new life and death almost everyday, but Rod was special. I will miss him chilling by my side.

Thank you all.
by: Cath

To everyone who has posted here since the last time I wrote: thank you all for sharing your stories and tributes.

It is heartbreaking to lose any of our flock. They are like members of the family in so many ways. It's important to remember that, while they were with us, they led their best life.

Please be kind to yourself. We always do our best for our chickens. We make the best decisions we can, at the time.

Sometimes, it doesn't work out. But always, we have done as much as we can.

Sending hugs and love to all of you.

Oregon heat wave 2021
by: Anonymous

6/29/2021 four of our girls didn’t make it over night. They did so well getting through the first 3 days of heat, but this morning they were found dead in their opened coop from the heat.

They went in it themselves at night like they have been doing. 2 are still alive, but it hurts so much to have 4 of our precious girls leave us without us saying goodbye.

We miss them so much.

by: Anonymous

I feel like the worst chicken owner in the world.

My beloved Thelma lost her Louise 2 weeks ago. Both were 6 years and 2 months old. I had them since chicklings.

Thelma had started to sleep outside the coop last week, and every night I would collect her and put her in the coop. This always seemed distressing to her, she was fussy and cranky.

So two nights ago,I told her I loved her, and would let her stay in the quiet, under our deck. Yesterday she was out and about, not with the flock but there for treats.

Maybe losing her friend left her unsure of where to roost, with the other 6 ladies. I had cleaned the coop, put down fresh straw. I did the same last night.

I awoke to a mass of feathers all over the yard and her lifeless body with missing pieces. I feel sick, I wish I had made her go in. I wish I had been selfish and put her in.

I hope she did not suffer. I feel sorry for my other girls who probably are traumatized by what they heard and saw this morning.

Colonel Mustard
by: Jose

We lost our beloved Colonel Mustard today 6/16/21. She was a beautiful full hen that we had for 9 years.

She was happy and healthy just the afternoon before as I cleaned out her hen house built by both my partner and I.

Just woke up this morning as I was feeding both my hens. Found that her body was lifeless. No trauma or indication of how this could have happen.

I never thought how much I would be saddened, but I'm bummed for certain. My wife was devastated. Her long time friend of as of many years was out of sorts today. Glad this forum is available. 💜 🐓

He just died
by: Beth

I have been crying for an hour now, my baby hen Tim, died after fighting off illness for weeks.

He never gave up, we tried everything and it seems in the end the vets were just guessing, you know try this try that.

Saddest part is when they told me there's nothing left to be done but to be sure to give them the dead body for autopsy and study once he's gone.

I felt like screaming at them. He just stopped moving today and he was the stronger of the baby hens and protected his sisters from the older hens.

I don't want to keep hens anymore.

So very sorry for your losses.
by: Cath

To everyone who has told their story here: I am so, so sorry for all your losses. We try to do our best for our flock, and sometimes things happen which are not meant to.

All we can do is remember that, while they were with us, they led happy lives. And if mistakes were made, the best way we can honour their lives is to learn from those mistakes and move on.

I include myself in that. I have had two flocks wiped out by predators, in the days before I knew properly how to protect my chickens. I felt like giving up - the guilt and the pain were too awful.

But I chose to learn from those mistakes. That's all any of us can do.

Please, be kind to yourselves.

19 birds - gone
by: Rebecca Fitzgerald

2 nights ago, I opened the back door to let my husbands dog in for the night. He usually runs in as soon as the door opens, but not this night.

I walked out to call him but didn't see him anywhere. I grabbed my flash light and walked out further only to notice him looking back at me from the inside of the chicken run.

I freaked out! He had pulled apart the fence and killed every one of my beautiful chickens and ducks. I hate this dog. I will forever hate this dog. I am traumatized.

I can't sleep. I can't stop crying. I keep thinking of the pain and horror they went through.

My husband thinks by replacing my birds, that everything will be ok. He thinks it makes it alright.

My special chicken
by: Nancy

I had a beautiful red feathered chicken, I had chickens when I was little with my grandma and so I decided to get one now at the age of 24, I didn't think I would get this attached to her.. and today my brother in law forgot to close her coop. A Bobcat came around and killed her :(

This is the saddest I have felt in a while.... idk if I should get another one.

by: Mel

My sweet chicken Meryl died in my arms yesterday from old age. I'm so devastated and heart broken. I only had her for not even a year, she was an ex bat hen.

I noticed on Monday that she didn't go to her bed at night and then the next day wasn't eating or moving and just was standing still sleeping all day. I gave her a nice bath and gave her favourite treats and she started eating a bit and drinking. I got my hopes up thinking she was getting better. I gave her another bath in the evening and as I was holding her she started flailing and then died. It was the most heartbreaking thing.

I'm sad to have lost my friend, and also sad that her friend Sheryl is now alone, as they were always together, my sweet Sheryl and Meryl 🖤

I miss my sweet Chickens
by: Macee

My first time being a chicken mama and these sweet babies stole my heart. I miss them running toward me when they were free ranging. They were so curious and sweet.

I tried to give them the best life and I don't know what got to them but I only hope they didn't suffer. They had just started laying two weeks ago.

My heart is broken! Rest In Peace Taco, Mimosa, Nacho ❤️

I miss my Chickens
by: Chickens

I never felt o sad about owing my chicken. Robert my rooster was my favourite one. My neighbours reported it and now I can’t have them.

One day when I was at school my mom had to kill them. Instead of burying them, my family ate it. My mom buried Elena and Rogers head into our backyard.

But honestly, she never wanted to kill them. My brother was their to help her. She kept crying. We tried calling a farm, animal shelter, and more but they said they were full. So we had no choice.

I’ll never forget them. God bless you little pumpkins! I’ll never forget the day they were born was 4/23/2020 to 12/6/2020.

I gave this chicken everything!
by: Candlewik

Back in June of 2020, I lost poor candlewik to a dumb hawk. I got there in time to see her suffer. She died in my hands. Everyone else was smart, and ran into the bush. They were a okay, but Candlewik, dead.

I never recovered, so I treat them as if they were my friend! and I never lost one again!

Sorry for your loss.

by: Anonymous

A hawk got my best layer today, Belle. She was the smallest of my bunch but laid beautiful green or grey-blue eggs (easter egger).

She loved to fly and would sometimes try to spend the night in our trees; I spent so many evenings trying to get her out of the branches.

I feel bad for the trauma she went through getting chased and eaten by a hawk :(

I will miss her.

I knew better
by: Guy

Didnt have to happen. Two days ago the neighbors Husky finally came over and killed all 5 of my beloved Hens. 3 Golden Stars and 2 Barred Rocks and maimed a 3rd Barred Rock.

These were the sweetest girls ever. I have learned that chickens have emotions also and are sentient beings.

I had those hens about one year. They would hide every night outside waiting on me to carry them to their house. When I picked them up they would bury their heads under my beard. I felt like they were grateful I was there to protect them. And I failed.

I thought the dog wouldn't attack, as it never paid my birds much attention. See I had got two new pups. The pups would bite gently on their wings or tails playing.

I believe this initiated the Husky to attack. Never leave your Hens accessible to any dog.

I'm heartbroken.

My Best Girl
by: Whit

I never thought I could get this upset over a loss of a chicken as they are oddly affectionate animals.

She was a Barred Plymouth Rock and I called her my best girl. She was the friendliest chicken of the 12 by far. I would kneel down and she would come running towards me in a hilarious way and hang out by my side for as long as I pet her. I truly believe she loved the snuggles and attention.

She lived a short 10 months and was taken too soon by a predator of some sort. Her body was found in the corner of the coop missing her head.

I know one day I will see her again.

Britney and Kimberly
by: Anonymous

Just went out to check on the chicks (about 8 weeks old) and 2 of our babies were just lying there. We buried them in the backyard. Still unsure as to what happened.

Britney was the sassy one of the flock. Kimberly may have been a rooster. My thought is they fought, but there wasn't any signs of one.

In awe trying to figure out what happened, while trying to make sure our other 7 are okay.

Who would have thought a chicken could steal your heart so much.

Rest easy sweet babies!

My beautiful Stella Marie
by: Rose

Two nights ago I lost my precious angel, Stella Marie. She was viciously attacker and I only found her bloody feathers lying everywhere.

Stella, you were the most beautiful, patient, loving, weird friend that I had. Anytime I sat down, there you would find Stella running up to me to be held.

Forever you will be in my heart. One day, we will meet again. You will run to me the same way you did here on earth. I am so sorry I couldn’t protect you.

Goodbye Sweet Kiwi
by: Amy

We lost our beloved dark brahma Kiwi to a skunk. She never had any chicken friends as she was at the bottom of the pecking order, so she hung out with her human friends mostly.

She loved to eat blueberries and talk to us with a sweet cooing sound. She was finally growing back all the feathers that the other chickens had pecked and was learning to survive with a bad leg.

We will never forget her gentle soul. We love and miss you Kiwi.

Lost two beauties.
by: Anonymous

Yesterday I was putting my chickens to bed and I could not find my two brahmas - then we saw feathers scattered all around the back yard they were dead.

They had went under the fence into the yard where the dogs are and the dogs killed them just cause, it was horrible to see them just lying there lifeless.

They were such beautiful babies, and I am so sad that they are gone. I can't help feeling pain like I lost a best friend, cause I did.

Their names were Bee Gee and Porsche and they were such beautiful souls. I hope they are in a better place.

I can't imagine your pain - I lost my duck.
by: Anonymous

Walked outside to feathers everywhere my duck that I had raised from a baby spent so much time with had been cruelly attacked by idk what. All that was remaining was his lower beak and foot.

I've been so traumatized up all night thinking about how much pain he went through. Hopefully it gets better with time I miss him so much.

My chicken chili
by: Anonymous

Chili was one of three Rhodies I got off Craigslist and brought home. I was excited for eggs and the such.

It was great for a couple weeks. Then one morning I found Chili just dead in the coop. They were all safe and locked in so I just couldn't understand what might have happened.

I buried her just crying and crying. Never thought I could care so much about a chicken. I think she might have died from too big an egg. The guy I bought them from mentioned one of them died this way.

Chili was the sweetest she just loved being a cute, curious chicken. I wish you were still here Chili but you're in the chicken coop in the sky now, where there are no predators and all the roosters and feed you could want.

Love you Chili 🌶️

All my pullets died today.
by: Amy

Pit bulls killed the first set of baby chickens I have ever had. I didn’t have them long enough to have eggs but long enough to get attached. The pit bulls got into their tractor in less than 15 minutes and killed all four of them. I caught them with the chickens. I feel like I really let them down and this feels like a cruel joke.

Grieving over the loss of my gorgeous Eddie
by: CincyCeline

I didn't set out to have chickens. They were abandoned and found my cat food. Group started out as 13, but over time the majority found the neighbor's flock and moved there. Except for 3, they stayed with me.

I never fully accepted them as my chickens until a year ago. And I enjoyed every moment watching them free range thru the yard. While ensuring at night they were safely locked up from predators.

Not expecting a murder to take place during broad daylight. I was gone between 3pm to 7pm. As I walked back thru the yard I discovered my Eddie's feathers. No body. Neighbor said most likely a fox and took back to den.

The two hens I sent to neighbor for sanctuary. I hope I did the right thing. I can't protect them. I'm crying over Eddie's death. I really do miss hearing him crow through the night.

So sorry for your loss.
by: Cath

I'm so sorry for your losses. Please don't carry on blaming yourselves. We do the best we can for our chickens, but sometimes things just happen.

All we can do is learn from those things and, if we have made a mistake, make sure we don't make the same mistake again.

We all make mistakes. Be kind to yourselves.

Cath. xoxo

My Chicken left us last night.
by: Anonymous

My true friend died last night. I always remember to close their large coop but last night I was sick and forgot.

I am only 13 and no one helps me out with the chickens. My dad blames me for her death and I feel awful about it.

We found her this morning underneath our dock with her chest pecked opened and he feathers all across the yard.

I feel terrible and I'm going to miss my baby. Now we are down to five, all because of me :(

We LOVE OUR SWEET Girls! Don't we?!..
by: Lorie

Sympathy for your loss. My 4 Pullet Chickens were killed by a weasel last night. So so so sad. We will bury them in our pet cemetery. (Located across the stream in our backyard woods)
1. Pretty (would jump always come and hop up on me)
2. Kitty (was sweet and shy)
3. Honky (was the most dominant and received her name because she was the first to lose her baby chirp)
4. Marty (was very lady-like and graceful)

All 4 were born in August. They were Sweet. They LOVED Grapes. They will be missed.

You did your best and they were loved!

To calli
by: Anonymous

I lost my favorite chicken calli today to a bear and saw him eating her. There was nothing I could do except watch. I thought he was eating the pizza main seeds I had put out for all the chickens. But sadly when I went outside I found only feathers. I waited for 2 hours to see if she was just hiding. But she never showed up. I wish I could have put them in the coop earlier. Now I don’t want any more chickens. I feel like it’s all my fault.

My whole reason for telling you this is to help you understand we all lose our chickens and reading other people's stories really help.

Don’t feel like it’s your fault. They lived a lovely happy life with you. They are in a better place now.

by: Catherine

I'm in total grief shock right now and clinging to any hope and support to get through this day.

My entire flock (13), save one was wiped out yesterday by an unknown predator..I came home to 7 of my best friends scattered about the yard, most seemingly killed for sport. My main girl, Maeve is the hardest to little buddy would come up when I was weeding the flower beds, assuming I was doing it for her just to dig up worms.

4 of our hens were the last of 11 that we started with just last Memorial Day when my brother in law flew them up in his small Ercoupe plane..the other 9 were new additions, including our first rooster Napoleon, a scrawny little bantam who introduced us to the first sweet sound of crowing. Cosette, gone. Bo-Peep, gone. Little black Minnie Minorca, gone. Dirty Dolly (Didi) is the only remaining survivor, but luckily we had the 15 new babies secured in a coop.

I'm done with free ranging, mad at myself for not putting them away before I left home, especially after an attack of seven just a mere month ago. It's eerily quiet around roosters crowing and no sweet celebratory hen party each time they'd laid an egg.

I visited the barn last night before bed, and it about killed me to see the empty ledge by the front barn door where Maeve kept her post each night. Today I will get out the wheelbarrow, gather the dead, and dig a mass grave and just get through the day.

My joy in farming has been really tested by this harsh blow this time, but in the wise words of my grandmother Nana, who owned a farm too, "This, too, shall pass.."

Lost a chick today
by: Anonymous

I’m a bit distressed and glad I found your forum This morning my chicks who are recently feathered and living in our laundry room at night while we get our barn built decided they wanted to fly out into the yard. We leave the laundry room cracked so they can get air.

I was in the back yard with my pit bull and preparing to take them into the garden when I saw one walking on the grass. To my surprise I looked up and saw 5 more on the window sill ready to jump down.

I rushed to get them and my pit took the Little Grey one in its mouth and chomped down as I grabbed his collar. All of her insides came out.

I’m devastated and deflated as they are both our pets. Now the dog stays inside and the chicks are happily playing in what used to be my sprouted vegetable garden.

Tomorrow we are buying a coop from Tractor Supply while the main coop is getting built.

RIP Grey Bird.

Nancy is Gone
by: Giulia

I'm crazy with grief after a pitbull killed my most beloved pet chicken, Nancy.

She slept and lived in my van with me and my dog Bee. We were together 24/7 and I watched over her always. Against coyotes or owls, raccoons or foxes.

But in the end a pitbull rescue at my sister's got into the enclosure in front of my very eyes, in 3 seconds flat killed Nancy. She hardly had time to whimper. The sight and sound of it haunts me every minute.

I really feel as if I no longer want to live. But I have Bee whom I adore and who needs me too.

Nancy was a RIR and adventurous and brave, affectionate and smart, but most of all funny. She had me laughing multiple times a day and being financially challenged and disabled, every laugh was a treasure.

What can I do? Will I ever stop crying? It feels as if not.

Mother hen Guinea attacked by fox
by: Jessie

My ginea hen was attacked by a fox while sitting on her nest. He chased her and attacked her time and time again. It was at 10:30 at night. I heard her screeming and I knew something was wrong. That night she wouldn't go inside of the barn for safety instead she wanted to hatch her eggs. She had sat down exhausted and tired and almost featherless, the fox was about to finish her off for his meal. I ran outside and saw this and hollered at the top of my voice and it scared the fox away from her. Thought she was dead but saw her breathing and bought her inside and put her in a box covered and placed her in a dark quiet room. She survived but is almost featherless. Thank god for her survival but hope she can grow feathers back before winter even though they stay inside a closed barn protecting them from the cold and predators. I did lose her clutch of eggs, she refused to sit on them since I brought them up from the woods. I know how you feel, so sorry for your loss. Watch out for the fox, he will return!!

The tragic death of your beautiful chickens.
by: Bonnie

I have raised chicken for the past 5 years. To my surprise I have fallen in love with all my girls and boys. During this time I have lost chickens to sickness, old age, and an owl. Anytime we loose one of our little, sweet creatures causes a pain in our hearts and a terrible sense of loss.

They have given me many hours of fun, laughs and even have made me angry at times, especially when they ate my entire pansy garden and turned it into their dust bath.

It is so painful to loose those wonderful little creatures but it is comforting to know their our other people out there that have those same feelings only chicken lovers can understand.

Tribute to Sweetpea.
by: Cath.

I am so terribly sorry to hear about Sweetpea. It is always hard to lose a chicken, even if they are ill, but of course you did the right thing. She would have struggled to survive and that would be causing her undue stress.

I hope you're able to take some comfort from the fact that Sweetpea is no longer in pain and that, while she was with you, she had a good life.

Sending you many hugs,


by: Dikokulus

Our chicken was terribly ill so we had to shoot her last night. It was very sad and I cried myself to sleep. The chickens' name was Sweetpea. She wouldn't stand she was so ill. She even TRIED to move but was paralyzed from stress. It was very sad.

A lovely tribute to your chickens.
by: Cath.

Dear Anita,

What a lovely tribute to your beloved chickens. They sound like such a captivating pair who lived together in harmony and were very well cared for all their lives.

I do know a little about how you feel, having lost most of my flock to a fox last year. It is so terribly upsetting. It must have been doubly hard for you to have found the fox actually in the middle of it - but no, triply hard because then you were left to stop their suffering.

Of course, that was the very kindest thing you could do for them, but it does not make it any easier.

I hope it won't put you off keeping chickens for ever. I know it took me a long time to get to the stage where I wanted to again, but they do as you say bring such enjoyment to life - as well as such amazing eggs, of course.

You're so right - time heals grief. Give yourself that time and be certain in the knowledge that you gave Henrietta and Edwina chickens the greatest quality of life.

Sending you {{hugs}}.


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