So upset after tragic death of our beloved chickens

by Anita

Hi everyone,

It's great to find this page to share our thoughts about our beloved chickens.

We had 2 beautiful chickens called Edwina and Henrietta. I had always loved chickens and when we had them delivered I knew I would get a lot of enjoyment and laughs out of these funny liitle creatures.

We absolutely did! We had them for 2 years exactly to the day when nasty Mr Fox finally had his lucky day. It was so distressing and I will never forget 1/6/14, especially as we had to kill Henrietta ourselves as she was badly injured. We had to put her out of her misery, but the way it happened was so upsetting.

I take solace in the fact I managed to catch him in the act so they were both alive and know that we did what we had to to give them some peace. Edwina died in my arms and we buried them both together in a shady part of the garden.

Even though Eddy always bullied Henry they loved each other and were always together. It makes things worse that Eddy was unwell and we were getting her back to full health and she was nearly back to her old self!

It will take a very long time to get over the loss of our beautiful girls, but time helps the heal grief. God bless to our beautiful chickens who are gone but never forgotten xx

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Thank you all.
by: Cath

To everyone who has posted recently about your chickens: I'm so terribly sorry to hear all your losses. It's truly heartbreaking to lose chickens, who have become such an important part of our lives.

Thank you for sharing your stories. I am thinking of you all, and hope that you can remember your chickens with a smile.

They are flying high together, over that rainbow bridge. RIP.

Also grieving the loss of my chickens
by: Anonymous

I really feel your heart ache. I had 10 chickens. One died as a chick because it got sick. One hopped my fence and was attacked by a dog and killed moments before I could get there. My other 6 ladies were viciously attacked by a raccoon over a few weeks.

Our favorite, Barbara, had been attacked and just as she was getting back to her old self the raccoon came back and murdered her. I had one poor chicken left that was by herself so we gave her to someone else that had chickens.

They were safe in their coop but if we were too late getting out to put them away each night they would hide in the grass.

I feel like I will never get over the death of my chickens. They brought me such Joy but I don't think I could ever own chickens again.

Sorry for the long post.

My Leghorns died 2 years ago and I still can't get out of the grief
by: Anonymous

My Leghorn rooster died on 3/10/2021 and his girl , my mostly beloved, died on 29/11/2021. They both died just because of me. I still can get out of the grief. Whenever someone talks to me about them, I cry. Nobody but you all people understand my true pain. Its been two years now. I will never raise any more chickens.

Touch my heart
by: Gary

Lost Esmadala to water belly, still miss her and my friend's litle girl Scarlett. Funny, beautiful little creatures, brought us many happy memories, they touch your heart.

Fondly remembered.

Bye, Wizzy
by: Anonymous

On the 8/8/23 I went to let out my chooks and one of my chooks were caught on a wire. I was devastated to think she could be dead.

We couldn't get the wire out and we and let her rest in peace at the age of 11 months and 8 days.

Thinking of you.
by: Cath

I'm so sorry to hear about your losses. It's heartbreaking when our girls are killed, and often very difficult to work out what has happened.

A predator in the coop sounds to me like either one of the weasel family, or perhaps a raccoon if you have them in your area. Both those articles (follow the links) have ideas for protecting your flock.

Whatever it is, I hope the remainder of your girls are safe. And remember, they have all known a happy life while they were with you.

Thinking of you.

Our Girls
by: Anonymous

We saved 8 chickens from a fate worse than death. We kept them safe and fed until old age set in and we started losing them.

We then decided to add to our flock. We have had this new group of ladies since early this spring. They were in terrible shape when we saved them from an awful auction. They had just started filling out and being happy.

After a year and a half of having chickens, we have never had predators. This week we have lost 3 of our sweet girls. Not sure if it's a weasel or a fisher.

Something keeps getting in the coop and killing them. We worked all day on the coop, filling holes and gaps, trying to find any way that a predator could get in.

Tonight, I cried when my husband forced them in their coop.

I feel like I am sending them to certain death. They are so scared... I can't stop crying...

Oh my goodness...
by: Cath

I am so sorry for all your losses (I'm also sorry not to know your name, the person who wrote the "hellish year" post).

That is truly so completely devastating. I can tell you now that every single person who reads this will feel massively for you. Most of us have been there, but to lose so many in such a short time to such determined predators is heartbreaking.

When we lose even one of our flock, it's a really hard thing to bear. Losing so many after having tried so hard to keep them safe, I am not surprised you feel so bad. Predators destroying otherwise safe locks and sturdy roofs is something none of us could foresee.

I have previously dealt with large losses simply by trying to learn from what happened and improve my situation. You have been doing that, and yet still you have these losses. I am so sorry.

Please, don't blame yourself. It's inevitable – we all do, because we care about our flocks. But remember that your chickens enjoyed a good life when they were with you. You cared for them.

I know when this has happened to me, I have not wanted to carry on keeping chickens – but after a time, I did. In the end, we all have to make that decision for ourselves, knowing that along with the happy times, there are likely also to be times of pain.

Allow yourself time to be sad and grieve, and to collect your thoughts. Talk about what's happened to family and friends. Consider whether there is anything else you can do to keep your chickens safe. And remember that, despite the awful times, they have led their best life with you before they were taken.

Thinking of you, and sending hugs and love.

It’s been a hellish year
by: Anonymous

We’ve had hens for three years. They came with our house and we must have had 50 or so.

Many died of old age over those three years but were lucky to never be bothered by predators until this year. By that point I had my absolute favourites but they were all so special in there different ways.

First my favourite hen got taken with my lovely rooster one night when we forgot to lock them away. Having never been bothered I hadn’t thought anything of it but felt so guilty and sad when I found them. But it made us all the more careful with the rest.

Six weeks ago the fox broke their hatch on their coop and pulled it down so should had access to them all. She killed 13 birds in one go and I came in the next morning to find all their bodies still. That day haunts me and I was so sad.

My new cockerel, Kellogs, moved 4 girls into the tree and I couldn’t catch them so the next day they were gone too.

I had just 7 left, 2 broodies with 12 babies and a lovely big Buff Orpington called Big Ginge. I moved them all into a much smaller wooden hen house and put all the eggs I could find into an incubator which hatched into 18 beautiful chicks.

I spent hours with them making them tame and watching them grow into beautiful ghosts of their former flock. Then two weeks ago I came down to find the fox had chewed into the hen house through the roof.

I had no idea the roof was even a problem - it had seemed so sturdy. My last 7 adults and their babies were gone. The chicks I kept separately inside a stable with doors and windows fully meshed up.

They were 3 weeks old when one got bitten by a rat. It was badly injured and had to be put to sleep. We had no idea how the rat had got in but immediately built them a new coop.

Tonight I went out at 1am to check them as I had a bad feeling, and found yet another massacre. Thankfully I have 4 chicks left including one that had bonded with me closely, but I can’t stop crying.

I’ve tried so hard to keep them all safe and failed at every corner. I love them all and my heart is breaking. I can’t get the sight of their bodies out of my mind. I want to die.

How am I supposed to keep the last 4 safe when I’ve failed all the rest. I can’t cope with anymore loss.

It’s helped seeing I’m not the only one so hopelessly besotted with my chickens but I do feel like an absolute failure of a chicken parent.

So sorry for your losses.
by: Cath

I'm so sorry for your losses, Jess. Life is cruel sometimes and sadly, chickens are on everybody's lunch menu.

But they lived a fabulous, free range life while they were with you, when they were loved and well cared for.

I hope you and your family can remember them with a smile.

You were loved, little hens, and you are much missed.

Farewell gorgeous girls
by: Jess

Sadly, both of our hybrid hens were taken by a fox in the night of 27/05/2023. The fox managed to get into their locked up coop and must have lifted off the roof that was protecting their egg box.

All that was left were feathers, blood and fox faeces. It was absolutely awful and I felt horrible for failing them.

Our kids watched them hatch and we raised them until they were old enough to live independently in the garden. They lived a happy free range life until their death. They were tame and clever and would recognise the sound of our car whenever we came home.

They were lovely, social beings and we could not have wished for better pets.

Farewell girls, we all miss you so much! 😢xx

Thinking of you, Ellie.
by: Cath

Ellie, I am so sad to hear that you have lost another much loved hen. It's heartbreaking when this happens.

Sadly, chickens do die, often without any reason. What we need to remember is that while they are with us, they live a wonderful, happy life scratching about with the rest of their flock, eating well, enjoying freedom that a lot of other chickens aren't lucky enough to have.

I know how it feels, and I have also been to that place where I thought I didn't want any more chickens because it hurt so badly when they died. But then I remembered the life they led while they were here, and I want to offer that same life to other chickens.

You and your mum will do what's right for you. The pain will get less, although it won't seem like that at the moment, and you will remember Henny with a smile.

I am thinking of you and sending hugs.

by: Ellie

Hey everyone,

I’m the same person who lost little Hay Hay back in October but now I have another story to add.

I lost my sweetest Henny today because of a tumour and I miss her so bad. Everything reminds me of her. I’ve gone from 3 chickens to 1 in the space of 8 months. I can barely breathe my heart hurts so much and I want her back more than anything.

My mum said we could get another chicken to keep our other one company but I don't think I want to because all that will happen is she will die and leave me broken on the other side.

I yearn so desperately for Henny. I’m so sorry to everyone who has experienced this it is more painful than any physical pain ever experienced.

I’m so sorry Henny. I did everything I could xx 😭🌹

Thinking of you.
by: Cath

Sarah, I am so terribly sorry to hear about your chicks. It doesn't matter how long or short a time we have our flock, when one or more of them go it's devastating.

I know the feeling of wanting not to have any more chickens – been there several times. But in the end we have to balance the pleasure they bring us against the fact that chickens are, sadly, on everyone's menu, so the likelihood of losing them is very real.

What I try to do after losses is reflect on whether I could have done something differently, and face that head on. It's not easy to do, but it's the only way to carry on.

So I learn from the experience and take that forward into my chicken-keeping in the future, better to protect the rest of my flock. The first time I lost an entire flock to a fox family I very nearly did give up – it was horrendous.

But instead I decided to learn everything I could about foxes, how they think and how they hunt. I took steps then to make my coop and run as fox-proof as I could. It was the only way I could come to terms with losing my chickens – they did at least help others who came after them to survive.

I send thoughts and hugs to you and your daughter. Give yourself time to come to terms with this, and then decide whether or not, for you, keeping chickens is worth the inevitable heartache.


I lost my baby chick today
by: Sarah

A month ago my friend wanted to buy some chicks. I went with her and immediately fell in love.... so did my toddler daughter.

The following week we picked out 4 beautiful chicks to bring home. They brought us so much joy. Every time we came home, the first thing we would do is take them out of their brooder and cuddle...and give them outside time.

Wednesday I had an outside coop delivered and they were so happy to have so much space to run around. They loved it. I wasn't comfortable leaving them out over night but during the day they stayed in the coop.

It hasn't even been two days and I already came home to two of them dead. There were no holes or anything... one chick completely missing and the other decapitated.

I haven't stopped crying. I am DEVASTATED. I've only had my babies for a month... I can't imagine how you all feel after having your babies for years.

This makes me not want to have chickens. I can't stop thinking about how scared they all were and how much pain they felt. It's my fault for having them outside. Maybe if they were bigger, the predator wouldn't have bothered.

I'm so sorry Pepper and Piper. I should have done better.

So sorry for your losses.
by: Cath

Lily and Jane,

You are both in my thoughts as you each come to terms with your sad losses.

Please don't blame yourselves. You both took great care of your chickens, but sometimes these things just happen.

We do what we can to care for and protect them, but we can't be around for 24 hours, and we can't keep cats from jumping into the run.

I hope you will be able to remember your chickens with happy memories, and know that you allowed them to live their best lives.

Fly high, little chickens! You were loved, and you are sadly missed.

I'm sorry for your loss
by: Jane

I'm sorry for your loss.. I am glad that I have found this community.

I just lost a chicken named Lem. We named him Lem because he was a Lemon swear cockerel. I had took care of him since he was a chick. He even got sick one time and I took care of him until he's well.

However, today a cat attacked him and swallow him to pieces while we were asleep.

This is one of the most depressing days of my life.

So sad and guilty
by: Lily

I lost my sentinel chicken Penelope today to a fox. She wasn't my favourite chicken but did such a great job protecting the flock.

I am so sad and guilty as I knew a fox was around and went out for the day.

It makes me want to surrender my others as I didn't do enough to protect them.

RIP Karen
by: Cath

Lydia, I am so sorry for your loss. Please don't blame yourself. You had the very best of intentions, and you know your lovely hen was happy while she was with you. You made sure she lived her best life.

RIP, Karen. You were much loved, and you are very sadly missed.

Rest in peace my sweet Karen
by: Lydia P

I am so so heartbroken as I write this. My sweet little Karen, a white Leghorn, was taken from her coop tonight.

She was always the bravest little chicken and sometimes she laid two eggs a day which was impressive for her small size. She flew the coop first, tried new things first, and was always the quickest to greet me in the morning.

I feel so so guilty for going to my friend’s house tonight. The sun was out and I wanted to let the girls have a couple more hours to look for worms… but when I got home 3 hours later, it was dark, and too late.

I am so so sad and feel so guilty. I am so sorry Karen, I hope I gave you the best life and that your death wasn’t too scary.

You’ve been the best chicken for over three years now. I’m so sorry it wasn’t longer. I love you Karen.

Thank you!
by: Cath

What a lovely message, Henny Penny, and such good advice.

Thank you for taking the time to write and support and encourage us all.

Our sweet fluffy babes
by: Henny Penny

To everyone on this site x

I just want to say that I love all of you and the worst part about chicken keeping is that no matter what, we are going to outlive them by many years and have to be the ones to say goodbye (most of the time).

You may never forgive yourself, or the predators, or even the cute fluffy birds you gave your heart to but that’s ok. Acknowledge your grief and remember you tried your best to give them the most wonderful life a chicken could possibly want full of worms, treats and lots of cuddles from their favourite people!

Spend some time with your other birds to help cope and take time to look after yourself.

Lysm xxxxx ❤️💔

RIP Zelda.
by: Cath

I'm so sorry to hear about Zelda's tragic death, Belle. When these things happen, all we can do is understand what happened, and learn from it.

This was an accident, and I know you didn't mean to harm Zelda.

RIP Zelda. You were much loved.

Rest In Peace my dear Zelda
by: Belle

I had a chicken named Zelda. She was so kind. She was the first one to trust me and let me pick her up.

I keep on blaming myself, because I picked her up and threw her in the air to see what would happen. Somehow she fractured her neck and was throwing up and couldn’t breath.

I will never forget how scared she looked, and when my sister picked her up when she was about to pass away her neck flopped down being completely broken.

I miss her so much. Rest in peace my poor loving Zelda.

For Sally and Hazel's person...
by: Cath

I send you hugs and thoughts on the loss of your chickens.

Hazel clearly had a wonderful home with people who cared for her and loved her massively. What a wonderful story about her escape from danger, and her friend's (hopefully) escape to a new life.

May they all fly high over the rainbow bridge.

My big beautiful boy
by: Sally

My gorgeous big bully boy, can't believe this was so sudden, but I loved you now for 9 years. I will always love you, and I will look after your 2 girls. xxxx

God bless. Run over rainbow bridge my feathered friend. xxx

My sweet hen, Hazel
by: Chicken Lover

On Monday, Nov 28, 2022, my dear Derbyshire redcap hen disappeared, along with Willow my blue Australorp hen. Later we found a note on our door that said "We have your Chicken, dial this number" – so we did.

A guy came on the line saying that he had a gray hen (Willow) that ran into his yard. He said he brought the hen inside and wrapped her in a blanket. We asked where he lived and he said he was a back neighbor then he asked if it would be all right if he would drop her off at our house. We said yes. Then he came.

He brought Willow who had her back feathers plucked out and she back was ripped open. She was shocked and so terrified and scared out of her mind. We never found Hazel, and Willow hasn't been the same since then.

Here is a story of what happened based on the information I gathered:

Willow will never forget the day when Hazel went missing and she got into the claws of a hawk. She had never been more terrified, the hawk had flown out of nowhere to torment them. The hawk had landed on her, digging its talons into her flesh, tearing her back open.

Pain exploded through her. Hazel leaped away and Winter bolted for the pine trees (very smart move, staying alive is the most important thing, of course). Winter called to them Hazel ran but stayed near dashing, away and back away and back over and over again.

The hawk looked up, narrowing its unblinking eyes. Tormenter(the hawk) spread his vast wings and dove for Hazel. Hazel, being smart as she was took the momentum and dashed under the truck. Stopping the hawk from diving at her, once Willow limped next to Hazel, under the cover of the hawk.

Sympathy was all that Willow saw in Hazel's orange eyes.

"It's not safe for us here any more" Hazel had said. "Let's try our luck somewhere else. Without Misty and Pierre here, we will always be in danger." Willow said.

Hazel simply said, "Ok, I will run down to the van while you run as fast as you can, under the wood logs and away from here." Hazel said puffing her chest out. "That should give you time to run, ready?" Willow just stood there. "Get ready! RUN!"

Hazel ran away, under the truck, through the gravel, over the grass, through the bushes, past the creek, until she ran out of sight. Willow didn't have a choice, so she ran, she ran as fast as she could, over the gravel, past the weeds, under the log pile, past the garage, leaping over the creek, and bounding into the grass of the land beyond the back of the house.

Willow sprinted under the porch of the back neighbor's house, just catching the sight of Hazel jumping over the fence and running away. The hawk was fast but Hazel was faster, but then they disappeared from sight, and Hazel was gone.

Willow leaped onto the porch and sat down in a daze. Would this be the last time that she would see Hazel? Did the hawk catch Hazel? Did Hazel escape? Was Hazel alive? Was she out there somewhere, in a chicken coop somewhere else? But, before she could finish the thought, she was scooped up gently with a blanket.

She was put inside and she was fed and the new people gave her water and took good care of her until the sun went down. Then, they took her back to her home, placed her in the arms of her owner (Misty), and put her in the coop along with Winter.

Hazel was nowhere in sight. Had Hazel escaped? She hoped that Hazel had gotten away from Tormentor, and was somewhere safe and warm and uninjured.

But, she never found out. She never found Hazel and she never found out if Hazel was alive. She never saw Hazel again.

The End.

The sad truth is I never saw Hazel again and I want her back so desperately, my soul aches and, while she was alive she was the center of my life. Hazel had been bullied by our rooster, but I choose to believe that she escaped the hawk and had found happiness somewhere else with another cockerel.

My soul aches so badly, I need to find some peace within me.

I know it was a hawk that had hurt them! It makes me happy that I can write this and tell her story somewhere.

Thank you.

Best of luck to all of those chicken lovers out there!

So sorry for your losses.
by: Cath

Kathryn and Hay Hay's person,

I'm so terribly sorry for your losses, and I completely understand your pain and sadness. I have felt the same myself, as has everyone here.

It's really important to remember that we give our chickens the best possible life while they are with us. They want for nothing, they have food, drink and as much love and care as they could ever want.

It can be very hard to pick ourselves up after such a loss, and over time I've found the only things to help are to remember they led their best lives, and to be kind to ourselves and the rest of our flock. They need us, too.

Thinking of you both, and sending hugs across the miles.

I lost my girl Bear today and I want to die
by: Kathryn

I'm so so grateful for this page. I adopted my hens in 2019 when they were babies and saved them from a not so nice life.

They have brought me joy and love watching these sweet social creatures in their life of freedom. Freedom and the life we give them as chicken owners is the price, I suppose, to certain horrors that nature serves up.

I am wracked with guilt because if I had been outside for just a moment 5 or 8 minutes earlier I could've saved Mrs. Bear from her violent, terrifying death by a hawk. I wanted to kill the hawk as violently as it had my dear hen.

I cannot stop crying and I lost my beloved dog exactly a year ago to the day.

My hen has a surviving sister and she just seems shell shocked and won't leave the coop. I have her housed safely outside in a special area until further notice.

I'm in a lot of pain.

Hay Hay
by: Anonymous

On 05/10/2022 I said goodbye to my little Hay Hay who we had to have put down because she lost the ability to walk and poop.

It’s horribly selfish but in some ways it was a relief, because as an avid chicken girl I couldn’t protect her as I so badly wanted to.

I remember I came home that day and my dad was still at the vet's with her and I just ran into the woods at the back of our garden and sobbed. Even my dad couldn’t keep a brave face.

I love these quirky fluffy animals so much. They are the reason I went vegetarian and I think maybe the hardest thing about losing her is watching my other two become closer. I can’t bear to think about losing them because I struggled after losing Hay Hay to bring myself to go back into the chicken coop and look after my others. In fact I never wanted to see another chicken again.

I miss her everyday and I still struggle to find peace with myself for using euthanasia.

Thanks, it feels good to share her story. 💔

So sorry for your losses.
by: Cath

I'm so terribly sad for those of you who have lost chickens since I last wrote here. It's heartbreaking, especially when, like Hennifer and Victoria, they were such much-loved parts of our life.

My only advice is to give yourself time to grieve. It feels just as bad as when missing any family member, and it's important to remember that, specially when other people find it hard to understand.

The other important thing to remember is that, while they were with us, our chickens led their best lives. They were free to enjoy their food and the open air, they had us and their flock-mates to rely on, and they wanted for nothing.

To all those who are grieving their chickens today and every day, I send my love and heartfelt wishes to you.

Fly high, chickens. You were loved, and you are sadly missed.

My sweet Hennifer
by: Bbrock

I was in the market for houses a year ago and came across one for sale with a neglected single chicken in a cage in the back.

I bought the house and was offered the chicken which I accepted because it was her home before mine. I was never a chicken man but I quickly bought hundreds of dollars worth of henhouse and dropped a grand on her at the vet after she ate some old rat poison.

I named her Hennifer and let her roam free during the day since she had lived her previous life in a cage. I had been out of the marines for years but she was the sole thing that brought my soul peace as I sat in the yard with her while she would scratch through the leaves looking for grubs.

A few days ago I went out in the evening to bring her in and I found her body ripped in half by what I'm certain was a hawk. I’ve never felt so broken; the sight is etched in my brain.

The next day I saw a hawk peeping into my backyard from a tree and I just knew it was him. I bought a strong pellet gun and will now sit outside every morning and evening until I avenge my sweet Hennifer as I wear her ashes around my neck.

I doubt anyone reads this but it slightly helps getting to leave her memory somewhere.

Victoria 😔
by: Anonymous

So on 31/12/2022 I lost my beautiful sweet mother hen Victoria, whom I loved and cared for so deeply.

She became my happy mornings and my calming nights. She gave me a purpose after suffering depression. Victoria gifted me 9 chicks, 3 males and 5 females. It was a beautiful perfect family my Victoria, the 9 chicks and my rooster.

The relationship Victoria shared with my rooster and her chicks was one out of a story book.

Sadly as she roamed during the day, she was attacked by a fox heartbreakingly and lost her life with only blood feathers being left behind.

I have fallen back into my dark bubble and feel very very low. I miss her so much and I’m struggling to grieve for her.

I miss her warmth, her cheerfulness, her playful ways but most of all I miss her. It’s hurting me so much, please can someone offer me some advice because my heart is aching.

I feel incomplete without my best friend…

Lost my chickens today - heartbroken
by: Anonymous

I’m so sorry to hear of your babies. We let our chickens out during the day to roam as we want them to have their freedoms and it’s never been an issue.

Today we were away from home for a few hours - one of the neighbors' dogs got loose and got into our yard and killed 4 of them (we have 10).

I am so heartbroken. They were only 9 months but I loved them so much. I’m so distraught thinking of how scared they must have been - the dog also dragged them away and I’m just praying so much that they had already passed and aren’t out there somewhere suffering.

My husband and I searched everywhere. The other 6 just seem so upset as well and I’m just so sad.

RIP Miley Lee
by: Cath

Oh Natasha, I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved chicken. Please don't blame yourself. The sad fact is that chickens are on more or less every predator's lunch list and, although we try our hardest, there are times when there's just nothing we can do.

Miley Lee had a wonderful life with you. Be proud that you were able to give her that. I know you will always remember her with love.

Sending hugs to you in your loss.

Never forget Miley Lee
by: Natasha

I’m a first time chicken owner who just lost my 8 month old Easter Egger, Miley Lee.

We have an outdoor enclosed run that I would let them free range in through the day before locking them in for the night.

Within a two hour span on my check in to bring treats I noticed feathers pulled through the fence. Miley had been killed. She was the sweetest chicken who would never want to get off my lap and would just lay with me and cuddle forever.

She brought me unconditional love that you feel you don’t even deserve. She was my sweet girl and typing this seems like a nightmare. The guilt and heartbreak I feel for letting this happen seems impossible to overcome.

She brought be so much joy everyday. I loved her so deeply.

So sorry for your loss.
by: Cath

I'm so sorry for your losses.

The advice I would give is simply to take time to grieve. Losing a chicken is like losing a family member. Many people would not understand that, but people here do, and I do. Everyone here has been through something similar, and we are all with you.

In time, you'll be able to remember all the joy your chickens brought. I found it could be helpful to put together some photos of the chickens I've lost, to remember their personalities and everything they brought to my world.

More than anything, be kind to yourself. Grief is hard.

Sending love and hugs across the miles.

A similar story
by: Anonymous

Today morning at around 5am, my hen was killed by our dog, which had also killed the hen's mother...

Still can't get over this. I feel like a piece of my heart has been removed and it is really painful!! I don't know what to do. I feel so depressed. My hens were the only ones who could make me laugh and I really enjoyed taking care of them!

I am left with its son, a cock. I don't think I can handle another loss. I just buried it a few minutes ago and I don't have the strength to just leave her there in the soil.

I buried her with her favourite snack, but hoping she would just wake up and eat happily! I'm really in a dark place right now and I need some advice from anyone else who has gone through this.

Grieving over my little chick
by: Alice

I just lost my little chick few minutes ago. She was ran over by my dog who were so excited to go out of the house and purposely chase those chicks playfully.

I am so devastated and sad as I just saved her from the heavy rain last night and she survived after I dried her and gave her warmth and a place to sleep. She was about to have a second chance but God!! She was taken away from me forever. 😢

She died in my palm and I still remember how hard she tried to breath till her last.

I am sorry for your loss too.

So sorry for your loss.
by: Cath

I'm so sorry to hear this sad story. You must be devastated.

Rather than sugar water, try scrambled eggs – don't add any milk, just scramble one egg and see if Hennie will take it.

Eggs contain all the goodness that a sick hen needs. A lot of people won't give their chickens eggs but as long as they are cooked, it won't make them any more likely to eat their own raw eggs.

It may be worth a try. Or it may be that Hennie's time has come. Whichever it is, I'm sending my thoughts to you in such a sad situation.

by: Anonymous

I swore I would never have hens again, especially when my a chicks turned into a rooster.

Into their second year I was 9 months pregnant and being Dec in Maine there was snow on the ground. I heard a scream and ran barefoot through the snow to pull the attacking rooster off my two year old son.

I found a nice home for the flock of 12. I swore I would never have any more hens. Well during the pandemic my now adult daughter wanted me to buy chicks for our 4 & 6 year old grandchildren. So I did. Now the 10 hens are 2 and one is dying.

I am trying a mix of sugar water to see if it may help. I am unable to kill this hen who lays beautiful eggs.

This is 35 years after the last flock. But of course it is a devastating task.

So sorry for your loss.
by: Cath

Thank you for sharing your sad story, Greg. Big and burly or not, losing one of our own is always hard.
These things happen – we try our best to protect our flock but sometimes, it just doesn't work out. All we can do is learn from it, and move on.

We always remember the sad parts, but I hope in time you'll be able to think about all the good you did for your flock, and that they lived their best lives while they were with you.

Fly high, hens. You were loved, and you are missed.

Lost two and I had to put down a third.
by: Greg

Our dogs chased down and killed three of our brood yesterday afternoon. We were inside just a few feet away when it happened. I was taking a nap actually, so I feel worse about it.

The most painful part is that two were clearly dead, but our oldest/biggest momma Suffolk (names Silverbell) was breathing but hurt. With eyes closed I was sure she would soon pass so I decided to put her down.

I tell myself I ended her suffering but the very end had to be frightening and painful for her. She opened her eyes at the end which even now makes me cry. She knew it was me doing it.

FYI I’m a big burly bearded dad with 5 kids. Never thought I’d be so sad at the passing of these crazy birds my kids insisted on. But I’ll never forget Silverbell staring at me like that.

Thanks for letting me share this.

RIP Silverbell, Penny, BramaMamma

Thank you all.
by: Cath

Thank you to everyone who has added your own stories here. Everyone who reads them will appreciate your thoughts, and the care you have shown to your own chickens and to other peoples'.

It is heartbreaking when we lose our chickens. Sometimes, other people don't understand how hard it is. But everyone here does understand, and I thank you all for helping others.

Don't blame yourself when this happens. Learn from the experience, remember how good a life you gave your chickens when they were with you, and remember that they would want you to give that love and care to other chickens, too.

You are all amazing. Thank you.

Just lost my girls
by: Leah

Yesterday morning (9/2/22), I looked out the window as dawn was breaking and noticed the entire side of the coop was torn down. I ran out to the yard. Usually the sound of me outside sends our beautiful hens Precious and Nasty running out of their coop and into their run, excited to see me. Nothing.

I walked up closer to the run and was wracked with grief. I saw piles of feathers in the coop, in the run, on top of the run, and through the run where the predator dragged one of them. No carcasses left.

It was such a traumatizing thing to see and it's all I can think about. Just those two sisters alone and having to witness such carnage and experience the terror...and me not being able to help them.

I am crying typing this, because the guilt is there even though I know this stuff happens no matter how locked down you keep them at night. I wish so badly they weren't scared or didn't feel pain but I know they did. My heart is twisted in agony knowing this.

I work from home so I have gotten so used to being around them all day since we raised them as chicks a year and a half ago. They laid beautiful and delicious eggs. They were so quirky and hilarious. Waddling around, jumping on my lap, eating the grapes that grow along the ivy in the yard. I know they thought of me as their rooster and it kills me that I couldn't have protected them.

We buried their feathers along with some grapes and lavender from their favorite areas in the yard. Also some feed, which they loved eating.

My heart is re-broken over and over looking at their little footprints in the yard and seeing the indentions in the earth they dug up and laid in together. Even seeing their droppings on the back step where they'd lay and watch me in the house. It is so painful to see. I miss them so much and want them back. I have been sobbing non-stop and it feels like the pain will never end.

It has been helpful to read everyone's stories. Thank you so much. We will all get through this.

by: Odine

Gertie was my beautiful girl. She was like a support animal. I spent up to 3 hours a day with her and her sisters.

She was very affectionate and would insist sitting on my head in the evening. My daughter loved her very much too. She was the alpha so my other chickies are a little lost and grieving.

It’s day five since her death by my neighbour's dog and l am still sobbing for her. She was only 5 months old.

I never knew l could become so bonded with a chicken.

I love you Gertie, always ❤️

I know they’re just chickens, but…
by: Anonymous

I’ve lost chickens before. It took me 2 weeks to get over Belle when she got eaten by a hawk. Our first rooster was lame and even after vet visits eventually could not walk and had to be put down.
And then we had sickness go through the flock, and despite buying medications we lost a bunch.

But things had gotten better. We’d started letting them free range and they were doing so well. Then a hen went missing two weeks ago, and I guess my husband didn’t patch a hole in the chicken wire roof.

So today I get woken up to a phone call from him, that our beloved rooster has no face. He’s been such a good rooster, always protecting the flock and good around kids.

I feel awful. I can’t do this anymore. Guilietta, a sweet Easter Egger, is gone. I can’t imagine how the fox or racoon got her out of the coop, with only a hole in the 6 foot roof.

Thank you to everyone else for all your stories, it is good to know I’m not alone in grieving for these birds.

Big Mama
by: Anonymous

Thank you for all your stories. As many people have said, they are helping me cope tremendously.

We lost our sweet, sweet girl to a hawk. Her name was Big Mama and she had the kindest soul to all humans and other chickens. My heart is completely broken. This is my first death of raising chickens and it is painful. I am not sure how I will ever get over this pain.

Thank you all, again.

Never forget Oreo
by: Anonymous

She was a 9 year old hen. She was flopping around for a week and it was hard to watch. When we got back from camping she was laying in the corner of the coop unable to move. I knew immediately it was her time to go. so I grabbed her, pulled her out, and put her out of her misery.

It was just yesterday that I had to kill my own friend and sweetheart. Years before, she had lost her best friend and was suffering from depression.

I will never forget that black and white speckled hen.

So sad to lose my lovely Rosha.
by: Anonymous

Yesterday afternoon I went to my two lovely chickens' yard, I found one of them, her name Rosha was laying down, I thought she was sleeping when I saw her from far.

I felt she wasn’t moving I really was shocked when I knew she left me forever.

She was so beautiful black with some colored feathers around her neck. It has been 20 hours and I still didn’t sleep, thinking how much love I got from her.

I found out my second chicken Siske is feeling the loss of her too, she is looking around as Rosha is missing.

I will never forget her. I will always love you my lovely girl, Rosha.

So sorry for your losses.
by: Cath

To everyone who has recently added your tributes: I am so terribly sorry for all these losses. Our chickens are so very dear to us, and to lose them is heartbreaking, however it happens.

To anyone feeling guilty, please remember that we all do our best for our flocks. You did your best. While they were with you, they each led their best lives. They were loved and cared for by you, who invested so much love in them.

Not many chickens can claim that. Yours were special, and you are special for the care you gave them.

Remember the good times. I know it's hard – I've been there. Allow yourself time to grieve. Remember the happy times, and the pleasure your chickens gave you.

And always remember, you did your best.

Sending my love, and many hugs to all of you. xoxoxo

My Sarcas
by: Daena

I had 2 beautiful hens, which I would care for a lot. I seen them grow & it truly saddened me that they had got killed July 16, 2022.. I will truly miss you my Sarcas (their name)..

Baby chick
by: liv j

So back in June I got chicks. I put them out today but I didn’t think they would slip through the bars.

A couple of them did and I got them all back besides two. I can’t find them anywhere and I'm so sad. My mom is gonna be mad. I don't know what I should do.

I called it. Try shaking some food. Today is horrible. I ruined my day.

Lost one of my dearest friends
by: Anonymous

Firstly, my heart goes out to all of you who have lost your beloved chickens. It's hard for a lot of people to understand how much we love them.

Last week I found my dear friend, Large (and in charge), well, parts of him in the yard. Something had gotten into his cage, opened it (not broken!) killed him and shredded him across my yard. He was a beautiful black rooster with some metallic green feathers on his tail.

Large was probably about 10 years old. There are a lot of feral chickens in my area that just make their way, property to property. Some make certain places their homes. Large chose my place as his home base.

He had his hens and was the alpha of the neighborhood. His crow was loud and proud and unmistakable. He was so funny to watch dance around his hens and puff out his chest. I threw out some vegetable scraps or something and he'd puff up and run towards me and gobble it up.

Probably about 4 years ago or so, I heard a chicken squealing. I ran outside to find Large had been into a fight with another rooster and was bleeding. I picked him up and saw he had one side of his comb, dripping in blood. Limp and ready to pass out, I carried him to the shade and nursed him back to health. I put him in a cage to let him heal. I gave him his fruits and veggies and grains, and some goodies, and he healed.

Weeks later, I let him out of the cage to join his friends again, and all went well for a while. Then it happened again, another fight. This time he wasn't injured as badly, as I heard it right away that time. That was it, though, he had his own place again.

I took care of him for the last few years. He was so funny. Just a happy, proud guy. His favorite foods were baby arugula, blueberries and cracked corn, in order. When I ran out of them, he'd eat his grains,etc., but he gave me a look like "that's it?" lol

Last week, I went to his cage after dinner, arugula in hand. He wasn't in the cage! The cage was open. I ran around looking for him, and couldn't find him. Then I found black feathers, then more. Then I recognized his tail feathers, wing.

I was traumatized. And I still am. It had to have been so violent. I wasn't home when it happened.

I am seriously heartbroken. Crying. I actually felt so bad that I couldn't sleep, eat well, etc. I ended up with a cold sore that got worse quickly. I went to the ER and it turns out that I have Covid. AND shingles. I hurt inside and outside.

If you're still reading this, thanks. I just needed someone to tell, who might understand.

Love to you & your chickenly friends.

So sweet
by: Anonymous

I woke this morning to my husband asking if all 5 of our hens were in the pen when I locked them up last night. I said "yes of course, I double checked".

He told me my beloved JLo was no where to be found. I panicked and ran outside calling for her, hoping she was hiding. She was not.

I found feathers by the gate and I can only assume she followed me out of the door and I didn’t realize she wasn’t locked up and was out on her own in the barn.

We have bobcats and coyotes so I am sure she is in chicken heaven but the guilt is awful and eating me up. I can’t believe I didn’t notice she was out and how scared she was alone at night.

She was so special and I knew it from the day she hatched. She was partially blind so it makes me feel even worse she didn’t see anything coming or tried to run to save herself.

I am the worst chicken mom ever.

Rest In Peace my beautiful JLo. You gave us so much love and laughs in your short time here.

by: Chaden

My beloved chicken Sultana died on June 27th 2022. Her death devastated me. She was a special hen. I lost my source of unconditional love, a companion who provided me with comfort and happiness. 8 months only and we've created memories to last a lifetime.

Goodbye Sultana. You will always be missed but never forgotten. You are my best friend.

I love you so much. Your forever friend, Chaden.❤💔

by: Anonymous in KY

My sympathies to all of you who have lost your beloved chickens.

Just lost one of our hens (Lisa) when on vacation and I can't help but feel sad. She appeared to have been snatched by a raccoon that frequents the area. They were in the coop but it most likely managed to get past a bird wire net and got under a small opening.

The other 5 hens and rooster are fine since they were in the main part of the coop and not the corner. I have repeatedly asked my spouse to make small changes to the coop so they are 100% secure while roosting at night, but it's like talking to a wall.

I am going to make them myself when she is not around so this does not happen again. Sorry I am upset and venting here, but this was preventable.

Baby Chick Ryan gone too soon
by: Elizabeth

I found my baby chick's body close to the water holder. He was drinking a lot of water and always seemed cold. His mother was still young and didn't do much mothering of her flock.

Autopsy says heart attack, I am so very sad. He was round and beautiful. Goodbye Ryan.

My baby chick
by: Olivia Fox

Rest In Peace to the sweetest chick who protected everyone.

My rescue mutt killed you. You beautiful soul. I can’t forgive her. Yet.

My heart is broken. And your flock misses you. Doesn’t feel like I will ever heal from the loss.

Irresponsibility and memories. Hard to replace perfection.

Thank you all for your stories. Helping me process tremendously.

I understand
by: Anonymous

I recently lost 6 of my flock. I had spent everyday holding and playing with them for 2 years . And I had one I picked out as a baby that ended up being a roo and would follow me and snuggle into my neck and crow outside of my door. He was never violent to the other hens. I loved my birds.

It's been really hard since I lost them, especially my rooster. I've cried on and off all day and only learned about it yesterday. They where such innocent and loving little creatures and it's so sad to see them go.

I hope you where able to move on and feel better about it yourself. It's really hard.

My little hen Camille
by: Anonymous

Camille got sour crop and a packed crop. I was able to get instructions of how to get her to throw up the liquid sour crop but was unable to get the compacted scratch corn out of her crop so took her to a vet.

The vet kept her several days, cleaned out what was impacted in her crop and put a feeding tube in. When I picked her up from the vet I was told she was doing good, but I could tell she wasn’t.

She lived over a week after that. I kept her at night in a cat carrier with hay in an empty bedroom in my house. During the day I would let her out to scratch in the leaves and she slept a lot.

Her crop never emptied as it should have. She drank a lot but ate very little. I was told by the vet not to feed her scratch corn anymore but she didn’t want mealworms, mini pellets and not even the boiled mashed eggs I offered. She pecked a lot at whatever she scratched at under the leaves.

She was 8 years old and I think she was dying from old age but I was not ready for her to die.

We try to do the best we can but it was not enough. I believe she had peaceful last days but I miss her very much, and her rooster friend misses her too. He is also about 8 years old.

So sorry for your loss.
by: Cath

I'm so sorry about Chickoo. He was obviously very close to you and you allowed him to live his best life.

It takes time to get over the death of a loved chicken, as much as for any pet. So be kind to yourself and when you want to cry, do it. You will be fine, but at the moment it's just hard and I feel for you.

Sending hugs.

So Upset
by: Anonymous

I lost my chicken today afternoon. 22 Jan 2022.

He was part of small flock of 4 and they all died soon after we adopted them, but this last one whom we named Chickoo was very special to me.

He always used to run after me and even used to shout when I used to go to restroom. He was very active and very normal.

I don't know what happened today morning , there was no noise of his from his coop and when I opened it he came out normally, but not like other days.

He was behind me all the time even before dying. When I had my online class he was next to me, just stuck to my legs.

I gave couple of calls to a few vets and finally, when one of them asked me to give him electrolytes before coming to their clinic, he died by the time I went to get that powder. He was lying cold on my place.

I am crying a lot since them and while typing this. I never knew I would cry for him so much. He never left me alone when at home and used to be my side or on my lap. Even while working he used to sit on my laptop but I never got frustrated while working.

I am so upset, like I want him back so badly I can't stop crying.

There was no limit to his love and I loved him in return the same way. I don't know how will I come out of this pain.

I'm so sorry...
by: Cath

I was so sorry to hear about Manoki. It is so hard to think about one of our loved chickens who dies because other people do not take responsibility for their animals.

I hope you will soon be able to remember just the happy times, and the joy Manoki brought into your life.

RIP, Manoki. You are missed.

by: Onoma

Manoki died recently due to stray dogs lurking around to find food. Never have I ever thought that these dogs would kill my innocent Manoki.

I'm still grieving and people here are making fun of me for crying over my chicken. It's unfair, super unfair! He was peacefully eating in our backyard, doing his stuffs, but someone's dog, which I considered strays because they freed them like literally to mess around in the neighborhood, killed my innocent Manoki :<

And now the dogs are gone like they didn't killed my Manoki, as if the owner had known how wild their dogs are.

It's unfair that Manoki had gone through painful death. It's painful to see how he struggled from a
broken thigh and leg.

I could get over him if only he was replaceable, but he isn't. I missed his cute crowing, I miss moving him around.

I miss Manoki.

Thank you all.
by: Cath

Thank you to everyone who has written here recently. I read every one of your wonderful tributes and it touches my heart.

Chickens come to mean so much to all of us, and I’m glad we have a safe place here to express our sorrow.

Thinking of you all, and sending hugs across the miles.

Sweet Reegal
by: Rachel Stewart

Lost our sweet Reegal today from a raccoon. I felt so selfish for not checking the coop. I feel sick as though it’s my fault this happened.

I pray she died quickly, without suffering. She was the smallest one of our flock, and was always bullied. I just hate that this happened to her.

I know I can’t blame myself, because these things happen. It’s still so hard.

by: Jasmine

Yesterday I woke up, I walked into the kitchen to be told a fox had gotten all 8 of our chickens. 4 Barbu, 4 Speckled Sussex.

We had the older 2 Barbus for 9 years, the younger 2 for 7 years and the Speckled 15 months.

I feel so much guilt as I hadn’t shut them up. I just feel awful, they would have been so scared.

One has tried to get near the house, I expect thinking we could save her. The grief is awful.

My Coco died today, 26 September, 2021
by: BSSK

I never thought I would do this actually writing about my thoughts online. I saw the posts and ended up crying.

I believe all people writing here are mourning in a way about their beloved. It hurts a lot as Coco meant the world to us, it was funny seeing her chasing the pigeons in our yard - she does not like them on her territory.

She always cooed at us, in her own language and used to respond whenever we use to call her...
she was a sweetheart.

On the 8th October 2021 she was going to be 3 years old. Yesterday she was perfectly fine, this morning we found her lying in her cage, body laid out. She was breathing heavily and died in my mom's arms.

We buried her in our yard. We still cannot figure out what caused her sudden death as she was always in good shape, very energetic eating well and composting our plants. So her death remains a mystery.

Rest in Peace Coco, and thank you for those delightful months with us

Rip Rod
by: Paul

The fox finally got my Rhode Island rooster, Rod today. He died while protecting his flock. All of the hens survived. Rod was a dog in a chicken's body. He could come on command, play,and "talk" - to a degree.

Reading all the other comments here has been a great help. I have a flock of over 100 and face new life and death almost everyday, but Rod was special. I will miss him chilling by my side.

Thank you all.
by: Cath

To everyone who has posted here since the last time I wrote: thank you all for sharing your stories and tributes.

It is heartbreaking to lose any of our flock. They are like members of the family in so many ways. It's important to remember that, while they were with us, they led their best life.

Please be kind to yourself. We always do our best for our chickens. We make the best decisions we can, at the time.

Sometimes, it doesn't work out. But always, we have done as much as we can.

Sending hugs and love to all of you.

Oregon heat wave 2021
by: Anonymous

6/29/2021 four of our girls didn’t make it over night. They did so well getting through the first 3 days of heat, but this morning they were found dead in their opened coop from the heat.

They went in it themselves at night like they have been doing. 2 are still alive, but it hurts so much to have 4 of our precious girls leave us without us saying goodbye.

We miss them so much.

by: Anonymous

I feel like the worst chicken owner in the world.

My beloved Thelma lost her Louise 2 weeks ago. Both were 6 years and 2 months old. I had them since chicklings.

Thelma had started to sleep outside the coop last week, and every night I would collect her and put her in the coop. This always seemed distressing to her, she was fussy and cranky.

So two nights ago,I told her I loved her, and would let her stay in the quiet, under our deck. Yesterday she was out and about, not with the flock but there for treats.

Maybe losing her friend left her unsure of where to roost, with the other 6 ladies. I had cleaned the coop, put down fresh straw. I did the same last night.

I awoke to a mass of feathers all over the yard and her lifeless body with missing pieces. I feel sick, I wish I had made her go in. I wish I had been selfish and put her in.

I hope she did not suffer. I feel sorry for my other girls who probably are traumatized by what they heard and saw this morning.

Colonel Mustard
by: Jose

We lost our beloved Colonel Mustard today 6/16/21. She was a beautiful full hen that we had for 9 years.

She was happy and healthy just the afternoon before as I cleaned out her hen house built by both my partner and I.

Just woke up this morning as I was feeding both my hens. Found that her body was lifeless. No trauma or indication of how this could have happen.

I never thought how much I would be saddened, but I'm bummed for certain. My wife was devastated. Her long time friend of as of many years was out of sorts today. Glad this forum is available. 💜 🐓

He just died
by: Beth

I have been crying for an hour now, my baby hen Tim, died after fighting off illness for weeks.

He never gave up, we tried everything and it seems in the end the vets were just guessing, you know try this try that.

Saddest part is when they told me there's nothing left to be done but to be sure to give them the dead body for autopsy and study once he's gone.

I felt like screaming at them. He just stopped moving today and he was the stronger of the baby hens and protected his sisters from the older hens.

I don't want to keep hens anymore.

So very sorry for your losses.
by: Cath

To everyone who has told their story here: I am so, so sorry for all your losses. We try to do our best for our flock, and sometimes things happen which are not meant to.

All we can do is remember that, while they were with us, they led happy lives. And if mistakes were made, the best way we can honour their lives is to learn from those mistakes and move on.

I include myself in that. I have had two flocks wiped out by predators, in the days before I knew properly how to protect my chickens. I felt like giving up - the guilt and the pain were too awful.

But I chose to learn from those mistakes. That's all any of us can do.

Please, be kind to yourselves.

19 birds - gone
by: Rebecca Fitzgerald

2 nights ago, I opened the back door to let my husbands dog in for the night. He usually runs in as soon as the door opens, but not this night.

I walked out to call him but didn't see him anywhere. I grabbed my flash light and walked out further only to notice him looking back at me from the inside of the chicken run.

I freaked out! He had pulled apart the fence and killed every one of my beautiful chickens and ducks. I hate this dog. I will forever hate this dog. I am traumatized.

I can't sleep. I can't stop crying. I keep thinking of the pain and horror they went through.

My husband thinks by replacing my birds, that everything will be ok. He thinks it makes it alright.

My special chicken
by: Nancy

I had a beautiful red feathered chicken, I had chickens when I was little with my grandma and so I decided to get one now at the age of 24, I didn't think I would get this attached to her.. and today my brother in law forgot to close her coop. A Bobcat came around and killed her :(

This is the saddest I have felt in a while.... idk if I should get another one.

by: Mel

My sweet chicken Meryl died in my arms yesterday from old age. I'm so devastated and heart broken. I only had her for not even a year, she was an ex bat hen.

I noticed on Monday that she didn't go to her bed at night and then the next day wasn't eating or moving and just was standing still sleeping all day. I gave her a nice bath and gave her favourite treats and she started eating a bit and drinking. I got my hopes up thinking she was getting better. I gave her another bath in the evening and as I was holding her she started flailing and then died. It was the most heartbreaking thing.

I'm sad to have lost my friend, and also sad that her friend Sheryl is now alone, as they were always together, my sweet Sheryl and Meryl 🖤

I miss my sweet Chickens
by: Macee

My first time being a chicken mama and these sweet babies stole my heart. I miss them running toward me when they were free ranging. They were so curious and sweet.

I tried to give them the best life and I don't know what got to them but I only hope they didn't suffer. They had just started laying two weeks ago.

My heart is broken! Rest In Peace Taco, Mimosa, Nacho ❤️

I miss my Chickens
by: Chickens

I never felt o sad about owing my chicken. Robert my rooster was my favourite one. My neighbours reported it and now I can’t have them.

One day when I was at school my mom had to kill them. Instead of burying them, my family ate it. My mom buried Elena and Rogers head into our backyard.

But honestly, she never wanted to kill them. My brother was their to help her. She kept crying. We tried calling a farm, animal shelter, and more but they said they were full. So we had no choice.

I’ll never forget them. God bless you little pumpkins! I’ll never forget the day they were born was 4/23/2020 to 12/6/2020.

I gave this chicken everything!
by: Candlewik

Back in June of 2020, I lost poor candlewik to a dumb hawk. I got there in time to see her suffer. She died in my hands. Everyone else was smart, and ran into the bush. They were a okay, but Candlewik, dead.

I never recovered, so I treat them as if they were my friend! and I never lost one again!

Sorry for your loss.

by: Anonymous

A hawk got my best layer today, Belle. She was the smallest of my bunch but laid beautiful green or grey-blue eggs (easter egger).

She loved to fly and would sometimes try to spend the night in our trees; I spent so many evenings trying to get her out of the branches.

I feel bad for the trauma she went through getting chased and eaten by a hawk :(

I will miss her.

I knew better
by: Guy

Didnt have to happen. Two days ago the neighbors Husky finally came over and killed all 5 of my beloved Hens. 3 Golden Stars and 2 Barred Rocks and maimed a 3rd Barred Rock.

These were the sweetest girls ever. I have learned that chickens have emotions also and are sentient beings.

I had those hens about one year. They would hide every night outside waiting on me to carry them to their house. When I picked them up they would bury their heads under my beard. I felt like they were grateful I was there to protect them. And I failed.

I thought the dog wouldn't attack, as it never paid my birds much attention. See I had got two new pups. The pups would bite gently on their wings or tails playing.

I believe this initiated the Husky to attack. Never leave your Hens accessible to any dog.

I'm heartbroken.

My Best Girl
by: Whit

I never thought I could get this upset over a loss of a chicken as they are oddly affectionate animals.

She was a Barred Plymouth Rock and I called her my best girl. She was the friendliest chicken of the 12 by far. I would kneel down and she would come running towards me in a hilarious way and hang out by my side for as long as I pet her. I truly believe she loved the snuggles and attention.

She lived a short 10 months and was taken too soon by a predator of some sort. Her body was found in the corner of the coop missing her head.

I know one day I will see her again.

Britney and Kimberly
by: Anonymous

Just went out to check on the chicks (about 8 weeks old) and 2 of our babies were just lying there. We buried them in the backyard. Still unsure as to what happened.

Britney was the sassy one of the flock. Kimberly may have been a rooster. My thought is they fought, but there wasn't any signs of one.

In awe trying to figure out what happened, while trying to make sure our other 7 are okay.

Who would have thought a chicken could steal your heart so much.

Rest easy sweet babies!

My beautiful Stella Marie
by: Rose

Two nights ago I lost my precious angel, Stella Marie. She was viciously attacker and I only found her bloody feathers lying everywhere.

Stella, you were the most beautiful, patient, loving, weird friend that I had. Anytime I sat down, there you would find Stella running up to me to be held.

Forever you will be in my heart. One day, we will meet again. You will run to me the same way you did here on earth. I am so sorry I couldn’t protect you.

Goodbye Sweet Kiwi
by: Amy

We lost our beloved dark brahma Kiwi to a skunk. She never had any chicken friends as she was at the bottom of the pecking order, so she hung out with her human friends mostly.

She loved to eat blueberries and talk to us with a sweet cooing sound. She was finally growing back all the feathers that the other chickens had pecked and was learning to survive with a bad leg.

We will never forget her gentle soul. We love and miss you Kiwi.

Lost two beauties.
by: Anonymous

Yesterday I was putting my chickens to bed and I could not find my two brahmas - then we saw feathers scattered all around the back yard they were dead.

They had went under the fence into the yard where the dogs are and the dogs killed them just cause, it was horrible to see them just lying there lifeless.

They were such beautiful babies, and I am so sad that they are gone. I can't help feeling pain like I lost a best friend, cause I did.

Their names were Bee Gee and Porsche and they were such beautiful souls. I hope they are in a better place.

I can't imagine your pain - I lost my duck.
by: Anonymous

Walked outside to feathers everywhere my duck that I had raised from a baby spent so much time with had been cruelly attacked by idk what. All that was remaining was his lower beak and foot.

I've been so traumatized up all night thinking about how much pain he went through. Hopefully it gets better with time I miss him so much.

My chicken chili
by: Anonymous

Chili was one of three Rhodies I got off Craigslist and brought home. I was excited for eggs and the such.

It was great for a couple weeks. Then one morning I found Chili just dead in the coop. They were all safe and locked in so I just couldn't understand what might have happened.

I buried her just crying and crying. Never thought I could care so much about a chicken. I think she might have died from too big an egg. The guy I bought them from mentioned one of them died this way.

Chili was the sweetest she just loved being a cute, curious chicken. I wish you were still here Chili but you're in the chicken coop in the sky now, where there are no predators and all the roosters and feed you could want.

Love you Chili 🌶️

All my pullets died today.
by: Amy

Pit bulls killed the first set of baby chickens I have ever had. I didn’t have them long enough to have eggs but long enough to get attached. The pit bulls got into their tractor in less than 15 minutes and killed all four of them. I caught them with the chickens. I feel like I really let them down and this feels like a cruel joke.

Grieving over the loss of my gorgeous Eddie
by: CincyCeline

I didn't set out to have chickens. They were abandoned and found my cat food. Group started out as 13, but over time the majority found the neighbor's flock and moved there. Except for 3, they stayed with me.

I never fully accepted them as my chickens until a year ago. And I enjoyed every moment watching them free range thru the yard. While ensuring at night they were safely locked up from predators.

Not expecting a murder to take place during broad daylight. I was gone between 3pm to 7pm. As I walked back thru the yard I discovered my Eddie's feathers. No body. Neighbor said most likely a fox and took back to den.

The two hens I sent to neighbor for sanctuary. I hope I did the right thing. I can't protect them. I'm crying over Eddie's death. I really do miss hearing him crow through the night.

So sorry for your loss.
by: Cath

I'm so sorry for your losses. Please don't carry on blaming yourselves. We do the best we can for our chickens, but sometimes things just happen.

All we can do is learn from those things and, if we have made a mistake, make sure we don't make the same mistake again.

We all make mistakes. Be kind to yourselves.

Cath. xoxo

My Chicken left us last night.
by: Anonymous

My true friend died last night. I always remember to close their large coop but last night I was sick and forgot.

I am only 13 and no one helps me out with the chickens. My dad blames me for her death and I feel awful about it.

We found her this morning underneath our dock with her chest pecked opened and he feathers all across the yard.

I feel terrible and I'm going to miss my baby. Now we are down to five, all because of me :(

We LOVE OUR SWEET Girls! Don't we?!..
by: Lorie

Sympathy for your loss. My 4 Pullet Chickens were killed by a weasel last night. So so so sad. We will bury them in our pet cemetery. (Located across the stream in our backyard woods)
1. Pretty (would jump always come and hop up on me)
2. Kitty (was sweet and shy)
3. Honky (was the most dominant and received her name because she was the first to lose her baby chirp)
4. Marty (was very lady-like and graceful)

All 4 were born in August. They were Sweet. They LOVED Grapes. They will be missed.

You did your best and they were loved!

To calli
by: Anonymous

I lost my favorite chicken calli today to a bear and saw him eating her. There was nothing I could do except watch. I thought he was eating the pizza main seeds I had put out for all the chickens. But sadly when I went outside I found only feathers. I waited for 2 hours to see if she was just hiding. But she never showed up. I wish I could have put them in the coop earlier. Now I don’t want any more chickens. I feel like it’s all my fault.

My whole reason for telling you this is to help you understand we all lose our chickens and reading other people's stories really help.

Don’t feel like it’s your fault. They lived a lovely happy life with you. They are in a better place now.

by: Catherine

I'm in total grief shock right now and clinging to any hope and support to get through this day.

My entire flock (13), save one was wiped out yesterday by an unknown predator..I came home to 7 of my best friends scattered about the yard, most seemingly killed for sport. My main girl, Maeve is the hardest to little buddy would come up when I was weeding the flower beds, assuming I was doing it for her just to dig up worms.

4 of our hens were the last of 11 that we started with just last Memorial Day when my brother in law flew them up in his small Ercoupe plane..the other 9 were new additions, including our first rooster Napoleon, a scrawny little bantam who introduced us to the first sweet sound of crowing. Cosette, gone. Bo-Peep, gone. Little black Minnie Minorca, gone. Dirty Dolly (Didi) is the only remaining survivor, but luckily we had the 15 new babies secured in a coop.

I'm done with free ranging, mad at myself for not putting them away before I left home, especially after an attack of seven just a mere month ago. It's eerily quiet around roosters crowing and no sweet celebratory hen party each time they'd laid an egg.

I visited the barn last night before bed, and it about killed me to see the empty ledge by the front barn door where Maeve kept her post each night. Today I will get out the wheelbarrow, gather the dead, and dig a mass grave and just get through the day.

My joy in farming has been really tested by this harsh blow this time, but in the wise words of my grandmother Nana, who owned a farm too, "This, too, shall pass.."

Lost a chick today
by: Anonymous

I’m a bit distressed and glad I found your forum This morning my chicks who are recently feathered and living in our laundry room at night while we get our barn built decided they wanted to fly out into the yard. We leave the laundry room cracked so they can get air.

I was in the back yard with my pit bull and preparing to take them into the garden when I saw one walking on the grass. To my surprise I looked up and saw 5 more on the window sill ready to jump down.

I rushed to get them and my pit took the Little Grey one in its mouth and chomped down as I grabbed his collar. All of her insides came out.

I’m devastated and deflated as they are both our pets. Now the dog stays inside and the chicks are happily playing in what used to be my sprouted vegetable garden.

Tomorrow we are buying a coop from Tractor Supply while the main coop is getting built.

RIP Grey Bird.

Nancy is Gone
by: Giulia

I'm crazy with grief after a pitbull killed my most beloved pet chicken, Nancy.

She slept and lived in my van with me and my dog Bee. We were together 24/7 and I watched over her always. Against coyotes or owls, raccoons or foxes.

But in the end a pitbull rescue at my sister's got into the enclosure in front of my very eyes, in 3 seconds flat killed Nancy. She hardly had time to whimper. The sight and sound of it haunts me every minute.

I really feel as if I no longer want to live. But I have Bee whom I adore and who needs me too.

Nancy was a RIR and adventurous and brave, affectionate and smart, but most of all funny. She had me laughing multiple times a day and being financially challenged and disabled, every laugh was a treasure.

What can I do? Will I ever stop crying? It feels as if not.

Mother hen Guinea attacked by fox
by: Jessie

My ginea hen was attacked by a fox while sitting on her nest. He chased her and attacked her time and time again. It was at 10:30 at night. I heard her screeming and I knew something was wrong. That night she wouldn't go inside of the barn for safety instead she wanted to hatch her eggs. She had sat down exhausted and tired and almost featherless, the fox was about to finish her off for his meal. I ran outside and saw this and hollered at the top of my voice and it scared the fox away from her. Thought she was dead but saw her breathing and bought her inside and put her in a box covered and placed her in a dark quiet room. She survived but is almost featherless. Thank god for her survival but hope she can grow feathers back before winter even though they stay inside a closed barn protecting them from the cold and predators. I did lose her clutch of eggs, she refused to sit on them since I brought them up from the woods. I know how you feel, so sorry for your loss. Watch out for the fox, he will return!!

The tragic death of your beautiful chickens.
by: Bonnie

I have raised chicken for the past 5 years. To my surprise I have fallen in love with all my girls and boys. During this time I have lost chickens to sickness, old age, and an owl. Anytime we loose one of our little, sweet creatures causes a pain in our hearts and a terrible sense of loss.

They have given me many hours of fun, laughs and even have made me angry at times, especially when they ate my entire pansy garden and turned it into their dust bath.

It is so painful to loose those wonderful little creatures but it is comforting to know their our other people out there that have those same feelings only chicken lovers can understand.

Tribute to Sweetpea.
by: Cath.

I am so terribly sorry to hear about Sweetpea. It is always hard to lose a chicken, even if they are ill, but of course you did the right thing. She would have struggled to survive and that would be causing her undue stress.

I hope you're able to take some comfort from the fact that Sweetpea is no longer in pain and that, while she was with you, she had a good life.

Sending you many hugs,


by: Dikokulus

Our chicken was terribly ill so we had to shoot her last night. It was very sad and I cried myself to sleep. The chickens' name was Sweetpea. She wouldn't stand she was so ill. She even TRIED to move but was paralyzed from stress. It was very sad.

A lovely tribute to your chickens.
by: Cath.

Dear Anita,

What a lovely tribute to your beloved chickens. They sound like such a captivating pair who lived together in harmony and were very well cared for all their lives.

I do know a little about how you feel, having lost most of my flock to a fox last year. It is so terribly upsetting. It must have been doubly hard for you to have found the fox actually in the middle of it - but no, triply hard because then you were left to stop their suffering.

Of course, that was the very kindest thing you could do for them, but it does not make it any easier.

I hope it won't put you off keeping chickens for ever. I know it took me a long time to get to the stage where I wanted to again, but they do as you say bring such enjoyment to life - as well as such amazing eggs, of course.

You're so right - time heals grief. Give yourself that time and be certain in the knowledge that you gave Henrietta and Edwina chickens the greatest quality of life.

Sending you {{hugs}}.


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