Forever in My Heart

by Suzi

Friday morning my little Roo, Croakin’ Joe died right before my eyes. He was only ten weeks old, yet I loved him so much.

I had spent the previous weeks hoping he would turn out to be a Josephine, along with the three other pullets I was raising to join my existing flock of older birds. But he had been crowing for about ten days and was starting to grow saddle feathers so I knew I had a roo.

Joe was a charming little fellow, loving a cuddle on my lap, and enthusiastic about my every visit and treats I would scatter. He was protective of his flock mates yet always kind to them. He was such a happy little guy.

I guess he died of a phenomenon called Sudden Death Syndrome. My husband and I both witnessed Croakin’ Joe, who had been happily scratching and pecking in the yard, suddenly fall over, convulse, and die on his back. No other symptoms.

We buried him in my rose and day lily garden. My heart is broken. I have had other chickens die, but not suddenly, and not right before my eyes. It is a sight I will not soon forget.

The only comfort I have is that I gave him a happy life, even though it was short.

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So sorry for your loss.
by: Anonymous

I just had my boy, Chicken Little, pass the other day. I so sympathize with you as he looked so much like your little guy. He lived to the ripe old age of two.

The only comfort I find is knowing that we gave them a wonderful home and lots of love, which is more than most roosters will ever get.

I hope they found each other in chicken heaven and will be best buddies. 🤗

Sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

He will remain a part of your soul and heart forever. Nothing really disappears, energy just changes form.

Your dear chicken is a special animal with an identity and people who loved him and god will treat him specially too..

I feel for you. I lost my girl so suddenly and it's unbearable.

So sorry for your loss.
by: Cath

Thank you for your lovely tribute, Suzi. Sudden Chicken Death is such a shocking thing, as you say. There is rarely any indication that it's about to happen, and nothing you can do.

Croakin' Joe had a good life with you. He was happy and loved, and many roos cannot claim that.

RIP, Croakin' Joe.

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