by Sara Kandy
(Frankfort, NY)

Late Night Stroll

Late Night Stroll

Elizabeth was born on March 1st 2009 in New Jersey. She was a white Leghorn who was used for eggs in a tiny cage shared by 3 other hens. I had just gotten into rescuing animals from slaughter and "egg cruelty" when I stumbled across a friend online who rescued her with a few others in 2011.

I met her half way and nursed her back to health. I sadly do not have early pictures, but she was missing most of her feathers and had a very pale comb.

By year 2013 she followed me EVERYWHERE.. literally. I can't recall how many times I would be pulling into a parking lot to go into a store, or to go into work and she had jumped in the car when I wasn't paying attention! Luckily, the job I had at the time was mostly outdoors so I could have her in my hoodie pocket with her little head peeping out.. I never got caught!

She LOVED, and I mean LOVED to go swimming. I took her to a family gathering the same year she passed (2018), and she swam in the lake with everybody.. it was heartwarming.

She was also a little "trouble maker". At that same gathering, she walked around drinking out of people's cups they had on the grass when we were sitting outside. I was shocked that my entire family loved her because again, I had no idea she was in my car until about half way there. It was her first, (and sadly last) "camping type" trip, but I am so glad she got to be around all those people and the water.

From the time I got her until December 3rd 2018, she had this spark in her that would make anybody smile.. and other than terrible weather there was never a day that went by that she came running to me as I pulled in my drive way or came outside. I was always greeted by her.

Sadly, as fall of 2018 approached, she became paralyzed in most parts of her body. On December 3rd, 2018 at 5:54 P.M she passed away.

Not a single day goes by I don't yearn for her. If I could say anything to her for just 10 seconds it would be... "I'll be with you again someday, it's worth the wait."

Her death has had such a heartbreaking and somewhat "positive" effect that I have dedicated extra funding with cans and bottles I collect to rescue more animals.

I currently have a Thanksgiving turkey who will be one year old soon named Eternity. She was due to be slaughter November 2021 before Thanksgiving.. I rescued her just a few days before. She laid her FIRST egg today. I named her Eternity because like Elizabeth, I wish they could live forever.

I plan to dedicate bottle and can collecting to rescuing animals until the day I pass too. One thing to look forward to about heaven is seeing all of my pets again.. it will be a beautiful reunion.

I love you with all my hear Elizabeth-Renee. You changed me forever for the good.

Elizabeth-Renee: March 1st 2009 - December 3rd 2018

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Elizabeth-Renee, RIP.
by: Cath

What a fabulous name for a fabulous chicken, Sara, and what a fabulous tribute to her.

She was a very special hen, it's obvious, and she clearly lived her very best life with you. It's rare to find a chicken with such a wonderful personality, and she was as lucky to have you as you were to have her.

I feel for you in your loss, and I'm full of admiration that you have turned it into such a positive. Rescuing animals, and contributing so amazingly to the rescues, is a wonderful legacy for Elizabeth-Renee to have left behind.

RIP, Elizabeth-Renee. You were loved, and you are much missed by everyone who knew you.

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