My Minnie

by Jourdon Geddes
(Utah, USA)

My sweet little hen, Minnie, or as we lovingly called her “Min Min” - passed away this morning.

I bought Min Min last year at Easter with her two sisters, Regina and Jan. They were 2 days old and the sweetest little chicks. I remember naming all of them, and picking Minnie’s name because she was the smallest of the three.

She was always a spunky little girl. As these sweet chicks grew Minnie was the clear leader, the top of the pecking order. She was the first hen I brought outside for the first time after the reached age, and she loved the sunshine and green grass.

She always had a special connection with her sisters, always leading and guiding with a sweet demeanor. All my chickens are loving and enjoy being held and pet, and Minnie always let me know by giving me several soft coo’s.

She loved getting treats and always ran right to us when we came out of the back door - often hanging around and pecking on the glass hoping for more! She was an adventurous and fearless girl. She loved coming inside the house and walking around the kitchen before making her exit through the back door again!

Once, before I put up protective chicken wire on our back fence, she managed to squeeze under the wrought iron bars and went exploring around the nearby walking path and tunnel! I SPRINTED through the gate and was able to grab her before she got too far, ha!

All of my girls are Red Sex Links, and I have always marvelled at how pretty Min was. Her feathers were a rich brown/red and her comb and waddles were always big and bright! She always kept her self shiny and clean! She could have been a show chicken!

Because we live in such a cold climate, I bring my girls into the house routinely for a little “spa treatment” - I wash their feet in warm water, wrap them in a towel, and give them snuggles while I put Vaseline on their waddles and combs to prevent frost bite. Minnie LOVED spa day, always coo-ing and falling asleep in my arms as I treated her.

She spent her last day scratching and pecking in the sun, and eating treats with her sisters. Her very favorite.

Today I found her laying in an unused nesting box with her little head nestled in the corner. I tried to get her to stir, but when she didn’t move I went inside to find a box to put her in.

As I lifted her out of the nesting box, she blinked! She was still alive, but just so. I rushed her inside and had my husband put a towel in the dryer to warm her. We wrapped her in the warm towel and held her until she took her last breath.

I like to think she held on for me - so I could say goodbye and she could leave in peace. Her death was so sudden and unexpected. She was only 9 months old.

I loved this little chicken so much and will miss her dearly.

Rest In Peace my sweet girl - you will never be forgotten.

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RIP Minnie.
by: Cath

Thank you, Jourdan, for such a lovely memorial tribute to Minnie. It's a lovely story and I hope she has left you with very many happy memories.

She was loved and cared for, and she died peacefully in your arms, knowing that.

Some chickens are special in our heart, and she will never be forgotten.

Sending thoughts to you in your loss.

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